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What happens when best friends become worst enemies? Explore the dramatic stories of friendships that have gone horribly wrong in thrilling new series ‘Frenemies'. Each episode, follow the riveting tales of two devoted friends whose scandalous betrayals, devastating decisions and shocking confrontations tore them apart for good. Outcasts Megan and Sarah met in the fourth grade and quickly became best friends. How did an argument change their lives forever? Growing up together in an inner city housing project, Kamisha and Kayla were inseparable. Why did their sisterly bond become a bitter feud? Featuring intimate interviews with former friends and family as the guilty party is sentenced for their crimes, find out what turned these former friends into deadly Frenemies.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Frenemies

S01E01 The Ultimate Betrayal 10/01/2013 An online argument between two friends leads to a deadly confrontation in the opener of this documentary series focusing on friendships that ended in violence and tragedy.
S01E02 Mommy Dearest 10/01/2013 A gruesome crime surrounding a pregnancy unfolds.
S01E03 Lion's Den 17/01/2013 Childhood friends Faye Bennett and Jennifer Helmedach think they will be best friends forever. But their age of innocence does not last when lies, backstabbing, and betrayal lead them both into a deadly trap.
S01E04 Killer Cousin 17/01/2013 Best friends and cousins Shannon and Tiana couldn't be more different. When Tiana finds herself in trouble, Shannon invites her to come live with her. Unbeknownst to both girls, the bonds that tie them together will lead them to a fatal encounter.
S01E05 Shattered Bonds 24/01/2013 Two buddies join forces to raise money for their struggling fraternity, but their plans go awry.
S01E06 Playing with Fire 31/01/2013 An online argument threatens a 10-year friendship.
S01E07 Bullied to Death 07/02/2013
S01E08 Cruel Intentions 14/02/2013 An online argument threatens a 10-year friendship.
S01E09 Bitter Betrayal 21/02/2013 A betrayal between two former best friends leads to a tragic end.
S01E10 Deviant Mind 28/02/2013 Crystal Todd and Ken Register meet and instantly become best friends. They are so close, Ken is considered part of Crystal's family. One night Crystal goes to a party, but never comes home. The next morning her body is found brutally raped and murdered and everyone in the small town is rocked by the horrific death of someone so well loved. But even more shocking is the discovery of who is responsible and the deviant, twisted secrets they are hiding.
S01E11 The Snitch 07/03/2013 Two teenage friends escape their small town together, but they are soon affected by a botched robbery.
S01E12 Inner Demons 14/03/2013 An unlikely friendship between a rebellious free spirit and a preacher's son falls apart after an accidental overdose.

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