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Who doesn't love the single life? Being able to hook up with whomever you please and making no apologies for it. And if you're looking to celebrate the joys of being "unattached", there's no better series than Foursome! You know the formula, right? Two guys, two girls, and a sprawling mansion "slumber party".


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Foursome

S01E01 Je suis trop sexy 25/01/2006 Quatre célibataires sexy se réunissent pendant 24 heures et voir ce qu'ils peuvent sortir avec . peinture du corps , le temps de la piscine nue et une affaire illicite sont le résultat .
S01E02 À Rome 23/03/2006 Deux gars et deux filles dans une maison pendant 24 heures équivaut à une expérience sexy. Regardez-les comme ils douche ensemble , jouer à des jeux ensemble et se rencontrent.
S01E03 Le nerd a la fille? 03/04/2006 Quand un gars nerd pénètre dans le manoir du quatuor , qui sait ce qui se passera ? Tout ce que nous savons est qu'il y aura beaucoup de sexe et de la peau .
S01E04 Ne perd jamais ton wingman 31/03/2006 Foursome célibataires sur le lâche ! Andy va en dessous de la ceinture pour un avant-goût de Melissa , mais peut-il sceller vraiment l'affaire?
S01E05 Hey Judah, n'empire pas les choses 23/03/2006 Tara va le voir venir de derrière ? Moins vin -ing donne le sexe psychique en vue de pénétrer dans Desiree et Brian . Y at-il la nudité dans leur avenir ?
S01E06 Tout ce que tu peux rencontrer 24/04/2006 Fratboy Oscar regardant à l'as shop ' bois ' avec Heather . Ensuite, Paul essaie de «montée » à l'occasion avec impatience Marie . T-elle passer ses examens oraux ?
S01E07 Une ligue bien à elles 23/03/2006 Est-ce que frigide Ashley réchauffer au Luau érotique ? Et peut tennis pro Austin se Mindy à claquer quelques balles autour ?
S01E08 Petit Bikini de latex 20/04/2006 Deux filles chaudes Foursome sont les toiles sinueuses pour un latex paint- a-thon . Lequel va se balancer sur la barre de singe de Levi ? Et sera Babe brésilienne Lucia souffler le ballon de clown garçon Traford ?
S01E09 Red Hand Over Blue Tushy 30/04/2006 Les jeux nus en cours dans cette maison de Foursome sont sur ??le point d' obtenir de plus tordu! Will Nerdy Jake obtenir sweet spot d'un goût Collette ? Et sera fou Jamie être trop saccagé au rock Todd ?
S01E10 Miaow, miaowm petit minou 30/04/2006 2 filles chaudes et 2 gars chanceux font un parfait combo Foursome sexuelle . Est-ce que Kina donner Jarrod son 1er goût de l'érotisme asiatique? Et attendez de voir les leçons que nous enseignent dans quatre classes de jeu !
S02E01 Odd Man Out 25/02/2008 In this episode, the foursingles drink, mingle, go to a bondage party and one couple gets lucky.
S02E02 The Player & The Pro 28/02/2008 These sexy new friends drink their fill of wine and play with toys, and each other.
S02E03 Taming The Aussie 03/03/2008 This time around the singles get to know each other by eating finger food off of body parts and making some erotic body art.
S02E04 Failure To Launch 06/03/2008 It's sushi time and the platters are sexy singles. Who's gonna hook up when they all learn to pole dance?
S02E05 Ladies' Night 10/03/2008 Voyeurism is what these singles are taught and then they get to put on a show, or watch!
S02E06 Swimming 4 Gold 13/03/2008 The sexy singles answer personal questions, learn about tantric sex and hook up like crazy!
S02E07 All Fired Up 17/03/2008 It's heaven and hell for these sexy singles who must tempt fate and each other for a piece of sweet ass.
S02E08 Winner Take All 19/03/2008 When the naughty teacher teaches class and then it's off to body painting, you know you're in for one hot time.
S02E09 I'm 2 Sexy 4 U 21/03/2008 In this episode the singles dicover bondage and have a little bath time with each other.
S02E10 Jock Rockers 24/03/2008 This time around the singles use chocolate to find each others pleasure spots and then keep going and going.
S02E11 The Great Sexscape 26/03/2008 This episode explores the idea of fantasy and a sex genie is in control. Who will hook up and who will chicken out.
S02E12 Blonde Hips & Skinny Dips 28/03/2008 The house becomes a party and the singles are figuring out who is getting on who.
S03E01 Las Vegas (1) 07/02/2010 Four sexy singles are let loose in Las Vegas. Adventurous cupcake tasting; sexy bubble baths; sensual lap dances in Las Vegas.
S03E02 Las Vegas (2) 01/01/2010 Sex games, rubdowns and rides on a mechanical bull with two studs, a dominatrix and a horny lush.
S03E03 Las Vegas (3) 20/09/2009 Things get wild in Las Vegas as Kelly gets excited easily, cowboy Tom goes for the jackpot and a Latin lover and a jacuzzi help to loosen up shy Janelle.
S03E04 Las Vegas (4) 07/11/2009 Mia takes charge during a group shower, and the couples play with some amateur sex cameras.
S03E05 San Francisco (1) 17/10/2009 Singles visit San Francisco, where they play sex charades, strip for a naked boat bash and even get into a catfight.
S03E06 San Francisco (2) 03/01/2010 The singles visit, slam cocktails and nibble on chocolate during a night of naughty fun.
S03E07 San Francisco (3) 13/12/2009 Nicole and Sage ditch the San Francisco nightlife in favor of having some fun in the bedroom.
S03E08 San Francisco (4) 13/09/2009 A rocker and a stuntman bunk with a pair of gorgeous coeds, which leads to nude body painting, sex machines, a fetish dungeon and much more.
S03E09 Miami (1) 03/10/2009 Two randy couples in Miami play naked "I Never" and steam up the sex cams during a visit to the coed spa.
S03E10 Miami (2) 24/01/2010 Horny bisexuals Autumn and Jessica give the Miami guys a run for their money with sexy fruit games and massive sex toys.
S03E11 Miami (3) 21/11/2009 The Miami house gets wild with the introduction of a sex-toy piñata, a game of strip limbo, coed showers and a naked photo shoot.
S03E12 Miami (4) 21/02/2010 Derek and Brannon attempt to bed a pair of sexy twins; a topless yacht trip means fun in the sun.
S04E01 Reality Gone Wild 18/09/2010 Four sexy singles shack up together in a mansion for a whole day and night and see what naughty things happen. The heat gets turned on when the gang goes swimming, take sexy dance lessons and learn about fetish toys.
S04E02 Asian Domination 25/09/2010 Four lucky people get thrown together for a day and night of anything goes. Watch as the group plays games, learns the art of pleasing a man and dabbles in rope bondage.
S04E03 Reality Stars Rock 02/10/2010 Four hot young people spend a day and night together in a beautiful mansion full of lust and desire. See the action unfold as they learn sexy yoga and then get schooled in Tantra.
S04E04 Let It Hang Out 10/10/2010 The heat is on when four sexy young people shack up in a Mansion for the night. In this episode we watch the gang put on a bondage tea party and then end up playing with all the toys in the bedroom.
S04E05 Maid to Order Around 17/10/2010 The heat is on when four sexy young people shack up in a Mansion for the night. In this episode we watch the gang put on a bondage tea party and then end up playing with all the toys in the bedroom.
S04E06 All-Star Edition 24/10/2010 It’s a sexy situation when four hot singles spend a day and night together in a mansion. The crew learn all about intimate phone sex and bondage toys before trying it all out on each other.
S04E07 Lights, Camera, Distraction 31/10/2010 4 sexy singles act out their sexual fantasies for each other. They go to an art studio and nude posing leads to more sexual encounters
S04E08 Fish Out of Water 06/11/2010 When four randy young people are thrown together for a day and night in a beautiful mansion, anything goes.
S04E09 Falling in Love 13/11/2010 When four randy young people are thrown together for a day and night in a beautiful mansion, anything goes. Watch as the gang recreates a cockpit with sexy twists and then pour chocolate all over each other and lick it off.
S04E10 Nice Girls Finish First 20/11/2010 Four hot young people spend a day and night together in a beautiful mansion full of lust and desire. The four sexy singles take a party bus around New York City and then head to the house for some fun with toys.
S04E11 The Replacement 27/11/2010 The heat gets turned up after these sexy singles meet. The games get so hot that one contestant leaves. But not to worry, we are back to foursome in no time.
S04E12 Boys vs. Toys 04/12/2010 Sex is the name of the game as four singles are locked up together in a mansion for a day and night and they have all the toys and tools for a fun and adventurous night!
S05E01 Handle My Scandal 16/06/2012 Foursome's got new singles ready to do more than mingle! Season 5 is kicking off with body painting, surprise guests and an all-new Boom Boom Room! Guess who's sexing up 2 roomies at once?
S05E02 Candy Chains 23/06/2012 Everyone’s getting flirty in this episode! Things start off hot with a naked candy exercise, but the fetish dungeon field trip may do more harm than good. Will the fellas be able to handle full-blown domination? And how bi-curious are our the ladies?
S05E03 Blame It on Reno 30/06/2012 4 new sexy singles hit up the Foursome mansion for some erotic games and chance encounters.
S05E04 One Hit Wonders 07/07/2012 Glory holes, glow-in-the-dark body paint...We've got some fun Foursome activities in store. These singles are getting busy quick! But what'll they do with each other after the climax?
S05E05 Ka-Boom Boom Room 14/07/2012 Nothing's off limits in the Ka-Boom Boom Room! Will our lady roomies drop their panties and explode? Plus, we're adding a Cougar to the mix and letting the girls live our some lesbo urges!
S05E06 Boys Will Be Boys 21/07/2012 You know Foursome's off to a good start when the blindfolds and chocolate come out! Will the girls give it up to 'Crazy Mike?' And wait till you see what happens at our naked speakeasy!
S05E07 Mile Try Club 28/07/2012 Our Foursome roomies are strapping in for the 'Mile-High-Club!' Watch us simulate a naked jet ride. Then we're throwing a topless pillow fight and bringing in a sexy newbie for Act 3!
S05E08 Eat, Pray, Sex 04/08/2012 Can our dudes convince a religious cutie to break some Commandments? Perhaps some stripper pole lessons will do the trick. Then shots in the Boom Boom Room lead to big trouble.
S05E09 Too Cool for School 12/08/2012 These 4 singles are having a tough time 'getting it on.' Let's hope naked Improv class can help spark some chemistry. If all else fails, the ladies still know how to pleasure themselves.
S05E10 Crime Seen 18/08/2012 Adam does his best to break the ice, but Danielle takes a little while to warm up. Fucking in a limo does the trick, but when the group gets pulled over by a sexy policewoman, things get even hotter in a jail cell built for four.

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