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Pour sauver la terre des terribles desseins de l’empereur Ming, Flash et Dale décident d’accompagner le Dr. Zarkov à bord d’une fusée qui doit les mener vers le royaume de Ming…


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Flash Gordon : Le Soldat de L'espace

S255E01 The Planet of Peril 04/06/1936 The world is in a state of panic when it is discovered that a planet has fallen out of its normal orbit and is destined to collide with Earth in a matter of days. Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe), his girlfriend Dale Arden (Jean Rogers), and renowned scientist Dr. Zarkoff (Frank Shannon) blast off into space in hopes of setting the runaway planet back on course. However, they discover that this planet is inhabitated and ruled by Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton), despot of the Planet Mongo.
S255E02 The Tunnel of Terror 00/00/0000 Hurled through boundless space, they land on the onrushing planet and fall into the clutches of the merciless Emperor Ming, who promptly imprisons Zarkov in his laboratory and then, determined to win the beautiful dale for his bride, condemns Flash to fight huge ape-like man killers in the arena.
S255E03 Captured by Shark Men 00/00/0000 Finding Flash is an enemy of Ming's, Thun promised to help him, and through a secret passage they entered the palace and learned that Dale was being married to Ming. Flash, trying to reach the wedding chapel, runs headlong into the tunnel of terror and.....
S255E04 Battling the Sea Beast 00/00/0000 When Aura cuts off the air supply to Kala's underwater palace, Flash rushes to the aid of Dale.
S255E05 The Destroying Ray 00/00/0000 Ming saves the doomed Shark City and delivers Flash and his friends into the hands of the Hawk Men. At the same time, King Vultan plots against the Prince of Justice.
S255E06 Flaming Torture 00/00/0000 Upon landing in Sky City, Flash and his friends are immediately taken prisoner by Vultan, who demands that Dale renounce Flash forever.
S255E07 Shattering Doom 00/00/0000 Flash is threatened by Vultan's atom furnaces and electro-charged mechanical devices.
S255E08 Tournament of Death 00/00/0000 Flash is pitted against his own friend, Prince Barin, in a deadly battle that results in another battle with the Orangopoid.
S255E09 Fighting the Fire Dragon 00/00/0000 Outraged by Flash's defeat of the Orangopoid, Ming orders an injection of "drops of forgetfulness" and sends him to the abode of the sacred Fire Dragon.
S255E10 The Unseen Peril 00/00/0000 Flash's memory is gone, but Zharkov accomplishes a memory restoration.
S255E11 In the Claws of the Tigron 00/00/0000 With the aid of an invisibility machine, Flash releases Vultan, and together they prepare to return to Earth, while enemy Aura makes plans to intercept them.
S255E12 Trapped in the Turret 00/00/0000 Prince Barin persuades Aura to help with their escape. The Earth party assembles in the Turret House, which is set aflame by fire from a mysterious rocket ship.
S255E13 Rocketing to Earth 00/00/0000 Escaping from the Turret House by an underground passage, Flash and his friends return to an electrically protected laboratory. Ming, under attack by Thun's rocket ship, flees to exile in the Palace of Tao.

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