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The River Po dominates the region of Ferrara with its seasons, its power and its mystery. It nourishes the close-knit fishing communities who live on its banks, and it also hides their secrets. Secrets that are sometimes uncovered by people like police inspector Franco Soneri. Almost as inscrutable as the river itself, he stands brooding at crime scenes chomping on a cigar, trying to see what others are missing. In the ensuing investigations, he and his team often stumble upon old wounds left over from World War II, when differing political alliances turned neighbors into enemies. Passion for his job makes him Ferrara's best investigator but takes a toll on his relationship with the beautiful Ukrainian lawyer, Angela Cornelio. Filmed on location in the atmospheric countryside of northern Italy, these mysteries are inspired by the best-selling crime novels by Valerio Varesi.


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S02E01 The Winter Sea 09/11/2007 Two senior citizens are found at the bottom of the River Po in their car. Their only private pleasure was high-speed driving in a luxury sports car they kept in the garage; they had no enemies. Who could have it in for such a quiet-living couple?
S02E02 Lost Children 16/11/2007 A frightened boy hides in the bushes next to the body of a woman washed up onto the banks of the river. The child responds only to Inspector Soneri, who agrees to look after him until social services can step in.
S02E03 No Sign of Stopping 23/11/2007 Inspector Soneri investigates a hit-and-run fatality committed by a married man who had a busy social life outside the home. Soneri consults a local hairdresser, who keeps up with the social lives of all the town's residents.
S02E04 A Doll's House 30/11/2007 Angela travels back to Kiev for personal reasons, while Inspector Soneri investigates the brutal killing of a prostitute. She had recently taken on the job of a call girl in search of glamour and security, and her body was found decomposing in her house months after her murder.
S02E05 Parental Rating 07/12/2007 A teenage girl from a well-known family is found killed. Inspector Soneri's friend is the significant other of the victim's mother, so he ditches vacation plans to lead the investigation as a personal favor.
S02E06 False Papers 14/12/2007 Inspector Soneri is all ready for reassignment to Rome, when a case comes up he can't walk away from. A high-profile attorney is found dead in his apartment, and there seems to be a connection between the victim and Soneri's ex-girlfriend Angela.

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