Affiche Finley le camion de pompier
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Finley le camion de pompier

S01E01 Une partie de pneu-balle 24/07/2007 Bullying Dex is determined to ruin the truck pals' fun, until Finley and pals invite him to join them in their game.
S01E02 Finley est malade 25/07/2007 Finley is determined to be in a race, even though he's not feeling well, which ends up making him sicker.
S01E03 Plus d’essence ! 26/07/2007 Finley and a few of his pals fill up with gas, leaving little or none for the other trucks and learn a lesson about sharing.
S01E04 On est plus fort à deux 27/07/2007 Stranded together on a scouting trip, Finley and Dex learn to work together -- when only teamwork will pull them through.
S01E05 Le centre de recyclage 28/07/2007 In helping Gorby, Finley and his pals get a lesson in recycling.
S01E06 Rémi, un nouvel ami 30/07/2007 Finley meets a truck who can't drive on his own, but discovers that the handi-truckable truck has other skills.
S01E07 Des lunettes pour Jesse 31/07/2007 Jesse doesn't want to admit she needs glasses.
S01E08 Le grand jour pour Finley 01/08/2007 Finley has his Fire Skills Test coming up but instead of practising, he'd rather play with his friends.
S01E09 Manu, héros malgré lui 02/08/2007 Scooty takes credit for a race he didn't really win.
S01E10 Retour à l’envoyeur 03/08/2007 Miguel wants to quit being a mail truck, all because he made a few mistakes.
S01E11 Jesse peut le faire ! 06/08/2007 Jesse loses confidence -- feels she doesn't have the strength to be a tow truck anymore - but then realizes she just needs to believe in herself.
S01E12 Ranger la caserne 07/08/2007 When Finley leaves the fire station in a mess, he loses a piece of rescue equipment that he needs to save a baby bird.
S01E13 La peur du noir 08/08/2007 Isabelle is embarrassed to admit to the others that she sleeps with her headlights on so she does everything possible to avoid a sleep-over.
S01E14 Julien, le cousin de Victor 00/00/0000 Gorby feels he doesn't measure up to his gleaming, award-winning cousin -- until he realizes he's special and good enough and doesn't have to compare himself to anyone.
S01E15 Le concours de force 00/00/0000 DJ gets signed up for a Strong Truck competition, then doesn't want to compete when she realizes she probably won't win.
S01E16 La grande route 00/00/0000 Finley decides that there's not enough adventure in his town and hits the open road, then winds up getting scared and homesick and appreciating what he left behind.
S01E17 L’anniversaire de Dex 00/00/0000 Dex brags about how he's having a big birthday bash, and only cool trucks are invited, not the regular truck pals. When it turns out that no cool trucks shows up to his party, the truck pals throw him a surprise.
S01E18 Le hoquet 00/00/0000 Gorby has a bad case of hiccups and the trucks help him to get rid of them before a big football game
S01E19 Flo a besoin d’aide 00/00/0000 DJ has a damaged shovel but refuses help, wanting to do everything herself. She finally learns that it's okay to ask for help and that friends help friends.
S01E20 Finley a peur de l’atelier de réparation 00/00/0000 Finley is scared of having a check-up at the Fix-It shop, but Jesse is on hand to help him.
S01E21 La cloche du capitaine Pimpon 00/00/0000
S01E22 Comment s’amuser quand il pleut ? 00/00/0000
S01E23 Un cadeau pour le capitaine Pimpon 00/00/0000 Finley feels bad about the handmade gift he's made for Captain Parker. (Feeling good about the gift of giving).
S01E24 Le parc pour chiens 00/00/0000
S01E25 Leçon de pompier 00/00/0000
S01E26 Manu fait un cauchemar 00/00/0000
S02E01 Le capitaine Feufollet 00/00/0000
S02E02 Henri le bébé camion 00/00/0000
S02E03 Une sortie en forêt 00/00/0000
S02E04 Le porte-bonheur d’Isabelle 00/00/0000
S02E05 Un défi dangereux 00/00/0000
S02E06 L'huile de Monsieur Rapido 00/00/0000
S02E07 L'oeuf de Victor 00/00/0000
S02E08 La bande dessinée de Manu 00/00/0000
S02E09 Le problème d'Isabelle 00/00/0000
S02E10 Finley et son nouveau jouet 00/00/0000
S02E11 Monsieur Dring ne dort plus 00/00/0000
S02E12 Un travail bien fait ! 00/00/0000
S02E13 Gaby le journaliste 00/00/0000
S02E14 Max le cargo roulant 00/00/0000
S02E15 Drôles de blagues 00/00/0000
S02E16 On échange son travail 00/00/0000
S02E17 Quand est-ce qu'on arrive ? 00/00/0000
S02E18 Apprendre à pardonner 00/00/0000
S02E19 Les pneus neige 00/00/0000
S02E20 Hubert le policier 00/00/0000
S02E21 Le livre des lapins 00/00/0000
S02E22 Feu rouge, feu vert 00/00/0000
S02E23 L'anniversaire des triplés 00/00/0000
S02E24 Kika, le camion clown 00/00/0000
S02E25 L'herbe à puce 00/00/0000
S02E26 Mickael apprend à patiner 00/00/0000
S03E01 Comment lire une carte ? 00/00/0000
S03E02 Les grands camions pleurent aussi 00/00/0000
S03E03 Des fleurs pour Bubulle 00/00/0000
S03E04 Le surnom qui rend triste 00/00/0000
S03E05 La console de jeux 00/00/0000
S03E06 L'important est de s'amuser 00/00/0000
S03E07 Le concours de déguisements 00/00/0000
S03E08 Tout est bien qui finit bien 00/00/0000
S03E09 L'express du jardin des camions 00/00/0000
S03E10 Le poisson rouge de Finley 00/00/0000
S03E11 Les meilleurs amis du monde 00/00/0000
S03E12 Les camions de l'espace 00/00/0000
S03E13 Léonard le faux pirate 00/00/0000
S03E14 Une chanson d'anniversaire 00/00/0000
S03E15 La journée des artistes 00/00/0000
S03E16 Des ronds, des carrés et des triangle 00/00/0000
S03E17 Finley veut être grand 00/00/0000
S03E18 Manu et son klaxon 00/00/0000
S03E19 Bubulle est en panne 00/00/0000
S03E20 L'idole de Victor 00/00/0000
S03E21 Des coups de soleil 00/00/0000
S03E22 Un safari à jolieville 00/00/0000
S03E23 Un tour à la ferme 00/00/0000
S03E24 Au temps des dinosaures 00/00/0000
S03E25 Le camion nounou 00/00/0000
S03E26 Comment devient-on un héros ? 00/00/0000