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Fortune Dane is a former football player turned detective in a city called Twin Rivers. As a child, Dane was adopted by a millionaire, now he unravels special cases for the Bay City police department.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fortune Dane

S01E01 Fortune Dane - Moving Parts 15/02/1986 Carl Weathers ("Rocky", "Action Jackson") stars as FORTUNE DANE, a former pro football player turned police officer. He is about to face the most vicious challenge of his life in this action packed adventure. When a hitman viciously kills nine people, including his personal friend in a cold-blooded attack. FORTUNE DANE demands justice. As he pieces together the facts surrounding the slaughter, he gets too close to the truth. Someone important wants him stopped. Hired killers stalk him, blackmailers plant drugs to threaten him, and his Captain pulls him off the case. The unthinkable happens when the evidence condemns the last person Dane would ever suspect. He turns in his badge and takes matters into his own hands - fighting for his goal, his code, and his life! When the going gets tough, the tough turn to FORTUNE DANE.
S01E02 Bay City 22/02/1986 Fortune Dane's success in tracking down a murderer who claimed the lives of 10 people results in a job offer from the Bay City Mayor Harding [Penny Fuller].
S01E03 The Tape 01/03/1986 Dane uncovers a dangerous link between a narcotics ring and the Bay City police department.
S01E04 Sanctuary 08/03/1986 A South American revolutionary seeks asylum in Bay City after his sister is murdered, and now the killers have kidnapped his daughter.
S01E05 Airport 15/03/1986 The FBI holds airport-theft investigator Fortune responsible when millions of dollars being transferred to a foreign bank disappear.
S01E06 Jailhouse Blues 22/03/1986 Fortune Dane saves Perfect Tommy's life when an inmate stabs him as well as the witness they are in jail to protect.

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