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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fragiles

S01E01 Dani's Hand 02/08/2012 A compassionate and gifted physiotherapist, Pablo solves medical mysteries, helping his patients heal from their physical, and often emotional, pain. But it turns out the one who's always helping others has his own traumas to overcome.
S01E02 Crystal Bones 03/08/2012 Pablo sees a patient with bones so brittle, they splinter at the lightest touch. Partway through a dangerous pregnancy, she and her husband must make the wrenching choice between saving her life or the child's.
S01E03 The Sleeper 09/08/2012 If you suffered from a fatigue so debilitating that you slept 20 hours a day, how would you spend the four remaining waking hours? One of Pablo's patients must wrestle with this choice.
S01E04 The Uninhibited Writer 10/08/2012 What role does fear play in our lives, is it beneficial or detrimental? Pablo helps a bestselling novelist overcome her fears of facing her diagnosis.
S01E05 The Liar 16/08/2012 Unknowingly, Pablo becomes complicit in a patient's deceptive scheme. Plus, Lola makes great strides forward in conquering her fears and establishing her independence.
S01E06 The Jackass 23/08/2012 Lola runs away after discovering that her mother has been lying to her about her father's death. Meanwhile, Pablo takes on a new patient who risks his life for the sake of entertainment.
S01E07 Ménage à Trois 30/08/2012 A patient drops in to the clinic unannounced several hours before his wedding and appears to be experiencing a psychosomatic response to being torn between two women. Pablo, willing or not, must pick up the pieces.
S01E08 Heart Sick 31/08/2012 When Pilar threatens Pablo with a lawsuit over transferring Ana into a full-time care facility, Pablo must decide whether to fight or let go. Similarly, Dolores struggles with the decision to move Lola into a home for people with Aspergers.
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