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The first rule of real estate is location, location, location, but what happens when a buyer's only option in the right location is a house with dreadful design and a clunky layout? We say buy it — then fix it! "Fixer Upper" pairs renovation, design and real estate pros Chip and Joanna Gaines with Waco/Dallas, Texas-area buyers to renovate the wrong house that's in the right location.


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S01E01 Looking Old But Feeling New 23/05/2014 Joanna and Chip help a couple find the diamond in the rough in a neighborhood known for mansions.
S01E02 Young Family Takes On History 24/04/2014 Joanna and Chip Gaines introduce clients Charmaine and Chuck to the historic Sanger Heights neighborhood. The family wants to be a part of the revitalization of this community of homes that are either vacant or dilapidated.
S01E03 Nomad Family Seeks Final Home 01/05/2014 Chip and Jo Gaines take Becky and Heath Ivy to Woodway, TX in search of a home for their growing family and Heath's thriving business. They tour three houses with three different styles and three unique construction challenges.
S01E04 Client Rebuilds After Tragedy 08/05/2014 Carolyn Muska is rebuilding her life after losing her West, TX, home and her husband to a devastating fertilizer plant explosion that killed 15 and leveled many homes. The Gaines show Carolyn 3 fixer uppers in her hometown of West.
S01E05 French Country Sought in Waco 15/05/2014 Dr. Jeff Sanders, wife Michelle and their two teens are a fun active family who enjoy entertaining, adventure, and travel. They want to downsize to a casual country home that offers European flair with easy access to Lake Waco.
S01E06 Craftsmen Crave Urban Feel 22/05/2014 Chip and Joanna Gaines take a tour with clients Clint and Kelly Harp through the Brook Oaks neighborhood. The Harps are big city transplants looking for a house with an urban feel.
S01E07 Texan Family Returns to Roots 29/05/2014 Chip and Joanna Gaines are excited to return to Texas after leaving Oklahoma. They look at 3 homes with John and Margie Bowman in the McGregor neighborhood just outside of Waco. They want some Texas flair that's not too 'buckaroo’.
S01E08 New Home New Life for Mom 05/06/2014 Chip and Jo take a tour with single mom Karla Griffis through the Castle Crest neighborhood of Waco, Texas. After a difficult divorce, Karla's ready to move on from the hardest time of her life to the happiest.
S01E09 Missionaries Retreat In Waco 12/06/2014 Heather, Andrew and Steven McCall ask the Gaines to find a retreat for their missionary parents. Dr. Tim and Janice McCall run an orphanage in Uganda, living in a 160-sq-ft home. They need a refuge for their biannual visits.
S01E10 Couple Reach for Unreachable 19/06/2014 Rachel and Andrew Erwin are asking Chip and Jo Gaines to find them a home in the Viking Hills neighborhood where 'for sale' signs are rare. But the Gaines are determined to find the young family their dream home.
S01E11 Physicians Seek Farmhouse 26/06/2014 Chip and Joanna Gaines are in Robinson, Texas, looking for a farmhouse for clients Rebecca and Joel Mahan. The couple are physicians with three kids of their own and more on the way as they plan to adopt several foster children.
S01E12 Close Academics Seek Acreage 03/07/2014 Chip and Joanna Gaines seek a home in Waco for Devon and Hannah Jonklaas. The Jonklaases want a home with lots of acreage and lots of bedrooms. Devon, a biochem professor, wants to be close to work and to Hannah, who's expecting.
S01E13 Baby Boomers Buy Fixer Upper 10/07/2014 Chip and Joanna Gaines are helping client Dr. Marla Hendricks find a home in Waco for her and her new husband. These baby boomers fell in love later in life but are young at heart seeking a home that will fit their lifestyle.
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