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David Koster is an obsessive New York City assistant district attorney who gets into trouble because of his passion for justice. His boss, Anthony Celese, tries to keep him under control while New York police detective Frank Malloy helps him solve cases. Koster's wife Jessica is a viola player in a string quartet and her own life's priorities come into conflict with David's.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de For the People

S01E01 To Prosecute All Crimes 31/01/1965 Assistant New York District Attorney Cliff Sellers takes his cases to the street to find out the truth.
S01E02 Guilt Shall Not Escape nor Innocence Suffer 14/02/1965 A bum is charged with burglary and assault and battery on a police officer and Koster is sure his case is airtight. The vagrant confesses to the assault but swears he had nothing to do with the theft.
S01E03 The Influence of Fear 21/02/1965 The public is demanding the death penalty for a Puerto Rican boy charged with the murder of an old woman.
S01E04 Act of Violence (2) (begun on The Nurses, 23 Feb 65) 28/02/1965 Koster is seeking a second degree murder conviction for an emotionally disturbed young man who committed murder while arguing with his teacher.
S01E05 Between Candor and Shame 07/03/1965 A bookstore owner files suit against a police officer for defamation and false arrest after he displays a dirty book in his store.
S01E06 The Killing Of One Human Being 14/03/1965 ADA David Koster is puzzled why Louis Cahane, charged with first degree murder, is very confident he'll easily get off.
S01E07 Dangerous to the Public Peace and Safety 21/03/1965 An emotionally disturbed teen-ager is on the run from police who suspect the boy is a serial killer of six young women.
S01E08 Secure Any Special Privilege or Advantage 28/03/1965 Ernie Garatella is an actor by trade and apparently played his part just a little too well. He gets arrested for the impersonation of a police officer.
S01E09 The Right to Kill 04/04/1965 Unfortunately, the evidence does not seem to support a prison guard's claim that he had to kill in self defense.
S01E10 With Intent to Influence 11/04/1965 If evidence of a government official's involvement in a past political scandal is made public, the nomination for state assemblyman will quickly go away.
S01E11 Seized, Confined and Detained 25/04/1965 Bobby Haviland is in great danger, not just from the kidnappers who have seized him, but from the diabetic shock he may go into from the lack of insulin.
S01E12 Any Benevolent Purpose 02/05/1965 The director of a large charity gets a finger pointed at him for embezzlement of donations after a low level hood gets arrested and wants to make a deal.
S01E13 A Competent Witness 09/05/1965 Koster has a witness who can identify the killer of a cop, only the witness is an ex-con and will be ripped apart on the stand because of his background.