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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Frankenstein, MD

S01E01 Introducing Victoria 19/08/2014 Victoria demonstrates electricity and the heart.
S01E02 The Truth About Fake Blood 19/08/2014 Victoria discusses the uses of synthetic blood.
S01E03 Anaesthetics vs. Paralytics 19/08/2014 Victoria demonstrates the difference between anaesthetic and paralytic agents.
S01E04 Magnetic Brain Stimulation 22/08/2014 Victoria demonstrates Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
S01E05 Mind Control Rats 26/08/2014 Victoria demonstrates optogenetics with a rat.
S01E06 Frozen Rats 29/08/2014 Victoria and Iggy thaw a rat.
S01E07 Natural Remedies 02/09/2014 The results of the drug test.
S01E08 Sleep Deprivation 05/08/2014 Victoria and Iggy test sleep deprivation.
S01E09 Great and Sudden Change 09/09/2014 Victoria deals with the sudden loss of Robert.
S01E10 Build-a-Bone 12/09/2014 Victoria and Iggy synthesize a human bone via 3D printing and bring in Rory to help test its durability.
S01E11 The Spectacular Spider-Goat 16/09/2014 Victoria and Iggy grow skin in the lab and Victoria brings Iggy in on her plan.
S01E12 Pressure Drop 19/09/2014 Victoria tests the effect of temperature on blood pressure, using Iggy as her subject.
S01E13 Eyesight to the Blind 23/09/2014 Victoria attempts to reanimate frozen tissue.
S01E14 Unfrozen 26/09/2014 Victoria, Iggy and Waldman run tests on a rat restored to life from cryo-preservation.
S01E15 Birth 30/09/2014 Victoria and Iggy create life.
S01E16 Lesson One 03/10/2014 Victoria starts therapy with The Creature.
S01E17 The Brilliant Dr. Victoria 07/10/2014 Victoria adjusts to life back home in Geneva.
S01E18 The Gummi Worm Story 10/10/2014 Eli and Rory assist Victoria in her search for the Creature.
S01E19 Zombie Brain Aggression 14/10/2014 Victoria and Iggy hypothesize about zombies, and Eli interrupts with upsetting news.
S01E20 Life Finds a Way 17/10/2014 Eli attempts to reassure Victoria as she deals with the repercussions of her Creature.
S01E21 Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 21/10/2014 Victoria and Iggy decide to hunt down the Creature together.
S01E22 Friends With Words 24/10/2014 Iggy and I continue to track down the Creature.
S01E23 #CreatureDay2 28/10/2014 Victoria attempts one last experiment with the help of Iggy and Dr. Waldman.
S01E24 Alone Together 31/10/2014 Victoria quits medicine and prepares to flee the country with Eli.
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