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Foreign Correspondent has been Australia's leading international current affairs program since 1992. In 18 years reporters, producers, camera operators and sound recordists have travelled to more than 170 countries and produced more than 1,500 reports. The program draws on the ABC's extensive network of international correspondents and a Sydney-based reporting and production team. Foreign Correspondent is designed to exploit the strengths of television – striking images and multi-track audio, a strong focus on story telling, exotic locations and emotional appeal. Foreign Correspondent reports on major international issues but it also travels to places where reporters and camera operators are less welcome - investigating stories that governments don't want told. Foreign Correspondent stories have won many international and Australian awards for journalistic excellence, camerawork and editing. Every week, except during the summer recess, the program is broadcast throughout Australia on ABC 1. Our stories can also be seen on Broadband. Foreign Correspondent stories are broadcast on the Asia Pacific Focus program on ABC's satellite service, Australia Network. Foreign Correspondent stories are also regularly re-broadcast by more than 20 international networks, including CNN International, Al Jazeera, NHK Japan and TV NZ


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S17E01 Ramadan In Space 00/00/0000 Which way is Mecca in space? Helen Vatsikopoulos ponders this and other imponderables when she meets Malaysia’s “it” man, the hunky former male model Dr Sheik Muszaphar Shukor, who’s become the country’s first astronaut.
S17E02 The World According to Frost 00/00/0000 For 50 years David Frost has shared the world’s stage with the powerful, rich and famous – and this week he shares it with Foreign Correspondent’s Mark Corcoran.
S17E03 Stolen and Sold 00/00/0000 What would you do if you discovered your adopted children were stolen and trafficked, and not willingly given up by their parents, as you’d believed? South Asia correspondent Sally Sara investigates the insidious trade of children in India, and joins an Australian family in their moving search for the truth.
S17E04 What Lies Beneath? 00/00/0000 In Antarctica the race is on for scientific supremacy and to find an ice-scientist’s Holy Grail … a 1,000,000-year-old ice core. It’s thought that’s where the secrets to understanding global warming have been snap frozen. And the best place to look – the vast Australian Antarctic Territory.
S17E05 Young Lions of Lahore 00/00/0000 South Asia correspondent Sally Sara with the cricket tragics of Lahore, as Pakistan is wiped from world cricket's tour map.
S17E06 American Emergency 00/00/0000 Washington correspondent Tracy Bowden uncovers one of the biggest killers in America - the US health system. Lack of insurance is now the third leading cause of death in the US, after cancer and heart disease.
S17E07 Is Aid Killing Africa? 00/00/0000 Dambisa Moyo is a Zambian-born economist who says aid is killing Africa. In her new book, Dead Aid, she argues that official aid is easy money that fosters corruption and distorts economies, creating a culture of dependency and economic laziness.
S17E08 Left To Die 00/00/0000 Cholera is a preventable disease, yet there’s an epidemic raging in Zimbabwe. At least 4,000 are dead, and some 90,000 infected. Filming secretly and posing as tourists, reporter Andrew Geoghegan and producer Mary Ann Jolley uncover the true extent of the crisis.
S17E09 The Big Smoke 00/00/0000 China’s exponential growth took Australia along for the white-knuckled ride. It fuelled our resources boom and had economic optimists forecasting decades of good times. How things change.
S17E10 The Farmer Wants a Country 00/00/0000 He’ll have you believe he’s a quiet goat farmer and a keen horseman who just happens to think he might make an ideal Indonesian President one day. But looks can be deceiving and there’s little doubt Prabowo Subianto’s pursuit of Indonesia’s top job will be ruthlessly efficient and purposeful.
S17E11 Children of Zanskar 00/00/0000 When people in remote villages in Zanskar get sick, chances are they’ll turn to the “Oracle”. The Oracle is a faith healer who goes into a trance so a Tibetan spirit can take over and dispense medical advice. It’s all part of a complex system of folk healing that has spread to this isolated district in north-west India, from neighbouring Tibet.
S17E12 Jacob Zuma 00/00/0000 He's in the fast lane to the top in South Africa but there’s powerful evidence the man following the trail blazed by Mandela has been on the take. Reporter Andrew Fowler investigates whether Jacob Zuma - the man most likely to become the next President of South Africa – took bribes from a French arms company.
S17E13 Trapped in Terror 00/00/0000 They were hiding for their lives, hunted by gunmen who’d brought India’s biggest city to a standstill. In this chilling ‘insider's’ account of a terrorist siege, two Australian business people tell of their remarkable survival trapped inside Mumbai’s Oberoi Hotel, during the attacks last November.
S17E14 The Young Guns 00/00/0000 It’s turned out some fearsome warriors in the past but can America’s prestigious military academy West Point manufacture the brass that will ultimately prevail in what’s now being dubbed ‘Obama’s War’ – Afghanistan?
S17E15 Pirateland 00/00/0000 How and why did a bunch of illiterate, dirt poor Africans transform themselves from simple cray-fishermen into the fearsome, gun-toting gangs mugging giant, sophisticated shipping off the coast of Somalia and gouging multi-million dollar ransoms? Marauding foreign fishing fleets took their lobsters.
S17E16 Cats in the Clouds 00/00/0000 Very few have seen it in the wild but those who have say it’s the most beautiful of the big cats. The Snow Leopard prowls the roof of the world in dwindling numbers. Can it be saved?
S17E17 The Third Amigo 00/00/0000 For more than four decades, tens of thousands of Colombians have been kidnapped or killed in South America’s longest-running civil war. Now Colombia’s hard-line president Alvaro Uribe insists it’s coming to an end. But will this country's most popular president ever, win the right to run for a third term in office? And at what cost to South America's oldest democracy?
S17E18 Detroit: Ain't Too Proud To Beg 00/00/0000 It was big, it was shiny and it was brassy. Few things symbolised the wealth and optimism of a post-war America more than the big car and the Motown sound. And perhaps few things symbolise the decline of American capitalism more than the sight of the country’s biggest car makers going cap in hand to Washington begging for a bail out. General Motors has until June 1 to come up with a survival plan, or face bankruptcy.
S17E19 One Night in Sofia 00/00/0000 Every year thousands of young Australians pack their backpacks, book their EuRail passes and make for Europe, leaving their parents to worry and fret about their wellbeing and their ability to cope with foreign languages and customs. God forbid anything should happen to them.
S17E20 Sumo Confidential 00/00/0000 They're big men with even bigger secrets. The cloistered world of Sumo hides myriad rituals and traditions, bone-jarring training schedules even humiliating and painful punishment. As scandal rocks Japan's venerable sport, Foreign Correspondent opens the door on life inside a Sumo stable.
S17E21 The Bulldozer 00/00/0000 Foreign Correspondent presenter and reporter Mark Corcoran, who has spent a decade observing the dangerous world of South Asian narco-politics, takes us on a journey through Afghanistan's dark political underbelly.
S17E22 A Greek Tragedy 00/00/0000 How did a 15 year old boy, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, shot by a policeman in Athens six months ago become a cause celebre? Why was his name and the manner of his death invoked by students, anarchists and even terrorists as epitomising all that is wrong with the Greek government?
S17E23 Bravo! Encore! 00/00/0000 In a Venezuelan slum a young girl practices on her clarinet and dreams a big musical dream. On a stage in New York City an 80 year old clarinettist takes his final bow to rapturous applause. The two are worlds apart but joined by the profound, elevating forces of music.
S17E24 The Rebellion Network 00/00/0000 It’s raw, it’s instant and it’s rocked authoritarian Iran and riveted world attention. It’s the phenomenal new-media broadcast by Iran’s angry, dissenting young that’s capturing a disturbing, perhaps defining collision of rebellion and repression. Digital dissent vs. bullets and batons - will the new technologies bring change in Iran?
S17E25 Orphans of the Storm 00/00/0000 A perilous year undercover - ducking the authorities and informers and risking decades in jail – has resulted in an unforgettable Foreign Correspondent with a team of Burmese cameraman capturing the plight of a pitiful new cast of Burmese – The Orphans of the Storm.
S17E26 Us and Them 00/00/0000 Kilometres of high concrete walls snake through Belfast in Northern Ireland - graffiti daubed and grim. They divide Catholic neighbourhoods from Protestant. They’re called the Peace Walls. But do they keep the enduring hatred and suspicion locked outside or inside?
S17E27 The Uighur Dilemma 00/00/0000 The Uighurs. Who are they and why is the Chinese government flattening vast tracts of their magnificent cultural capital, Kashgar? Is it for safety or to secure against separatists and potential terrorism?
S17E28 Rocket Island 00/00/0000 It's an idyllic tropical atoll, but amid the coconut groves are billions of dollars of high-tech surveillance equipment. Mark Corcoran reveals a hitherto top-secret, Club Med style nuclear missile test range which "sees" everything that moves across a third of the globe and in deep space.
S17E29 Total Control 00/00/0000 When Venezuela’s socialist firebrand Hugo Chavez lost his best enemy and saw global capitalism teeter you might think he’d be jumping for joy. Not so.
S17E30 Return to the Fatal Sky 00/00/0000 A year ago Foreign Correspondent flew into the scandalously unsafe skies over PNG to examine why the nation’s aviation industry sustains so many fatal accidents and dangerous incidents then struggles to examine those crashes and near misses and fails to apply stricter safety standards.
S17E31 A Brave Face 00/00/0000 They’ve been scarred so deeply they’re shockingly disfigured and yet they’ve refused to bow their heads or withdraw from the world. They’re the remarkable women who’ve survived acid attack and who have overcome their injuries to transform their lives.
S17E32 80 Million a Day 00/00/0000 It’s a staggering national habit and it’s grown into a juggernaut of a killing machine claiming an annual toll eclipsing the Aceh tsunami. Welcome to the warning-free, smoking free-for-all that’s become Big Tobacco’s big new frontier.
S17E33 The Congo Connection 00/00/0000 Are mobile phones the new blood diamond? Is our insatiable appetite for the latest electronic gadgets actually fuelling despair, deprivation and oppression in another part of the world … even threatening the survival of central Africa’s magnificent gorillas?
S17E34 Fly Away Children 00/00/0000 Most African adoptions don’t have a Hollywood ending. A Foreign Correspondent investigation in Ethiopia exposes a booming international adoption trade out of control – mothers duped into surrendering their children and some foreign families unsure if their adopted child was really an orphan after all.
S17E35 Hook, Line and Sunk! 00/00/0000 In Iceland, the financial crisis is called the kreppa and a year after it hit, the whole country is still well and truly in it. Thousands are losing their homes, unemployment is ten times higher and Britain is demanding it pay back billions of dollars lost in Icelandic investments.
S17E36 Berlusconi and the Beautiful 00/00/0000 He’s got money to burn, enormous political and personal power, and well, a problem. Beautiful women. Why can’t Silvio Berlusconi behave himself and why do Italians shrug off his sexual escapades and say so what?
S17E37 Europe or Die Trying 00/00/0000 Paul Kenyon travels three thousand miles along the most dangerous illegal immigration route out of Africa. Many die crossing the Sahara, or at sea on the way to a better future in Europe - but can the survivors convince those who follow, that Europe in recession is no longer worth the risk?
S17E38 California Burning 00/00/0000 In California massive wildfires are met with massive force – but it comes with a multimillion dollar price tag. With fires on the increase around the world, is money and manpower the answer or is there a better way?
S17E39 Without Honour and Humanity 00/00/0000 It’s claimed Japan’s ferocious and feared Yakuza murder, extort and intimidate according to an honour code. But where is the honour in the squalid new enterprise now adding to their billion dollar criminal turnover?
S17E40 Flight AF 447 00/00/0000 What brought down Air France flight 447? The families, friends and fellow workers of the 228 people who perished when the Rio-Paris flight ditched in the Atlantic mid-year are all desperate for answers. But with airlines relying on outmoded technology that may never happen.
S17E41 Winds of Change 00/00/0000 With its giant wind farms and pedal-pushing population, Denmark looks like a model global citizen setting a shining green example for all comers to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Look a little closer though and there are some grubby realities.
S17E42 Thanks for Watching 00/00/0000 Foreign Correspondent’s 2009 spins to a close with an inside look at the stories, characters and issues that moved, provoked and enthralled our audience. It’s a fascinating, behind the scenes edition featuring some things we didn’t show you along with updates, insights and candid reflections from some of the team.
S18E01 Hell or High Water 00/00/0000 If they stay they face intimidation, violence even death. If they go they put their lives and life savings in the hands of people smugglers, run the gauntlet of naval patrols and the perils of the sea itself. They are the Tamils of Sri Lanka and many of them are choosing to take the high water over the hell at home. For some it’s a case of if at first you don’t succeed, try again.
S18E02 The Golden Hour 00/00/0000 It’s a lifetime. Short, urgent and definitive. One hour to save those who can be saved – soldiers, civilians and the enemy critically wounded in the war in Afghanistan. Another defining feature – the surgeons, medics and patients are very young. Welcome to M.A.S.H. 2010 or to update another long-running American TV show – Gen Y Hospital.
S18E03 The Rapunzel Machine 00/00/0000 How does a deeply personal spiritual offering from India’s poor to their Gods suddenly become a super-expensive, must-have style accessory in the haute salons of Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. Fire up the Benz, cue the hip-hop track and set the GPS for a collision course with faith, fashion and truckloads of money.
S18E04 Fly Away Home 00/00/0000 A 7 year old Ethiopian girl is portrayed as destitute and in grave danger. She is in fact 13 and has been well cared for much to the surprise of her adopting family. Then there are the children told they’re just visiting a foreign land who are in fact on a one way ticket. This is the powerful next instalment of Foreign Correspondent’s investigation of international adoption in Ethiopia and the United States that began with 2009’s Fly Away Children.
S18E05 Quicksand 00/00/0000 They imagined a breathtaking future-world, burned billions of dollars to summon it out of the sand and hundreds of thousands of expats and investors stampeded into Dubai for a piece of the action. But when the sands suddenly shifted it wasn’t going to be quite so easy getting out.
S18E06 The Hit Parade 00/00/0000 It’s thought a single, fluffy pillow killed a Hamas operative in Dubai. But it took 27 secret agents with pilfered passports and a bag of disguises to administer it. We investigate the incredible case of overkill and over-exposure that’s astonished even the most hard-boiled of spies.
S18E07 The Whole Enchilada 00/00/0000 The dominant face of the United States has long been white. Soon, when the nation looks in the mirror it will see a tanned, smiling Latin American face looking back. In a relatively short space of time a downtrodden minority will become a majority - restless and assertive.
S18E08 Stem Cells & Miracles 00/00/0000 When it comes to stem cells, mainstream scientists in the UK and America tell us their potential is both exciting and unlimited. But, they hasten to add, treatments for most illnesses are still years away and more research needs to happen. For Wilma Clarke, there is no doubt. Her three-year-old daughter, Dakota, born with a rare condition that left her almost blind and suffering from balance problems, can see things that she could not see before.
S18E09 Pet Monsters 00/00/0000 It’s not Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya or Somalia. But it is - arguably - the most dangerous place in the world to be a journalist. That’s one reason we know so little about a massacre in November 2009 that claimed the lives of more than 30 reporters. Now, Foreign Correspondent investigates.
S18E10 Coming Acropolis 00/00/0000 Beware, Greeks bearing debts! Olympus-sized debts that would give Hercules a double-hernia and that threaten to swamp the nation like some modern day Atlantis. Sink or survive there’s plenty of pain ahead in the land of fakelaki. What?
S18E11 French Dressing 00/00/0000 In fashion conscious France it’s much more than a simple case of what not to wear. It’s a case of what should be illegal to wear. The push is on to outlaw cover-all Islamic dress in public places.
S18E12 Aceh Afterwards 00/00/0000 Before Haiti there was Aceh - a catastrophic natural event claiming tens of thousands of lives, destroying towns and villages and drawing enormous global sympathy and billions in aid. What is life like now for those traumatised survivors in this historically divided place?
S18E13 The Biggest Domino 00/00/0000 Is the Chinese economy a bubble that’s about to burst, taking Australia down with it? Stephen McDonell looks for answers all over this vast country ... from young Beijing rock stars to the owners of the tallest building in China, and the lonely residents of a brand new ghost town in Inner Mongolia.
S18E14 World, Interrupted 00/00/0000 Few in the world had heard of it and very few could get close to pronouncing its rolling, rambling tongue-twister of a name. And yet - suddenly and spectacularly – a volcano called Eyjafjallajokull impacted millions of lives and blew away billions of dollars. But did the greatest aviation grounding since WW2 really have to happen?
S18E15 Gut Instinct 00/00/0000 Not so long ago it was thought worry and stress triggered the chronic pain of stomach ulcers. So how would yesterday’s doctors have reacted to scores of peaceful, meditating Tibetan monks rolling up to the surgery complaining of crippling pain. Thankfully, new medical science has sorted it all out. Oh and a dedicated team of Australian helpers.
S18E16 The Catch 00/00/0000 They say they wanted to blow the lid on Japan’s super-sensitive whaling program. They were sure they’d found the red-hot evidence. But when they took their find to the authorities they were arrested and charged with crimes that could put them away for 10 years. What was in the box?
S18E17 High Finance 00/00/0000 It’s perched on a perilous fault-line but California can’t blame the San Andreas for this big black bottomless pit. It’s a frightening financial hole engulfing the most populous state in the USA and there seems no way to fill it. Time to think outside the square. Or, just out of it.
S18E18 Truth or Dare 00/00/0000 So, you’re in a highly sensitive job working on a top secret project but something’s not right. In fact you think it’s very, very wrong. Go public and you risk your job, perhaps jail – maybe even your life. Stay silent and many other lives may be endangered or life-savings imperilled and malignant corruption festers. What do you do? Hurry – time is ticking!
S18E19 In Deep Water 00/00/0000 Suddenly, explosively, the world began to bleed and a devastating stain began to spread. Why did it happen and where will it end? This is the story of cheap mistakes and an almighty mess told by the men who escaped with their lives and people of the gulf coast who’ve lost their livelihoods.
S18E20 Standing on the Sky 00/00/0000 Both legs blown away by a mine, he sat on a chair outside his family's house and watched the world go by. This was his hopeless lot for five long, bleak years until a life-altering chain of events. He now walks tall, is second-in-charge of the clinic that helped him and feels like he is standing on the sky. Out of strife, a story to ignite the human spirit.
S18E21 Bend It Like Jong 00/00/0000 He’s a Hummer-driving bachelor with a soft-spot for saccharine R&B love songs, living the high life in Tokyo. And yet there he was on the World Cup centre-stage bawling his eyes out for his beloved North Korea and its so-called Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il. Where on earth does Jong Tae Se come from? Well, prepare to enter the detached and – for some – deluded world of the Zainichi.
S18E22 In the Chocolate City 00/00/0000 Prepare to enter the real Washington DC and prepare to have your illusions shattered. It’s where the powerless live. Neglected, poor, black and waiting impatiently for Obama’s promise. But they’ve got one thing that raises the roof, shakes the foundations and makes them forget about being forgotten. It’s called Go Go.
S18E23 The Electric Range 00/00/0000 The world’s car manufacturers are shifting gear and heading for greener pastures. They're designing, building and selling more and more hybrids and electric vehicles and that means they need more and more of a very precious metal for their batteries. But where's The Big Celldorado? A remote, beautiful and vast salt pan high in the Bolivian Andes. Problems? You bet!
S18E24 Frank, Uncensored 00/00/0000 Who does Frank Bainimarama think he is? Well, the Fijian ruler will tell you he's the difference between order and political mayhem. Don't get him wrong - he's all for democracy as long as it fits his military's model. And don't call him a dictator! He's simply a well intentioned leader who's abolished the constitution, rules by decree and decides what news is fit to publish. The strongman's opened his doors to Foreign Correspondent and we're walking in.
S18E25 Children of the Dust 00/00/0000 They’re the daughters of the rubble, the sons of the dust. They’re the little children who somehow survived the devastating cataclysm that shattered and crushed one of the world’s poorest countries – Haiti. Some were already orphans, many more would be made so by the earthquake. The epic quake brought an unimaginable toll and while the outside world tried to help, what could possibly be done for the smallest and most vulnerable?
S18E26 Terror-Go-Round 00/00/0000 Is it possible to defuse a terrorist? Can a violent extremist be disarmed, mellowed and transformed into an upright citizen who values human life and religious diversity? These are some of the profound and perplexing questions confronting authorities in Indonesia as they face rampant recidivism among terrorists. Jihadis do their time only to head out of their prison cell and back into a terrorist cell.
S18E27 The Curse of Katyn 00/00/0000 It’s a place that sends a shiver down a nation’s spine, chills its soul and has a people in absolutely no doubt that history does repeat and that lightning indeed strikes twice, in one place. A place called Katyn. It was in this starkly striking forest that 22,000 of Poland’s leading lights were brutally snuffed out. Close by, 70 years later a plane carrying Poland’s contemporary leadership slammed into the ground. Old suspicions, entrenched animosity and of course conspiracy theories rise up in the smoke.
S18E28 Collision Course 00/00/0000 The world demands answers and here they are, in the most revealing examination to date of the deadly mid-year melee on the Mediterranean. Come aboard the Mavi Marmara as it sails toward Gaza and meet the leaders of the flotilla aiming to bust Israel’s blockade of the Palestinian strip. Come inside Israel’s top secret naval commando units, hear first person accounts from both sides and witness what really unfolded that fateful, bloody night at sea.
S18E29 The Swingers 00/00/0000 The world demands answers and here they are, in the most revealing examination to date of the deadly mid-year melee on the Mediterranean. Come aboard the Mavi Marmara as it sails toward Gaza and meet the leaders of the flotilla aiming to bust Israel’s blockade of the Palestinian strip. Come inside Israel’s top secret naval commando units, hear first person accounts from both sides and witness what really unfolded that fateful, bloody night at sea.
S18E30 Heroes, Frauds & Imposters 00/00/0000 They’ve fooled their families and friends, duped hard-bitten veteran soldiers and somehow managed to grow and prosper under the radar of America’s sophisticated military machine. They are the legion of liars and cheats who have fabricated service in the frontlines of war – particularly Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a despicable phenomenon called Stolen Valour. It’s boomed since 9/11 and it’s infuriating those who really have put their lives on the line and appalling those who’ve lost loved ones in battle.
S18E31 Captain Dragan 00/00/0000 Golf instructor. Sailing adventurer. Eagles fan. War Criminal? In Australia he went by the name of Daniel Snedden. In Serbia he’s known simply as Captain Dragan and he’s feted as a war hero. In neighbouring Croatia he’s despised and accused of heinous crimes. As Dragan Vasiljkovic fights his extradition from Australia down to the wire, Foreign Correspondent examines the case for and against, through the accounts of his accusers and the vehement denials of his supporters.
S18E32 The Amazon of Asia 00/00/0000 They can almost hear the crackle and boom of economic development to the north and south and now little Laos wants a piece of the action. The ramshackle communist backwater doesn’t have much – but it does have a good stretch of the mighty Mekong River and so Laos is planning to build dozens of dams and sell hydro-electricity to a hungry neighbourhood. Can the river they call Mother cope?
S18E33 What Happened Next 00/00/0000 He was a Lost Boy with an incredible story, if only someone could help him tell it to the world. And then as Sudan survivor Valentino Deng found himself in a new and very foreign land he also happened to find acclaimed author Dave Eggers. The result was a searing and moving book that became a publishing sensation and catapulted Deng into the celebrity spotlight. But after ‘What Is The What’, what happened next?
S18E34 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 00/00/0000 This time America’s hunters aren’t prepared to be very, very quiet. There’s an ornery critter roaming the wilds of the west that they say is devouring native animals and farm stock and they warn it’s only a matter of time before a human is attacked and killed. So they’re cussin’ and hollerin’ for the right to hunt down the predator but conservationists and the law won’t let ‘em. For now, the big wild wolf is protected. So, will they take the law into their own hands?
S18E35 China - Dirty Secrets 00/00/0000 These are just a small grab-bag of scenes from a nation stunning the world with the scale and speed of its economic development and trying very hard to keep a lid on the grubby consequences. They’re scenes China’s authorities are not keen for you to see.
S21E01 The Ka-Ching! Dynasty 00/00/0000 In China they’re setting blistering speed records. From the go-fast, rich kids quickly amassing stables of super-cars to the developers building sky-scraping hotels – start to finish – in just 14 days. One local rich list estimates China has almost a million millionaires, 600 billionaires and the numbers keep growing at a staggering rate. Private jets are flying out of showroom hangers at mach 1. The economic transformation of China has been electrifying, but with Europe teetering and the U.S. plodding can the biggest tiger of all keep on roaring? The super-rich you’ll meet in our 2012 return certainly think so.
S21E02 A Bavarian Fairy Tale 00/00/0000 If Europe’s going down the gurgler why are the good burghers of Bavaria singing, dancing, laughing and toasting their good fortune over a litre of beer or six? Well, they have a secret. They even have a word for it that only Germans really understand. It’s called Mittelstand and it's made many of the businesses in this uber enterprising part of the world solid, successful, optimistic and fearlessly forging into the future. Germans have another word for how that makes them feel about the many of their basket-case neighbours in Europe: Schadenfreude – a kind of delicious pleasure at the misfortune of others. If only they didn’t have to prop them up.
S21E03 Girlpower! 00/00/0000 They’re two women from utterly different worlds so what do a seasoned Australian television producer and a 19 year old student from Kabul, Afghanistan have in common. It’s a shared hope for the ascendency of female rights, aspiration and opportunity in one of the most dangerous and oppressive places on earth. The outsider is shaping some of the country’s TV drama, tackling confronting issues that challenge the orthodoxy. The teenager is boldly fighting violence in the street and at home. It’s a massive battle against an age old order but don’t discount her – Noorjahan Akbar isn’t about to take a backward step.
S21E04 Meet the Frackers 00/00/0000 There’s a new resident moving into America’s cities and suburbs, peeking over backyard fences and casting a shadow over shopping malls. Some folks are being right neighbourly and are welcoming the new arrival. But many more are fretting about how the stranger might dramatically impact their safe and peaceful suburban lives. It’s setting neighbour against neighbour and dividing communities. Honey, meet the Frackers.
S21E05 The Almighty's Dollar 00/00/0000 If life’s two certainties are death and taxes then who blinks first in a face-off between God and The Taxman? Italians are buckling up for very bumpy, very bleak ride into economic gloom and doomdom but many are asking if everyone’s paying their way - particularly the very wealthy. The Catholic Church for instance. As a get-tough Government doles out some harsh medicine, it has at least signalled the Church may need to toss a lot more into the collection plate. But will it come to pass?
S21E06 Building the Perfect Bug 00/00/0000 Bird flu is already aggressively lethal so why did laboratory researchers engineer a super strain that can be contracted far more easily, just like normal flu? It’s a question that has provoked raging arguments within the scientific community and provoked an extraordinary reaction from security agencies worried about the prospect of bio-terrorism. At the moment there’s a tense truce between the camps but inevitably the research projects will publish their work. Some experts also believe it’s only a matter of time before the bug itself leaves the lab and goes to work on a very unprepared world.
S21E07 The Road to Mandalay 00/00/0000 Have visa, will travel. Sounds simple, but until now, it just wasn’t that easy for journalists to visit one of Asia’s most fascinating and under-reported countries. Now Burma has lifted the curtain and the ABC’s South East Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel and her crew have been able to travel widely and openly there for the first time, talking to ordinary Burmese and showing the rest of us what this beautiful place looks like. It’s still early days for the reform process and no-one really understands why the changes are happening, but one thing seems clear – Burma will be the next hot spot on the tourist trail.
S21E13 That Was Then This Is Now 00/00/0000 Foreign Correspondent was born in 1992 in a rusting tin shed at the ABC television studios at Gore Hill on Sydney’s North Shore. Glamorous, sophisticated, cutting edge – it wasn’t. At least the program aspired to all those things and it succeeded brilliantly, delivering memorable insights into international events and issues through the eyes of people who were directly involved. It looked wonderful. Great storytelling, beautiful cinematography and fine editing became trademarks of the show. Surviving 20 years in the cut-throat business of television is an outstanding achievement. The job of creating Foreign Correspondent was entrusted to Jonathan Holmes, these days best known to ABC audiences as the smiling assassin of journalistic frauds and failures on Media Watch. Back then he was a Four Corners veteran. Holmes recalls, ”I’d been asked to come up with an hour program about foreign affairs using the ABC’s bureaux and that was really the only brief that I had. So we came up with a format. The other decision we had to make was to find someone who could present the program, who would really put it on the map. I think that George Negus was my idea, I’m pretty sure it was. And we we’re thrilled when he when he accepted.”
S21E14 Wired Korea 00/00/0000
S21E20 Rise of The machines 00/00/0000
S21E21 Tick tick boom 00/00/0000
S21E23 Bosnia Revisited 00/00/0000 Q&A host Tony Jones looks back on his time as a Foreign Correspondent reporting on the Bosnian-Serb conflict in Sarajevo and across the former Yugoslavia.
S21E24 Goin Up Around the Bend Truth Votes and the American Way 00/00/0000
S21E26 Northern Ireland The Disappeared 00/00/0000
S255E00 00/00/0000
S255E01 The New Italian Job 08/01/2018 The old is new. Ditching conventional careers, a generation of hip young Italians is rediscovering the grand tradition of “Made in Italy”. Hamish Macdonald takes an exhilarating road trip to meet them.
S255E02 Redneck Revolt 15/01/2018 A year into Donald Trump's presidency resurgent white supremacists are preaching hate. Now left-wing activists are hitting back with their own shock tactics. Stephanie March goes inside a controversial radical group.
S255E03 The Baby Trade 22/01/2018 A cruel trade is tearing baby orangutans from their jungle homes to be sold abroad. Samantha Hawley gets a smuggler's story - and meets the warriors risking their lives to save the great apes from extinction.
S255E04 On Top of the World 29/01/2018 Is the world going mad when Greenlanders fight drought & brushfires & catch warm water fish? A decade after seeing a farming boom in Greenland, Eric Campbell returns to see how locals face climate change.
S255E05 USA - Resist! 11/04/2017 It’s famed as the city of peace and love, but San Francisco is digging in for a fight over President Trump’s order to expel millions of undocumented migrants.
S255E06 Spain - Saving the Big Blue 18/04/2017 A band of inspired young Australians are deploying a new weapon against a global scourge – the great gobs of plastic polluting our oceans. Europe Correspondent Lisa Millar tells how they’re doing it.
S255E07 Poland/Czech Republic - The Real Great Escape 25/04/2017 The true story behind the legendary movie The Great Escape – and the overlooked role of Australians in breaking out of the “escape proof” German POW camp.
S255E08 Mongolia - The Last Eagle Hunters 02/05/2017 A spectacular journey into the wilds of Mongolia in search of an ancient, imperilled tradition – the Kazakh golden eagle hunters.
S255E09 Australia - The Home Show 09/05/2017 How do we make housing more affordable? What are other countries trying – and what bright ideas might we pinch from them?
S255E10 Australia - A Man of the World 16/05/2017 To many Australians he was the honeyed voice behind the ABC Radio PM microphone, the agent of reason in a fevered Twittersphere. But Mark Colvin also carved out a singular career as a foreign correspondent roaming the world’s power centres and trouble spots.
S255E11 UK - Hunting the KGB Killers 23/05/2017 For the first time, British investigators tell the inside story of the bizarre murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. In a tale that's stranger than fiction, a teapot is the murder weapon. (Part 1 of 2)
S255E12 UK - Taking on the Kremlin 30/05/2017 British investigators continue to tell the inside story of the bizarre murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. In a tale that's stranger than fiction, a teapot is the murder weapon. (Part 2 of 2)
S255E13 UK - Saving Wales 06/06/2017 Labour is praying for one of history's great comebacks in the UK Election. But something once unthinkable may be happening in tough, working class Wales. Could the Welsh be turning Tory?
S255E14 Indonesia - Life in Kerokoban 13/06/2017 Foreign Correspondent exclusive: unprecedented access inside Bali’s notorious Kerobokan jail - a riveting slice of life inside one our region’s notorious prisons.
S255E15 USA - Space Invaders 20/06/2017 A new space race is on, as tech companies rush to launch thousands of tiny satellites that will tell us more about what’s happening on our planet than ever before. But will the information be used for good, or for harm?
S255E16 USA - Honouring Noah 28/06/2016 It’s the question posed after Orlando and every other massacre: Will America ever regulate guns? Lisa Millar revisits a mother who lost her little boy to a mass shooter and who – remarkably – sees positive signs of change.
S255E17 Estonia - We're Going on a Bear Hunt 04/07/2017 Tiny Estonia is digging in against potential attacks from its giant neighbour Russia. And it's employing defences far more creative than guns and boots on the ground. Eric Campbell reports.
S255E18 Kenya - Not Everybody Wants a Goat 11/07/2017 Matt Brown reports on a radical cash experiment that challenges some deep-rooted notions of charity – and may hold the seeds of a revolution in social welfare.
S255E19 Jamaica - One Love 18/07/2017 Jamaica’s rich music heritage got hijacked by a vicious and violent brand of homophobia. But along came a new generation of artists who, with a little help from the Internet, are wresting it back.
S255E20 England - Manchester United 25/07/2017 Terror at a pop concert. Children die. Sirens, grief, fury. How does a city recover? Hamish Macdonald deep dives into Manchester's Muslim community to find hard & revealing conversations going on.
S255E21 The Philippines - Escape from Marawi 01/08/2017 Thousands of people have been caught up in a brutal new ISIS battleground on Australia's doorstep. One of them was ABC correspondent Adam Harvey, who took a bullet to the neck. This is his story, and theirs.
S255E22 USA - The Dome 27/11/2017 Climate change meets nuclear legacy as Mark Willacy examines the aftermath of the US nuclear tests in the Pacific in the 1940s and 50s.
S255E23 Russia - Happy Birthday Mr. President 04/12/2017 Vladimir Putin crushes opponents, but a growing army of young Russians is fighting back. Their gift to the strongman on his 65th birthday? A show of defiance and a demand to quit.
S255E24 Iraq - Machine Man 11/12/2017 He fled Saddam Hussein's brutality to become detainee #982 in an Australian refugee camp. Now Munjed al-Muderis is a world-leading surgeon giving amputees a second chance at life. Sophie McNeill tells his inspiring story.
S255E25 UK - Last Whites of the East End 30/08/2016 For the first time ever, white Britons are a minority in London. This film delves into the lives of the dwindling cockney tribe of the East End as they struggle with immigration, “white flight” and loss of identity.
S255E26 China - Generation Left Behind 06/09/2016 More than 60 million Chinese children are growing up without their parents, paying the price of their country’s dash to prosperity. Matthew Carney reports on the generation left behind.
S255E27 PNG - Family Matters 13/09/2016 When award-winning Australian filmmaker Bob Connolly reunites with the characters of his acclaimed PNG Highlands trilogy, he is shocked at how their fortunes have changed.
S255E28 Scotland - Wild Things 20/09/2016 Wolves and bison roaming Germany... the lynx returning to the U.K. As Barbara Miller reports, endangered animals are being reintroduced to wild places as part of a radical and controversial idea called “re-wilding”.
S255E29 Indonesia: Cry of the Tiger 19/11/2013 It’s a question that should have a straightforward answer. Are critically endangered Sumatran Tigers safer in poacher-infested jungles that are being razed for agriculture and consumed by development or are they safer in the care of an Indonesian zoo? If that zoo is Java’s Surabaya Zoo then it’s a very close call. The zoo was once something of a wildlife wonderland, now it’s more of a house of horrors. And the plight of the resident Sumatran Tigers in particular raises pressing questions about whether or not Indonesia cares deeply enough for its threatened indigenous creatures, inside zoos and in the wild.
S255E30 Turkey - The Bridge 04/10/2016 Who’ll be next? Fear grips Turkey after a failed coup and a sweeping purge set the country on a dangerous and unpredictable path. Sally Sara investigates.
S255E31 USA - President Trump 20/11/2016 We got to know him as a showman, a wheeler-dealer and one-time rank outsider who shocked and appalled Washington’s establishment. Now he’s set to lead the free world. So who is President Trump?
S255E32 The Amazon Of Asia 00/00/0000
S255E33 What.Happened.Next 00/00/0000 It was unimaginable. A horrifying onslaught of deadly violence, bloody mayhem and then an exodus of children. Many of them infants. “We left as the sun reddened and dropped and we directed ourselves to the desert. We had been told by the villagers that we were close to Ethiopia, that all that was left was to cross the desert, that in a week’s time we would find the end of Sudan.The dying began on the fifth day.” ‘WHAT IS THE WHAT’ Thousands of children walking across a desert for well over a thousand kilometres. Many wouldn’t survive. Those who did became known as The Lost Boys. Valentino Deng was one of them and how he survived the dangers of the trek - human and wild – and the physical and psychological scars and bruises of his ordeal is nothing short of miraculous.
S255E35 Dirty Secrets 00/00/0000
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S00E01 Trevor Bormann on "Prisoner X" 00/00/0000 Reporter Trevor Bormann discusses the lead and the investigation that brought Foreign Correspondent's explosive "Prisoner X - The Australian Connection" and its follow-up "Prisoner X - The Secret", two stories that blew the lid on one of Israel's most closely guarded secrets and revealed the identity of a nameless, high security prison inmate, what he did and why Israel was so intent on keeping it all top secret.
S00E02 Zoe Daniel on "India on Trial" 00/00/0000 It was a crime that rocked India and shocked the world - the rape, torture and murder of a 23 yo Indian woman on a bus trip home from the movies. A year on South East Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel reflects on the assignment behind Foreign Correspondent's 'India On Trial'.
S00E03 Matt Brown on "Ibrahim's War" 00/00/0000 Middle East Correspondent Matt Brown discusses 'Ibrahims War' his report for Foreign Correspondent that took him and cameraman Mat Marsic into Aleppo, Syria and the daily ordeals endured by young Ibrahim and his family, trying to survive Syria's brutal civil war. 'Ibrahim's War' was nominated in two categories in the 2013 Walkley Awards for Journalistic excellence, including best camerawork.
S00E04 Eric Campbell on "The Road to Timbuktu" 00/00/0000 During 2013 the ultimate far away place - Timbuktu - was drawn dramatically into world focus as Islamic militants laid siege to northern Mali and aimed to take control of the rest of this magical, mystical and very musical place. Here, correspondent Eric Campbell discusses the long, arduous but often stunning road trip through Mali that became Foreign Correspondent's two-part program "The Road to Timbuktu".
S00E05 Lisa Millar on "Inside the NRA" 00/00/0000 A year on from the mass murder of school children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary school, North America Correspondent Lisa Millar reflects on the making of Foreign Correspondent's "Inside The NRA" which focused on the shooting, the awful loss suffered by parents like Veronique Pozner, mother of 6yo Noah and the failed efforts to reform gun laws.
S00E06 USA - When Attenborough Met Obama 30/06/2015 In this unique encounter the world’s most powerful man, US President Barack Obama, interviews the world’s most acclaimed naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, about the world’s most critical environmental issues: climate change, energy and population growth.
S00E07 People Without Papers: Calais 21/11/2017 Children as young as 12 must survive alone in the streets and woods of Calais while desperately trying to jump on trucks bound for Britain.
S00E08 People Without Papers: Dunkirk 21/11/2017 After riot police clear an unofficial refugee camp, a young Kurdish family intent on making it to Britain returns to the woods. With no food or shelter, they have to work out how to get through the night.
S00E09 People Without Papers: Paris 21/11/2017 Deborah Hyde left her job as an economic analyst in London to help refugees in Paris. When she befriends a young Afghan man who is seeking asylum, she realises the emotional toll the situation is having on her.