Affiche Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
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A mysterious plague, the Purple Death, ravages the earth. Dr. Zarkov, investigating in his spaceship, finds a ship from planet Mongo seeding the atmosphere with dust. Sure enough, Ming the Merciless is up to his old tricks. So it's back to Mongo for Flash, Dale, and Zarkov, this time with ready-made allies waiting: Prince Barin of Arboria and Queen Fria of the frozen northern land of Frigia; where, it so happens, is found polarite, antidote to the plague. But Ming will use all his forces to keep our heroes from thwarting his plans of conquest.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

S255E01 The Purple Death 03/03/1940 A mysterious plague is killing citizens of Earth, leaving only a purple spot on their foreheads as evidence. The world’s greatest scientist Dr Zarkov and his muscle-bound buddy Flash Gordon discover that the deaths are being caused by evil emperor Ming, as a prelude to the invasion of our planet by his military forces.
S255E02 Freezing Torture 03/03/1940 Flash Gordon and Professor Zarkov arrive on planet Mongo in an attempt to track down the source of “the purple death,” a scourge afflicting Earth. Flash and Zarkov destroy Emperor Ming’s energy pit the source of the death dust. The group adventures on to harsh winter-like Figia, where polarite can be found- the only known antidote to the death dust.
S255E03 Walking Bombs 03/03/1940 A big ‘ol nasty avalanche can’t stop our intrepid adventurers and their search for polarite, the only known antidote for the plague ravaging Earth. Millions of tons of snow can’t stop them, but Ming’s army of explosive robots might just do the trick
S255E04 The Destroying Ray 03/03/1940 Emperor Ming thinks his exploding robots got the Santa-clad Flash, but instead the robots capture Dale and Zarkov and return them back to their ship. No matter, Flash pours the polartite out onto the top of Mt. McKinley. Flash knocks out some baddies and then heads to Ming’s palace to get Dale & Zarkov back.
S255E05 The Palace of Terror 03/03/1940 Flash tries to rescue Zarkov but is thwarted by the evil Ming. Flash hides in Ming’s palace and disguised as a guard, is finally able to escape with both Dale & Zarkov in one of Ming’s rocket ships. Uh, oh, Barin sees a ship leaving the palace and decides to shoot it down, unaware Flash, Dale and Zarkov are aboard; that’s bad news, and Barin has good aim.
S255E06 Flaming Death 03/03/1940 Barin decodes Flash’s laser code just seconds before shooting down the ship Flash had escaped on with Zarkov & Dale. No matter, Ming’s evil genius has finished projectiles made of fire metal, which Ming wants to target at earth, but to test them Ming needs a subject. Ming sends forces to kidnap his daughter (Barin’s wife) so he can blow up Barin’s kingdom without feeling bad. Professor Zarkov has a way to defuse the burning projectiles, but someone (Flash) has to tempt fate to try and contain it’s massive energy, once a fiery inferno has started.
S255E07 The Land of the Dead 03/03/1940 Flash uses Zarkov’s Thermal control to control the fiery missile Emperor fired into Barin’s territory. Flash is almost toast, but survives the day with a nice suntan.That brainy Zarkov has come up with a neato weapon that could defeat Ming’s power to his ships and guns, rendering him defenseless, but, when it’s used it leaves a path of destruction from it’s firing point too. Attempts to put the weapon in the land of the dead before firing ends up with a heap of rock men attacking just as a huge explosion goes off.
S255E08 The Fiery Abyss 03/03/1940 Action rules the day as Flash arrives just in time to be blown to bits by a bomb. The rock men bring Flash and crew back to life with a mysterious gas, then take them to their leader, so they can be put to death for supposedly killing the leader’s son in the explosion. Flash 7 friends see a scary giant iguana eat one of Ming’s soldiers on the way, and all agree the iguana wasn’t too picky about who he ate. We learn Zarkov can speak backwards, but the rock men don’t care, ane sentence him to die too. Dale has a radio to Ming’s top scientist, but Ming’s daughter steals it and calls the scientist on it when Ming is in the room, oops…off the the stockade. Ming & Zarkov escape, and find a couple of rock men being terrorized by a real rock, Flash tries to help them just as Dale gets thrown into a bottomless pit.
S255E09 The Pool of Peril 03/03/1940 Flash destroys the magic rock and saves the Rock King’s son. Back in the rock king’s palace, Dale is just about to get thrown into the bottomless pit when Barin picks up, and tosses a rock at the guards head. Stunned by the rock-on-rock violence, the guards allow Dale & Barin to momentarily escape, but recapture them just as fast. Luckily studly Flash has carried the king’s son back in, so his group is set free, and Ming’s henchmen & daughter temporarily escape. The escapees are stunned by the incredible giant lizard so much, that Aura scream, leading Flash & crew right to them. Flash decides to attack Ming’s palace, and sneakily gets inside, but is discovered. The guards turn on the water, flooding the tunnel Flash is in, which leads right to another bottomless pit!
S255E10 The Death Mist 03/03/1940 Flash and crew are getting flooded out of one of Ming’s tunnels, but when Ming goes to gloat, the guards turn the water off, allowing Flash to escape and return to Barin’s castle, with Sonya and Sudan the guard as prisoners. Ming tries to trick Zarkov into believing there’s no attack coming, but Flash realizes the trap, and figure out Ming knows they are truly alive. Sonya and Sudan escape, call all of Barin’s ships back for repair so the coming attack will wipe them all out. The attack comes and things look grim until Flash falls over the side of the castle.
S255E11 Stark Treachery 03/03/1940 During Ming’s bombing run, Flash, and Ming’s #1 soldier ‘Torch’ are knocked into the moat. As the fellas are swimming around, Dale is kidnapped and taken back to Ming. Ming proposed a simple swap, which goes off without a hitch until Dale collapses. Oops, turns out she was poisoned by Ming, who wants Zarkov to bring her back, without anyone else. Zarkov flies her back as Flash is old of another secret tunnel into Ming’s castle. “Another tunnel?” Flash exclaims, yes but this one leads to where Dale might be. Flash, Barin & company sneak into the castle, and find Dale, but rash Flash barges into the cell and finds a shocking surprise in store for him.
S255E12 Doom of the Dictator 03/03/1940 Flash finds out the source of Ming’s mysterious power, (he’s very eco-friendly) but no matter, because Ming is planning to send a rocket full of powerful ‘solarite’ to crash into earth, obliterating the planet. Flash doesn’t take too kindly to his, so he and his group manage to take the rocket over, and give Ming a final taste of his own medicine.