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Keiichi Akagi, un photographe aguerri, rencontre Saeko Shirasu, une jeune assistante caméraman récemment diplômée lors d'une exposition à Tokyo. Il lui propose de l'accompagner à Subasci, la capitale de l'Uddiyana, un pays théâtre d'une guerre civile ayant nécessité l'intervention de l'ONU. Sur place, Saeko prend une photo d'un drapeau mêlant symboles de l'ONU et du pays. Cette photo devient un symbole de paix pour le pays. Après un retour au Japon, les deux photographes retournent en Uddiyana, Keiichi en photographe indépendant, et Saeko invité par l'ONU.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Flag

S01E01 Flag 16/06/2006 An armed extremist faction had stolen the FLAG, which was previously seen as the symbol of peace that triggered the cease-fire initiative between armed factions and the government forces in Uddiyana. The UN secretly dispatched a SDAC unit to retrieve the FLAG. Saeko Shirasu was assigned as the accompanying reporter. Alternate Synopsis: In the mountainous Asian country of Uddiyana a civil war rages. No end lies in sight for the war-torn nation until a lone photographer snaps an iconic image that comes to be known simply as "Flag." Hope arises as the many factions involved begin an approach to peace, rousing the call for a ceasefire behind the featured flag. When an unknown guerilla sect steals this symbol of unity, a U.N. Special Development Command unit is dispatched using the latest in military technology, a transforming bipedal exoskeleton known as the HAVWC system. Recruited to document this mission is a war-time journalist, the author of the "Flag" photograph, Saeko Shirasu. Witness the trials and triumphs of a peacekeeping taskforce behind the camera's view-finder as they take their first steps towards the recovery of the road to peace and discover the truth behind a struggle.
S01E02 Portrait 30/06/2006 Saeko started her reporting inside the SDAC secret base. However, Captain Chris denied Saeko's request to follow any military operations involving the use of HAVWC. Saeko tried to capture the soldiers in camera as they returned to base.
S01E03 Reporter sur le terrain 14/07/2006 The SDAC unit is planning scouting missions in area where the FLAG was believed to be hidden. Once again Saeko's request to accompany the unit was denied. Nadi Olowokandi offered his helping hand.
S01E04 La nuit de la nouvelle lune 28/07/2006 It was established that the defence capabilities of the armed faction base was much stronger than expected. The SDAC unit decided to launch an operation to retrieve the flag on the night of the new moon. Preparation of the HAVWC tanks, the key element of the operation, became a race against time, and Saeko spent over night covering the activities of the unit. Meanwhile on the same night, as reporter Akagi was pursuing a young girl, a reincarnate of the goddess Kuhura.
S01E05 Courbes hyperboliques dans la nuit 11/08/2006 On the night of the new moon, the SDAC unit began its campaign to retrieve the flag and was heading towards the "Ruins", the armed faction stronghold. Shirasu witnessed the crossfire while accompanying the unit. At the same time, the journalists, suspicious of the UN forces, found out about the UN's plan to bomb the city. Akagi had some idea where the target of bombing would be.
S01E06 Une lumière dans l'obscurité 25/08/2006 Ichiyanagi stormed in the armed faction stronghold to retrieve the FLAG. As the team were following the IC tag signal, something unexpected was waiting for them. They discovered the conspiracy to hinder the ceasefire. Facing return attack from the enemy and with no where to retreat, he attempted to breakthrough.
S01E07 Réactivation 12/01/2007
S01E08 XR-2 Longku 19/01/2007
S01E09 Les yourtes et les steppes 26/01/2007
S01E10 SDC + 1 09/02/2007
S01E11 Retrouvailles à travers l'objectif 16/02/2007
S01E12 Récupération du drapeau 23/02/2007
S01E13 Dans la lumière 02/03/2007
S00E01 The Movie 08/08/2007

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