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When picky eating turns into a destructive diet, it’s time to call in the professionals. Is there hope for our freaky eaters? Spaghetti hoops for breakfast, lunch and dinner anyone? Or how about lashings of brown sauce on everything? Sounds funny, but for the picky eaters in Freaky Eaters their weird diets are no joke. Nutritionist Charlotte Watts and psychological coach Felix Economakis help people conquer their strange food phobias and addictions. Each picky eater is coaxed into trying something different as the persistent pair battle to find out the root of the problem behind their food phobias. Anyone for seconds?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Freaky Eaters

S01E01 Addicted to Crisps 14/02/2007
S01E02 Addicted to Chips 21/02/2007
S01E03 Addicted to Cheese 28/02/2007
S01E04 Addicted to Spaghetti Hoops 07/03/2007
S01E05 Addicted to Chocolate 14/03/2007
S01E06 Addicted to Chicken 21/03/2007
S01E07 Addicted to Junk Food 28/03/2007
S02E01 Addicted to Sausages 13/02/2008
S02E02 Addicted to Junk Food 20/02/2008
S02E03 Addicted to Meat 27/02/2008
S02E04 Addicted to Bread 05/03/2008
S02E05 Addicted to Meat and Potatoes 12/03/2008
S02E06 Addicted to Biscuits 19/03/2008
S02E07 Addicted to Potatoes 26/03/2008
S02E08 Addicted to Pasta 02/04/2008
S02E09 Addicted to Cheese 09/04/2008
S03E01 Addicted To Bacon & Burgers 17/02/2009
S03E02 Addicted To Cheese 24/02/2009
S03E03 Addicted To Beans & Chips 03/03/2009
S03E04 Addicted To Brown Sauce 10/03/2009
S03E05 Addicted To Chips 17/03/2009
S03E06 Addicted To Diet Cola 24/03/2009
S03E07 Addicted To Yorkshire Puddings 31/03/2009
S03E08 Addicted To Meat 07/04/2009

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