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Young Dora is sent to stay with her uncle on his farm in rural England while her parents travel overseas for a year. Seeing as she has a love for horses, her uncle suggests she visit Follyfoot Farm, which is a part of his estate that looks after unwanted and unloved horses. It is only here that Dora feels truly happy, but what will happen when her parents return?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Follyfoot

S01E01 Dora 28/06/1971 Dora comes to stay with her Uncle, the Colonel, who owns Follyfoot farm. While out riding she sees some thugs terrorising the horses of a neighbouring farm. Steve, a young man working on the farm tries to stop them. Two of the horses are injured and must be shot. Despite Dora's testimony, Steve is under suspicion as being one of the thugs.
S01E02 Steve 05/07/1971 Steve is hiding out at Follyfoot. The neighbouring farm is on the lookout for a missing horse. Steve and Dora find the horse and try to rescue it as it is lame and know it will be shot. They are caught with the horse and Steve is blamed. He is fired from his job, but the Colonel steps in and takes him on at Follyfoot.
S01E03 Gypsy 12/07/1971 A gypsy who has just been released from prison comes to collect his horse. Two local farmers capture his horse and threaten to shoot him if he comes onto their land again. Steve steps in to help, but gets caught and locked up by the farmers. Posing as a gypsy he threatens to curse them and they let him and the horse go.
S01E04 Shadow 19/07/1971 Dora agrees to take on a show-jumping horse that needs training. As she makes progress, co-worker Ron takes the horse to run in a local race. He aims to make a lot of money by betting on it, but the horse is not ready and refuses to jump, landing Ron in trouble with the bookmakers - and Dora.
S01E05 One White Foot Charley 26/07/1971 Thug Hammond is riding a lame horse. In disguise, Dora manages to trick her way into his stables and rescues the horse. Meanwhile, an old miner tracks down Follyfoot to visit his 30-year-old horse, Charley.
S01E06 The Charity Horse 02/08/1971 A local rag and bone man has died. The son endeavours to keep the business going but the horse is killed in an accident. His plight is reported in the local newspaper and another horse is bought for the family. It turns out that the horse is unable for the job and they take it to Follyfoot. However as the youngest son, Gip is devastated at losing the horse, the family decide to keep it.
S01E07 Know-All's Nag 09/08/1971 Gip continues to look after their horse but as Steve becomes involved, he is worried that the family don't know how to properly care for it. The older brother wants rid of the horse so Gip runs away with it. Steve finds them and persuades him to give up the horse to Follyfoot where it can be properly looked after.
S01E08 Moonstone 16/08/1971 Local girl Callie is upset at the treatment of one of the horses while at the Circus. Appealing to the Colonel, she tries to get help, but to no avail. Undeterred, she steals the horse and with the help of Steve, hides it away. As the Police investigate, the horse is discovered, but by then the Colonel has agreed to buy the horse from the Circus.
S01E09 Stryker's Good Deed 23/08/1971 Ron takes a horse back to Follyfoot after its owner hs fallen ill. Unknown to them, the boy Gip had agreed to look after it, but the horse runs away. In attempting to catch it, Dora falls off her horse and is injured. The horse returns to the man's house and Gip agrees to take care of it until its owner is well again.
S01E10 Mr She-Knows 30/08/1971 A mysterious old man arrives at Follyfoot and sits silently with one of the horses. Ron taunts the old man into getting him to leave but the Colonel is angered by Ron's behaviour and sacks him. The old man has recently lost his wife and the horse used to be his. To make amends, Ron's father agrees to pay for a stable to be built at the man's house for the horse.
S01E11 The Standstill Horse 22/09/1971 The Night riders are back to their old tricks and upset a horse ridden by a crippled girl. Steve warns them off, but they come back later and kill the horse. Dora trains one of her horses to accommodate the girl as a present. Her father, although angry at the situation, agrees to let her ride again.
S01E12 Birthday at Follyfoot 13/09/1971 Ron and Steve argue over who gets to host Dora's birthday. Unable to come to an agreement, they enter a jousting contest. When neither of them wins, Slugger tells them that he and the Colonel already have a party planned.
S01E13 A Day in the Sun 20/09/1971 In search of his mother, Steve visits his grandmother. While there, he is told of a badly injured horse and he takes it back to Follyfoot. The horse is so ill it has to be shot. Steve leaves Follyfoot to continue searching for his mother, much to Dora's distress. She collapses against the lightning tree and is dragged away sobbing by Slugger.
S02E01 Someone, Somewhere 28/05/1972
S02E02 The Debt 04/06/1972
S02E03 Family of Strangers 11/06/1972
S02E04 A Present for Sandy 18/06/1972
S02E05 The Innocents 25/06/1972
S02E06 The Hundred Pound Horse 02/07/1972
S02E07 Poor Bald Head 09/07/1972
S02E08 The Prize 12/08/1972
S02E09 Treasure Hunt 23/07/1972
S02E10 Debt Of Honour 30/07/1972
S02E11 Out-of-the-Blue-Horse 06/08/1972
S02E12 The Awakening 13/08/1972
S02E13 Fly Away Home 27/08/1972
S03E01 The Distant Voice 23/06/1973
S03E02 The Four Legged Hat 30/06/1973
S03E03 Barney 07/07/1973
S03E04 Miss Him When He's Gone 14/07/1973
S03E05 The Dream 21/07/1973
S03E06 The Challenge 28/07/1973
S03E07 The Letter 04/08/1973
S03E08 The Bridge Builder 11/08/1973
S03E09 Uncle Joe 18/08/1973
S03E10 The Helping Hand 25/08/1973
S03E11 Rain on Friday 01/09/1973
S03E12 Hazel 08/09/1973
S03E13 Walk in the Wood 15/09/1973