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This inventive animated comedy series, set inside a giant fish tank in Bud's Pet Shop, presents high school life as seen through the eyes of three BFFs (best fish friends), Bea, Milo and Oscar. Together they experience the typical life challenges and triumphs, including friendship, dating and sports, along with more atypical situations such as giant lobster attacks and, with the use of special land suits, school field trips to the hamster cages. The series was created by children's book illustrator Noah Z. Jones and features a notable voice cast. It's produced using an innovative mixture of digital animation and photo collage


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fish Hooks

S01E01 Bea Stays in the Picture 03/09/2010 Bea, one of the three fish BFF's including Milo and Oscar at Fresh Water High, freaks out literally when her annual school photo is taken, for she claimed that it was taken badly. In the attempt to bring it back fearing that her expected future as an actor would be in jeopardy by a single bad picture, she distracts her friend and school photo editor Pirahnica, who claims to be in love with Oscar, by making the poor fellow take her on a date. After avoiding dangerous obstacles set by Pirahnica, Bea and Milo find the pictures as they see Bea's taken one. Milo discovers that there was nothing wrong with it. Bea had known that, but she thought that her look wasn't suited for an actor. After Milo talked some sense into Bea by proclaiming that she was perfect the way she was, she suddenly remembers Oscar and stops his nightmare with Pirahnica by stating that she and Oscar were dating. After the nutty clam left, Oscar was happy that Bea felt the same love he felt for her, only to figure out that she was acting.
S01E02 Fish Sleepover Party 24/09/2010 Bea has a girl sleepover party and Milo and Oscar feel left out, so attend the party as Milina and Oscerlisabeth. Chelsea and Bea let the other girls know that they are Milo and Oscar. But instead of confronting them, the girls then make them do what girls really do on sleepover parties.
S01E03 Fish Out of Water 24/09/2010 Milo ventures out of the fish tank alone, so Bea and Oscar follow him. The three best friends catch the eye of the pet store cat Wilfred, and Milo must put aside his differences with the others to save the day.
S01E04 Doris Flores Gorgeous 01/10/2010 When Bea goes on several dates and Milo gets a date, Oscar feels he is the only one without a girl so and pretends to have a girlfriend named Doris Flores Gorgeous, but he struggles to keep it a secret from Milo and Bea. He tells Milo and Bea that Doris lives in Fish Niagara Falls so the friends try to "cheer up" Oscar by taking him there. When they get there, there actually is Doris who turned out to be Clamantha.
S01E05 Underwater Boy 01/10/2010 Milo tries to follow his dream by playing on the Football team but gets the job of Water Boy. Little does he realize the importance of his job, since the football team is playing at the Gecko tank.
S01E06 Happy Birthfish Jocktopus 08/10/2010 When Jocktopus's birthday comes up, he warns every student in freshwater high that if they don't bring a gift for him, they will get "pounded" by him. When shopping for said gift Oscar suggests getting him money, which results in Oscar himself being given as a gift by his friends who don't want to be pounded. Bea and Milo try to get him back.
S01E07 Bea Becomes an Adult Fish 15/10/2010 Bea decides to take a job at Fish Flakes but soon misses her old carefree life, but no one will let her quit. Meanwhile, Milo and Oscar get sent to daycare after being mistaken of being Bea's babies. Oscar dislikes the babies, but Milo wears a diaper and stays nearby.
S01E08 Doggonit 22/10/2010 Milo and Bea get a dog named Murphy, who Oscar doesn't like. Oscar ends up yelling at the dog and as a result the dog runs away. Now Bea, Milo, and Oscar will have to go and find Murphy.
S01E09 Queen Bea 29/10/2010 When the school homecoming dance is coming up, Bea must be chosen to be Homecoming Queen. But her "embarrassing" parents have signed up to be chaperones. So Milo and Oscar help plan a fake school dance to stop them from ruining Bea's chance at becoming queen.
S01E10 Fail Fish 05/11/2010 Bea and Oscar help Milo study for his final exam so he doesn't get held back a grade like their old friend Kevin. To do this, they must find Milo's un-traditional way of learning.
S01E11 Funny Fish 20/11/2010 Oscar seems to be the only one without a good sense of humour, so Milo and Bea tell Oscar to just pretend everything's funny. But he goes too far.
S01E12 Baldwin the Super Fish 03/12/2010 Oscar and Milo believe that their teacher Mr. Baldwin lives a double life as a comic book superhero and Bea, who needs to do a report for Dr. Frog's class. He tells Bea that they have to get proof.
S01E13 Dances with Wolf Fish 10/12/2010 Milo and Oscar search for new roommates after they fight over Milo's messy habits.
S01E14 The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish 17/12/2010 Oscar has an accident and wakes up in what he believes is his fantasy novel. Meanwhile, Milo and Bea try to find Oscar, but runs into different kinds of fake Oscars.
S01E15 Hooray for Hamsterwood 17/12/2010 Milo, Oscar and Bea travel to Hamsterwood where Bea can have her own TV show. However, there is something fishy going on in there, and it turns out the hamsters are planning to eat Bea!
S01E16 Milo Gets A Ninja 11/01/2011 Milo finds a siamese fighting fish ninja and uses his skills to intimidate Jocktopus from bullying. However, the power quickly goes to Milo's head, and he begins to punish everyone by trapping them in glass bowls for ridiculous reasons.
S01E17 Dropsy! 21/01/2011 When Albert Glass becomes sick with the dropsy and is given plenty of attention, Milo decides to fake being sick in order to get some for himself.
S01E18 Fishing For Compliments: The Albert Glass Story 28/01/2011 Bea is friends with everyone except Albert, who doesn't like her. Bea takes it upon herself to get him to be friends with her at any cost.
S01E19 The Dark Side of the Fish 04/02/2011 When Oscar believes nobody understands him, he joins a group of goth fish and changes his name to Bubblethorn. So Milo and Bea try to get Oscar back from Razor and the goth fish.
S01E20 Big Fish 11/02/2011 When Milo is very weak in Bea's class, Coach Samons tell him to exercise. Since Milo is lazy, he gets help from Jumbo Shrimp and uses a tank to make him stronger. He gets careless and gets bigger and stronger which he turns into a monster.
S01E21 Dollars and Fish 18/02/2011 Milo does not have any money, unlike Oscar and Bea. They tell him to work but he is lazy and stubborn so he loans money from Randy Pincherson and then Randy treats him he is going to pinch Milo because he used up all the loan. Oscar and Bea give their money to Randy and become very angry with Milo, abandoning him as a friend. Milo decides to work but at the job, he thinks it is very hard just to put the cash into the register. He has the money for the tickets to a concert and the money he owes to Oscar and Bea.
S01E22 Fish Floaters 25/02/2011 When Principal Stickler says that the boys would build a float and the girls will build another, It becomes a fight because Milo did not come up with a plan and plans one of the boys to spy on them. When the boys and the girls show tier floats, it collapses and becomes a Principal Stickler Float.
S01E23 Flying Fish 04/03/2011 After Mr. Mussels gives an inspiring speech about going after your dreams, Milo ends up finding his dream in an actual dream … he wants to fly across the pet store! Bea and Oscar are certain that this is just a Milo moment, but realize he’s serious after Milo decides to trap a bird to fly on.
S01E24 Two Clams in Love 11/03/2011 When Clamantha’s crush on Oscar begins to overwhelm him, he thinks his problems are solved when she develops a crush on his laptop, mistaking it for a fellow clam. When the battery starts to die, Clamantha is upset that her new boyfriend is ignoring her and Oscar must find a way to make things right.
S01E25 Peopling 01/04/2011 Milo entertains holding onto Bud's ear with a fishing pole attached to the end of a plunger, but then shoots into the pocket of his shirt. Milo now runs the risk of becoming dehydrated.
S01E26 Legend of the Earth Troll 08/04/2011 Oscar tries to get Milo involved in recycling, but Milo goes overboard when Oscar comes up with a "fake" story and tells Milo about a Magical Earth Troll.
S01E27 Parasite Fright 29/04/2011 Milo sees a horror movie and thinks fish brain parasits are infecting everyone.
S01E28 Pamela Hamster Returns 13/05/2011 When Pamela Hamster visits Milo in Freshwater High, Oscar and Bea are in trouble.
S01E29 Riding in Cars with Fish 18/06/2011 Oscar takes his driving test, but things get wild when his driving instructors turn out to be Mr. Mussels and Coach Salmons.
S01E30 Milo's Big Idea 18/06/2011 Milo comes up with a great idea: fridge hats. But when Randy Pincherson mysteriously starts selling fridge hats and claiming he came up with the idea, Milo and the others must figure out how Randy knew the idea and how to expose him.
S01E31 Good Morning Freshwater 03/07/2011 Oscar bores everyone in Freshwater High School with his morning announcements, so Bea helps make the show more entertaining, but after Oscar realizes that she starts making the morning announcements not about school and decides to quit, but doesn't get his chance to announce the cafeteria being closed for repairs.
S01E32 Diary of a Lost Fish 03/07/2011 Randy Pincherson steals Bea's diary and blackmails her to go on a date with him. In order to get her diary back, she goes on a date with Randy. Milo and Oscar steal Randy's diary.
S01E33 Mascotastrophe 04/07/2011 Milo and Oscar dress as the school's mascot, but when the fame-happy Milo exposes them, not only does he embaress his shy brother, but players from a rival school kidnap Oscar to destroy Freshwater High's moral for the championship.
S01E34 We've Got Fish Spirit 08/07/2011 Oscar discovers his college dreams and aspirations are put in jeopardy because of his lack in extracurriculer activities, so Bea and Milo try to find Oscar the perfect club, and find Clamantha fighting with her arch-nemesis, Clamanda, and Milo, Oscar, and Bea's friends join Clamantha's cheerleaders team after her team gets brought by humans, but Bea turns out to be in Jumbo Shrimp and Albert Glass' map club so she is unable to help out the team. This is a two-parter, Disney lists as episodes 133 & 134
S01E35 Run Oscar, Run 12/08/2011 Oscar is being honored with an award for perfect attendance and, unfortunately, Bea and Milo get the trio into a predicament, preventing Oscar from being there, but Oscar is determined to make it back on time and get his award.
S01E36 Good Times at PuPu Goodtimes 19/08/2011 The class is on a field trip to PuPu Goodtimes Amusement Park and Bea, Milo and Oscar all have individual goals in mind. Bea is determined to get on a ride with Steve Jackson, Milo is embroiled in a macho man "ride-off" with Randy Pincherson and Oscar joins forces with Jumbo Shrimp and Albert Glass to win a Galactic Fish Battles Limited Edition Fork Saber. It's all fun times at PuPu Goodtimes!
S01E37 Oscar Makes an Impression 26/08/2011 Oscar's impression of the Queen of Fish England is so similar that even Mr. Mussel's, who is a big admirer of the Queen, cannot tell the difference. The gang goes along with the ruse, until Oscar is mistaken for the Queen by a bridal party and swept away to "his" royal wedding. The day then escalates into a "Slow Jams Rap Battle" between Milo and Mr. Mussels to win the hand of the fair Oscar.
S01E38 Employee Discount 30/09/2011 After Milo accidentally rips Bea's new red dress for the school dance, he and Oscar find another copy of the dress, but it costs 1,000 fish dollars. To raise the money to buy the dress, they get jobs at the store so they can use their salaries to buy it.
S01E39 Fish School Musical 23/09/2011 Jocktopus reveals that it is his father's dream for Jocktopus to sing in a musical play about potatoes. So during the Freshwater High musical play, "Potatoes In Winter," He goes in the play to sing but gets nervous. Note: This is in two parts, usually listed as episodes 138 & 139. Disney still lists this as the season final, even after showing 3 more episodes after it.
S01E40 Halloween Haul 07/10/2011 It's Halloween in Freshwater, and the gang is eager to get boatloads of candy, but Jocktopus is beating trick-or-treaters up and stealing their candy. To get their sweets and not get beaten up by Jocktopus, they journey outside the tanks to trick-or-treat. It's going to be a wild Halloween for Milo, Oscar, and Bea! Note: This was originally scheduled to be episode 201.
S01E41 Fish Talent Show 21/10/2011 The talent show is coming to Freshwater and Bea is determined to win. But the talent show turns into a battle when Clamantha gets into a fight and the entire school is divided into the non-participants and the performers. Can the gang stop this talent tragedy?
S02E01 Bea's Commercial 04/11/2011
S02E02 Hairanoid 04/11/2011
S02E03 Adventues in Fish-Sitting 18/11/2011
S02E04 Banned Band 25/11/2011
S02E05 Merry Fishmas Milo 09/12/2011 It's Christmas Eve and Milo's trying for the party of the year. Bea wants to play Santa Fish at the mall. The real Santa Fish shows up to help Milo but needs Bea's help to save Fishmas.
S02E06 Milo on the Lam 06/01/2011 Milo is framed for a prank on the teacher and his friends spring him from detention. The search is on for the real guilty party.
S02E07 Break Up Shake Down 06/01/2012 Jocktopus commits the major crime of forgetting his anniversary with his girlfriend, Veronica. She breaks up with him and the others must split up to confort the broken couple.
S02E08 Just One of the Fish 20/01/2012 Bea volunteers to take Jocktopus' place on the football team after he pulls off his arms; a new student tries out for the team.
S02E09 Rock Lobster Yeti 27/01/2012 A ghost story appears to be true and the Rock Lobster Yeti exists. Milo is captured by the monster, but is he as mean as he seems?
S02E10 Spoiler Alert 27/01/2012 The gang films a fake movie trying to teach Randy a lesson about spoiling a movie for everyone by telling the ending.
S02E11 Bea Dates Milo 10/02/2012 Milo's public break-up with his hampster girlfriend leaves him heartbroken. Bea tries to comfort him, leaving both of them with the mistaken impression that the other like them more than a friend
S02E12 Oscar's Secret Admirer 10/02/2012 Milo puts an anonymous love letter he wants Oscar to mail for him into Oscar's locker but fails to tell him what it's about leaving Oscar and Bea to think he has a secret admirer. To make things much worse, Milo tries to fix Oscar up with anything than swims.
S02E13 Sixteen Clamandles 24/02/2012 It's Clamantha's birthday and nobody remembered, including her friend Bea!
S02E14 Send Me an Angel Fish 02/03/2012 Oscar falls in love with Angela, the head of the rival debate team. Oscar later gets suspicious and suspects Angela has just been spying on him to win the "Big Pros and Cons of Video Games" debate and decides it's time to call her out on it.
S02E15 Science Fair Detective Mystery 13/04/2012 Oscar's Science Fair project is stolen and it's detectives Bea and Milo who scour the Freshwater halls for clues and suspects to crack the case of Oscar's missing prize project. This episode was a part of Whodunit? weekend on Disney Channel
S02E16 Guys Night Out 27/04/2012 When Oscar decides to ask Angela to go steady the boys convince him that a girlfriend changes everything, so Milo declares a Guys' Night Out.
S02E17 Bea Sneaks Out 11/05/2012 Bea and the girls are invited to a super cool ferret party. Her parents refuse to allow her to go so she sneaks out. When the party goes wrong and the ferrets get a bit more than aggressive it's Bea's dad to the rescue.
S02E18 Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines 11/05/2012 When Bea breaks a fin she thinks that her life is over because she can't take part in any of her many school activities. Randy Pincherson offers Bea an armor suit to help out and all she needs to do is go out with him.
S02E19 So-fish-ticated 01/06/2012 When Milo is barred from a high-class store because of his 'Milo-ness' he enlists help to give him some class but things go a bit too far.
S02E20 Milo and Oscar Move In 08/06/2012 When Milo and Oscar has a water filter break Bea invites then to stay with her family. The boys soon wear out their welcome with her and she plots to get them out of the house.
S02E21 Oscar is a Playa 22/06/2012 Esmargot gets the wrong idea when Oscar invites her to join him and his friends down at the hang-out. The girls set up a sting operation to prove Oscar is cheating on Angela. The plan backfires and they must work fast to save the pair's relationship.
S02E22 Little Fish Sunshine 06/07/2012 Bea and the girls enter the Little Fish Sunshine pageant so they can meet pop sensation Brandon Bubbler, Milo puts his baby pageant experience to good use to help Bea win the night.
S02E23 All Fins on Deck 13/07/2012 Bea and Oscar start out for the cruise of a lifetime, but the Geckos have other ideas. Milo and his brigade of buccaneers come to the rescue to recapture the ship and restore the vacation plans.
S02E24 Cattlefish, Ho! 13/07/2012 Milo gets carried away when Bo Gregory enlists him and his friends help for a cattle fish drive. Things go more than wrong and the cattle fish stampede out of the tank. Milo must cowboy-up and save the day.
S02E25 Brothers' Day 20/07/2012 After a big fight between the Joe brothers Milo gets the idea that the same thing could happen between him and Oscar, so he creates a holiday to celebrating their friendship.
S02E26 Unfinished Doll Business 11/08/2012 When Bea's childhood doll resurfaces, Bea realizes how creepy the doll was and pawns it off on Milo and Oscar. But no matter what she does to try and rid herself of the doll, it keeps magically reappearing and haunting her.
S02E27 Milo's Magical Shake 07/09/2012 When Milo gets a free milkshake, he wants the excitement and the drink to last forever, but Bea and Oscar are forced to intervene after Milo names the milkshake Emily and insists on spending quality time with it
S02E28 Spiders Bite 14/09/2012 It's game night at Oscar and Milo's but when a noisy gang of spiders move in next door, the fish have to find a way to quiet them down before their evening is ruined and its game over.
S02E29 Principal Bea Pt. I & II 21/09/2012 After Principal Stickler goes missing, Bea takes over as school principal. However, some of her new policies upset Nurse Fishington, who encourages Bea to play by her rules. Fishington is revealed to be a robot that Stickler built so he wouldn't have to do his job. Can Bea save the school before Fishington ruins it forever?[
S02E30 Fish at Work 28/09/2012 Bea gets a job promotion, however, her excitement is short-lived after she discovers her first responsibility is to let one of her co-workers go. And it doesn't help that Milo and Oscar are her co workers. After putting each employee through a series of tests, she ultimately decides the best thing to do is find them all new jobs
S02E31 Chicks Dig Vampires 05/10/2012 Albert has a crush on Esmargot and comes up with a plan to act and live like a vampire to win her affections. Unbeknownst to Albert however, Esmargot is a secret vampire slayer set out to rid the world of all vampires
S02E32 Fish Lips Sink Ships 26/10/2012 Bea tries to play matchmaker when she learns that Mr. Baldwin has a crush on Ms. Lips.
S02E33 Bea's Birthday Surprise 09/11/2012 Milo tries to find a perfect birthday present for Bea; Milo causes the school's lunch lady to be fired when he puts hair in his food as a prank.
S02E34 Get A Yob 09/11/2013 Milo decides to get a free lunch by putting one of Oscar's hairs in his lunch, then pretending he finds it not knowing this will get the lunch lady fired.
S02E35 Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy 30/11/2012 Oscar and Shellsea need to work on a project.
S02E36 Fish Flakes 11/01/2013 Milo begins to freak out when he realizes that his chances at becoming "Freshwater's" Catch of the Month Calendar Cover Dude" are slim to none when his scales begin to fall off, so he tries to find a solution to his flaky problem and learns in the process that he's not the only one with body issues.
S02E37 Super Extrenme Grandma Games To The Max 18/01/2013 Milo supports his bingo buddies at the Grandma games.
S02E38 Koi Story 15/02/2013 When Koi feels pressure to fit in, she lets the girls believe that she did something daring.
S02E39 See Bea Ski 26/04/2013 Bea is challenged to a ski-off
S02E40 Night At The Loxbury 26/04/2013 The fish want to party at the Loxbury party place but, are to young. so they use the empty space in the fish diner to use for their party.
S02E41 Fish Prom 17/05/2013 With fish prom coming up, everyone at school obsesses over it, except for Angela, Oscar's girlfriend, who prefers to play video games. Oscar wonders if Bea is really the right girl for him. Meanwhile, Bea goes with Steve Jackson, but he is accidentally locked in a closet.
S03E01 Milo Vs Milo 07/06/2013 Milo is convinced that a new hamster TV show called “The Milo Show” is about him, but when the Milo character turns out to be a klutzy nerd, he heads to Hamsterwood to clear his name.
S03E02 Everything But The Chicken Sink 07/06/2013 When a wealthy Chicken hires Bea to give swimming lessons to his difficult teenage daughter, she soon finds that the task is easier said than done.
S03E03 Live At Hamsterwood Ball 21/06/2013 Oscar's dream date with Bea is threatened when their friends tag along to hear him perform live.
S03E04 A Charity Fair To Remember 21/06/2013 Bea's overzealous good intentions create chaos at the annual fair.
S03E05 Bye Bye Bea Bea 05/07/2013 When Bea’s dad lands a new job in Fish Phoenix, the gang sets out to find him a better job in Freshwater, so Bea won’t have to move away.
S03E06 Glass Man Standing 05/07/2013 When Albert’s voice starts to change naturally, it seems like he’s finally going to be treated like a man. But when his new voice abandons him at the worst possible moment, he’ll have to learn that it’s not the voice that makes the man, but the man that makes the voice
S03E07 South Pafishic 26/07/2013 When Fishington decides to cut the Drama Department, Bea and her friends decide to venture into Fishington’s brain to change her mind or else they’ll lose the department forever.
S03E08 Unresolved Fishues 02/08/2013 When Jumbo begins dating Oscar’s ex-girlfriend, things quickly turn awkward between the two, especially when Oscar’s attempts to make peace with his ex backfires and he appears to still be in love with her.
S03E09 Freshwater Five-O 09/08/2013 When Milo and Jocktopus are invited on a police ride-along, they are convinced it means they’re real cops and set out to prove it.
S03E10 Pool Party Panic 23/08/2013 Milo wakes up in class to discover that everyone at Freshwater High has turned into a human! As he prepares for Shellsea’s epic Pool Party, Milo has to figure out what’s real and what’s not as he desperately tries to keep his party king reputation intact!
S03E11 Labor Of Love 20/09/2013 Mr. Baldwin wants to propose to Ms. Lips, but she's leaving on vacation to Flip Flop Island for the summer, so the kids come up with the perfect excuse to follow her – field trip!
S03E12 Assignment: Babies 27/09/2013 Weary from his new duties as a father, Mr. Baldwin hands his babies out to the class to help babysit for the week. But after being paired together, Oscar and Bea quickly realize temporary Parenthood may tear them apart.
S03E13 Hare And Back Again 18/10/2013 Milo joins Oscar, Albert, and Jumbo in their fantasy role-playing game, and fight for the rights of bunnies everywhere.
S03E14 Milo's Pony 18/10/2013 Milo befriends an adorable pony fish but worries that his manly friends won't understand.
S03E15 The Brandon Bubble 01/11/2013 Brandon Bubbler's manager sends him to Freshwater High to become a regular teenager.
S03E16 Jocktopizza 01/11/2013 Jocktopus' dad wants Jocktopus to create his own pizza.
S03E17 Hats Amore! 22/11/2013 Ms. Lips brings Baldwin to the racetrack to meet her disapproving parents. To prove he's man enough to marry her, Baldwin enters a race.
S03E18 Camp Camp 10/01/2014 The school along with Brandon Bubbler go to a camp, where Bea tries to get Bubbler to date her. Meanwhile the kids try to escape the camp.
S03E19 Algae Day 24/01/2014 School gets cancelled for a day, and Milo wants to have some of in the snowy algae. But when no one wants to hang out with him, he hangs out with twins Dan and Ann Chovi.
S03E20 Bea Saves a Tree 24/01/2014 A new shop is prepared for construction, and the only thing in the way is a plastic tree, one that Bea is planning to protect in the name of her childhood. But upon hearing news of who is in charge of the grand opening, she and Shellsea form a plan to save the tree and have the store built. The plan soon goes awry and they must try to get the tree back
S03E21 Surfing The Interwet 21/02/2014 MS Lips Watches Internet Videos
S03E22 Don't Let The Fish Drive The Party Bus 21/02/2014 Milo throws a party on a party bus
S03E23 Milo In A Cup 28/02/2014 When Oscar is feeling down and left out, milo gives him a taste of his personality
S03E24 Fish Taco 28/02/2014 When Finberley delivers the taco to the wrong customer, things go crazy when everyone chases the taco
S03E25 I Have This Friend 07/03/2014 When Shellsea says she has a "strange" friend, they sort out to try to set her up on a date with Michael, It is revealed that Shellsea's weird friend was Michael
S03E26 Brothers Of A Feather 07/03/2014
S03E27 Freshwater Lives 21/03/2014
S03E28 The Big Woo 04/04/2014

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