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Go behind-the-scenes with racing's hottest, young talent, 17-year-old Dylan Kwasniewski, as he aspires to make it in the #1 motorsport in America -- NASCAR


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S01E01 Prom 00/00/0000 Dylan Kwasniewski, an 18-year-old NASCAR prodigy, struggles to balance his racing schedule in North Carolina and end of his senior year of high school in Las Vegas. Every teenager's rite of passage, a senior prom, comes at a busy time for Dylan and he rushes to get everything finished for the big night.
S01E02 Two Worlds 00/00/0000 Before flying to North Carolina for training with his pit crew, Dylan and his best friend reminisce on their high school years ahead of graduation. Jen Kwasniewski, Dylan's mom, comes down hard on him for trying to split his time up too many ways between racing and his friends in Vegas.
S01E03 Mr. Independent 00/00/0000 At Cornell University, Dylan visits his sister where they discuss missing high school and what college life is like- a life that Dylan won't be experiencing. In NC, Dylan is having a hard time getting adjusted to his new life and having his mom second-guess his decisions to take some time off.
S01E04 A Bowman Gray Birthday 00/00/0000 On Dylan's 18th birthday, he looks back on his life without his father, Andrew Kwasniewski, who took his own life in 2010. It was Andrew's love for racing that is revealed to be Dylan's motivation for his own pursuit of excellence in NASCAR. That night, Dylan performs the unthinkable during a big race.
S01E05 The Business 00/00/0000 Getting behind the wheel isn't Dylan's only focus as a race car driver, he needs to focus on working with sponsors on the business end as well. These obligations, plus training for his upcoming races throw a wrench into his plans to take a vacation with his best friend from high school.
S01E06 Graduation 00/00/0000 Dylan is forced to miss his high school graduation ceremonies for a race and it hits him harder than he imagined it would. After the race organizers give him a mini-graduation at the track, he gets behind the wheel and pushes it during another nail biting race.
S01E07 Party Time 00/00/0000 On the eve of a big race, Dylan has a "small" house party and is busted by his mom. But the repercussions forced on him as a punishment may prove to be essential in his breakthrough performance at this seminal event in the circuit.
S01E08 The Other Side 00/00/0000 Dylan continues to try to gain his independence as he moves into his own apartment. After spending time at the race shop, Dylan confides in his teammate Kenzie Ruston on his uncertainties about moving to North Carolina and their shared fears about finding sponsorship for next season.
S01E09 Frenemies 00/00/0000 Dylan continues to climb towards being the first driver to win both the K&N West and East Series. After he’s almost wrecked on the track, Dylan realizes he needs to choose his friends carefully. Everyone he knows in Charlotte not only races, but is gunning for his spot.
S01E10 The Call 00/00/0000 During a trip to the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Dylan gets advice from some of the top Sprint Cup drivers on how to take his career to the next level. With time running out, Dylan travels to meet with potential sponsors to lock down the funds for a ride at the national level. With the pressure at a fever pitch, Dylan clinches a crucial first place finish to solidify his place atop the K&N East rankings.
S01E11 NASCAR Champions Week 00/00/0000 Three races remain in the NASCAR K&N East Season. Only 40 points separate Dylan from his closest competitor, Brett Moffit. After a devastating wreck and races plagued with mechanical problems, Dylan finds himself desperate for in a much needed victory. Now only ahead by a tiny margin, Dylan must prove that he can overcome tremendous odds to clinch the championship win.