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Many mall food courts are similar, filled with choices that include fast food chains, pizza joints and restaurants that serve Asian food. The contestants on ``Food Court Wars'' hope to break up the culinary monotony with ideas for restaurants that have fresh, exciting menus based on local food. Each episode features two teams that have 48 hours to come up with a fresh concept for a food court restaurant, test the concept, find source ingredients, and create a marketing campaign before putting the concept to the test in a one-day competition at a mall food court. The team that outsells the other during the contest earns the grand prize: the chance to open a restaurant -- rent-free for a year -- in the food court. Tyler Florence, who has awarded contestants mobile eateries on ``The Great Food Truck Race,'' moves indoors as host of ``Food Court Wars.''


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Food Court Wars

S01E01 Suck The Shuck vs. Po'Boy Station 07/07/2013
S01E02 Tirado's Empanadas & More vs. The Taco Spot 14/07/2013
S01E03 Casual Joe's vs. The Wrap Trap 21/07/2013
S01E04 Oasis vs. Chip-N-Wich 28/07/2013
S01E05 Slum Dogz Vs. Pimento Jamaican Kitchen 04/08/2013 Siblings Aaron and Kirsten have had each other's backs ever since two-month-old Aaron was adopted from India: Little did they know that Aaron's Indian heritage would elevate an American classic resulting in hot dogs with an Indian flair. Minneapolis native Yoni and Jamaican-born Tomme bonded over their love of all things jerk ... jerk chicken, jerk pork and jerk veggies: These two neighbors are bound and determined to take their killer recipes from their street to Main Street by getting Minnesotans addicted to a Jamaican flavor experience. In this battle of the flavors, who can bring the most heat to the town of Burnsville, Minn., and win their very own food court restaurant?
S01E06 Charleston Gourmet Burger Company Vs. Holy City Pizzeria 11/08/2013 Husband and wife Chevalo and Monique put their family's future on the line when Chevalo quit his job to join Monique in developing their love of burgers into a fulltime business selling their gourmet fare at local farmers' markets. After growing up in the family restaurant business, Topher wants to break out on his own, and with the help of his fiancee, Kacie, the couple hopes to start their lives together as newlyweds by opening their own pizza restaurant. The two teams will be put to the test as they face off against unforeseen obstacles as well as each other. But only one team will see their food court dream turn into reality as they attempt to win over the hungry masses in Charleston, S.C.
S02E01 House of Doggs vs. Matts' Beignets 23/02/2014
S02E03 Brunchaholics vs. Modern Southern Table 09/03/2014
S02E04 The Mayobird vs. Wingzza 16/03/2014 Two groups of friends from Hickory, N.C. compete to win their own food court restaurant; a chicken salad concept versus wings and pizza.
S02E06 Gaufre Gourmet vs. Pressed 30/03/2014 Michael and Charlene have invested their life savings into their waffle-themed food truck, but have yet to see the success they need to grow their business and support their combined family, while best friends and culinary school buddies Robert and Mike believe that their sandwich-based concept would be a natural fit in a mall and could provide them with the culinary success they've been chasing. Only one team will win a spot in a Kelso, Wash., food court.
S02E07 Bistro To Go vs. Southern Traditions 06/04/2014 Friends look to expand their catering / lunch business; father and daughter team's family restaurant.
S02E08 Submarino's vs. Molly's Kitchen 13/04/2014 Friends and co-workers Randy and Brandon are ready to bring Randy's family run submarine sandwich food truck concept to the food court. Close friends Michelle and Lindsey love home cooked comfort foods and after Michelle was forced to close her bakery, she has dreamed of getting back into culinary world. Watch as these two teams bring their dream to the mall in Logan, Utah.
S02E09 International Grille vs. Sensational Slyders 20/04/2014 Brothers Michael and Lem dream of bringing their burgers to the food court, and to the stability the business could bring to both their families. Ayanna and Dee are best friends and former military brats who run catering companies in Memphis. They have a love for international cuisine that they want to share with their customers. Both teams fight it out for a spot in a Jonesboro, Ark., food court.
S02E10 Sabor de San Miguel vs. Ramen Bar 27/04/2014 Brother and sister Juliano and Noris dream of taking their Guatemalan family recipes to a wider market. Best friends Holly and David hope their concept, Ramen Bar, will allow them to follow their dreams of owning a restaurant. Only one team can win a spot in the Newark, Calif., food court.
S02E11 Ophelia's vs. Ms. Ney's Gourmet 04/05/2014 Renee and her daughter Tara are home cooks who hope their upscale salad restaurant will help them start their new lives. Best friends Malcolm and Cordey want their soul food concept to honor the strong women in their lives. The teams battle at the Collin Creek Mall in Plano, Texas, for the chance to win a spot in the Food Court.
S02E12 J's Kitchen vs. Kadook's 11/05/2014 It's Filipino vs. Costa Rican cuisine as two teams battle for the chance to win a food court restaurant in Sierra Vista, Ariz. Friends Joyce and Lisa hope a successful Filipino restaurant will help Joyce bring her family together in the U.S., while husband and wife Ray and Kristine got engaged in Costa Rica and hope to prove to their son the value of following your dreams.
S02E13 Mark's Gourmet Dogs vs. Grand Grillin 18/05/2014 In Lansing, Mich., one food truck will be turning into a food court restaurant. Married couple Mark and Krysta have put every penny they have into their struggling gourmet hot dog cart and strive to provide a more secure life for their son. Co-workers Vicki and Kathy hope for financial stability for their grilled chicken cart: Vicki is eager to give herself a paycheck and Kathy looks to have a larger role in the business.

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