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Documentary strand featuring bold and provocative work by up-and-coming directors


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S255E01 Manchester's Serial Killer? 19/01/2016 Over the past six years, the remains of more than 90 individuals have been recovered from the canals of Greater Manchester - most of them young men. Headlines are now claiming a serial killer may be responsible for their deaths, a story that has caught fire on social media. In this First Cut documentary, former murder detective Tony Blockley reviews the cases of three young men who drowned in the city's canals. Two of them went missing only to turn up dead later, while the third was seen leaving a nightclub with a mystery man who has never been identified. Is the so-called Pusher real or a 21st-century urban legend?
S255E02 I Do at 92 13/12/2016 This First Cut documentary follows three spirited pensioner couples who are set to tie the knot and prove that you're never too old for love. In 2015 the number of grooms in their late sixties increased by 25%, while the number of brides in the same age group went up by 21%. The programme captures their excitement as well as their fears as they tackle the challenges of getting down the aisle and face the realities of what the future might hold for them. Widow Georgina, who's 94, is marrying 86-year-old retired chef Raymond, who has terminal cancer. Defiant in the face of this knowledge, they hope to have at least a couple of years together. Margaret, who's 81 and has 11 great grandchildren, has turned to the internet to find love. She met Victor, who's 77, fell for him instantly and, ignored her granddaughter's warning not to take him home on the first date.
S255E03 Strictly Ballroom Boys 29/12/2016 In the world of competitive ballroom there's a serious shortage of young male dancers, with hundreds of girls lining up for every boy. This First Cut documentary from first-time director Carla Wright follows four of these rare boys, from south Wales's Valleys, as they head towards the biggest competition of their dancing lives so far: the UK Championships in Bournemouth. The ballroom boys train six days a week and compete most Sundays. They're serious about winning, and so are their mums. But as they gear up to compete against the best in Britain, these boys don't just have the pressure of the competition to contend with. In an area where rugby is an obsession, it isn't easy to go against the grain. Even more so when dance competitions require the boys to wear make-up and fake tan, which doesn't wash off before school. The boys face disapproval from peers, friends and even fathers. When the competition is over, will any of them decide that the pressure isn't worth it?
S255E04 The Bed 06/08/2010 The story of a bed in the Accident & Emergency department of a busy British hospital. The bed sees all sorts of people, from births, through minor accidents and major traumas, through to death. It carries people brought in by ambulance and those who stagger in themselves. It is cleaned and repaired by those dedicated hospital workers who also clean and repair the people who have to visit the A&E department.
S255E05 Love Rat 09/09/2011 The true story of three women and the man they shared - unwittingly - after he romanced and promised to settle down with them all. However, when one of the women found out about the love cheat, the trio banded together and plotted their revenge - and their on-camera confrontation forms the climax to this documentary.
S255E06 Double Lesson 15/07/2011 The fictional story of David De Gale, a secondary school teacher nearing the end of his career who, one Monday afternoon, attacks a pupil in his class. George Kay directs this half-hour monologue, performed straight to camera by actor Phil Davis. The film joins David De Gale at home on the morning of his trial as he relives the months of mounting pressure, both at home and work, that led to the attack on the pupil. He describes his experiences in the lead up to the attack, the attack itself, and, with his trial approaching, his isolation in the weeks that followed. Double Lesson is based on accounts of real cases and factual research. However, David is a fictional character. The film sets out neither to condemn nor condone David's actions, but to provide a better understanding of how and why some teachers lose control, and how pupils, colleagues and family treat them once they do. First Cut showcases the best in bold, bright and original documentaries by up-and-coming film-makers.

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