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Tessa Vance et Steve Hayden sont deux enquêteurs hors pair. Chargés de résoudre des affaires criminelles étranges et mystérieuses, cet improbable duo se complète parfaitement : tandis que Steve s’avère méthodique et implacable dans sa technique d’investigation, Tessa, elle, reste plus en retrait pour mettre à profit son intuition et son excellente capacité à cerner les éléments essentiels à la résolution d’une enquête. Malgré ces divergences, les enquêteurs sont très complices et enquêtent dans les milieux les plus divers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fréquence crime

S01E01 Ashes to Ashes 00/00/0000 A man out for an early morning surf gets more than he bargained for when surf blows a corpse out of the water and into his face. It appears to be a routine investigation, natural causes being indicated... but complications arise when Tessa and Steve find they cannot identify the victim, and no-one steps forward to claim him. Surely someone should be missing a well-groomed man in his fifties?
S01E02 The Burial 00/00/0000 Late night. A voice recites limericks on a moonlit beach. Suddenly, all goes quiet. A grey dawn, and a dog and its owner, the stern Major Richter, make a gruesome discovery - a human head attached to the very dead body of Adrian McCafferty who is buried up to his neck under the sand. Adrian drowned when the tide came in and covered him. Tessa and Steve learn that there was a beach party last night. Adrian was buried as part of a joke. Is his death simply a stupid party prank gone wrong, or is there something more sinister to discover?
S01E03 Cat and Mouse 00/00/0000 Wheelchair bound Spinner congratulates himself on finishing a piece of artwork by pouring a cold beer and logging on to his favourite internet games forum. His pleasure is short lived, however, as a shadow falls across him and a lead pipe takes him out of the game... permanently. Tessa and Steve arrive on the scene to find the killer has taken the time to send the message ""Spinner Resigns"" over the internet to the victim's games partner. The murder takes on new importance when Dee reveals she knows the victim. While Dee tries to come to terms with her friend's murder, Steve and Tessa struggle to put together the pieces of the puzzle.
S01E04 Dead Clean 00/00/0000 While investigating a series of bizarre murders, Steve and Tessa are drawn to the local community centre, a drop in for former mental patients. With a handful of suspects, but no real clues, Steve and Tessa must race against the clock to find the killer before he strikes again.
S01E05 Who Killed Cock Robin? 00/00/0000 To the outside world former football star Robin Cochrane was a picture of charm, but when he is found poisoned by a chemical solvent, Tessa and Steve are forced to put together a picture of the not so pleasant private life of Robin Cochrane.
S01E06 Hot Shot 00/00/0000 When Maddie Herman, a paparazzi photographer who made her living out of the gossip and innuendo of the lives of others is found murdered, Steve and Tessa have no shortage of suspects. But when the case takes a sudden twist, Steve and Tessa realise that someone is leading them on a merry chase, until the trail leads the team back to a very surprising suspect.
S01E07 Black Friday 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa are called in to solve the murder of Trevor Parkin, his body was found one Friday afternoon in a zoo - he was wearing a gorilla costum. The more they discover about the deceased, the deeper the mystery, and although all the witnesses are helpful, there is no suspect, and no clear motive..or is there?
S01E08 Last Stop 00/00/0000 Abel Jago sits dead in an armchair before his valuable toy railway, on which the train of cars make their rounds. The railway engineer left a short farewell letter to his wife Ellie before committing suicide. Tessa however soon has doubts about Jagos suicide and when the autopsy results come in, it is revealed he was poisoned with cyanide.
S01E09 Something Wicked 00/00/0000 Tessa and Steve are confronted with a conspiracy of silence while investigating the death of a man with a history of abuse.
S01E10 Drop Dead Gorgeous 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa are baffled when former football star Wayne Pascall is found stabbed to death in a lift, with a missing woman's handbag next to his body.
S01E11 Dead and Gone 00/00/0000 When Krystyan Balzan is found dead at the bottom of the stairs in his house, Steve and Tessa believe he came home unexpectedly and disturbed a robbery in progress.
S01E12 Wages of Sin 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa investigate the death of a woman found in an area notorious for prostitutes. When they learn the woman was a pregnant nun and not a prostitute, their investigation takes a new turn.
S01E13 An Eye for an Eye 00/00/0000 When a mummified body is found in an empty house, it is identified as that of Karen Diskin, the daughter of police inspector Snowy Muldoon, who went missing two years earlier.
S01E14 Blood Heat 00/00/0000 The brutal murder of a video store owner initially appears to be linked to a protest demonstration until other suspects emerge.
S01E15 Fall From Grace 00/00/0000 Tessa suspects an apparent suicide is really an elaborate scam designed to cover a woman's disappearance.
S01E16 Heartstopper 00/00/0000 When the general manager of a department store is found dead during the store's opening, the owner and employees become the main suspects in the investigation. Steve is haunted by a face from his past, and Tessa pursues the case alone.
S02E01 Dared to Death 00/00/0000 When a professional stuntman is found dead, hanging in a harness outside the window of his apartment, Steve and Tessa must determine whether it was an accident, suicide or murder.
S02E02 Many Unhappy Returns 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa rush to solve the crime of a man who is murdered on his 50th birthday.
S02E03 Skin Deep 00/00/0000 When Dr. Theo Magnus, a leading cosmetic surgeon, is ambushed in his clinic and brutally murdered with a scalpel, his family and staff shed little light on the mystery.
S02E04 Fatal Charm 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa investigate when the body of a young women is found, having been killed by a blow to the head before being set alight.
S02E05 Short Circuit 00/00/0000 When a young woman is electrocuted by her twin brother's robot, the subsequent investigation leads Tessa and Steve to uncover a bizarre tangle of relationships.
S02E06 Cold Comfort 00/00/0000 The body of a beautiful women, victim of hit-and-run accident, is taken to the morgue. Tootsie arrives shortly afterwards to find the body missing and her new assistant murdered.
S02E07 Murder in Reverse 00/00/0000 When the body of a women is found in a local dump, Tessa and Steve discover that her husband received a ransom note two days before.
S02E08 More than Meets the Eye 00/00/0000 A gruesome discovery draws Steve and Tessa into a case that leads them into the dark stormwater tunnels of the city.
S02E09 Deadfall 00/00/0000 Thorne is convinced he saw a man pushed off a building roof, but cannot locate the body at first. When the body turns up, Steve and Tessa not only have to track down the killer, but discover why the body disappeared.
S02E10 Deadline (1) 00/00/0000 A bizarre murder in a city amusement park is the first in a series of horrible killings inspired by an innocent nursery rhyme. Homicide's youngest and brightest detective, Tessa Vance, is confronted by a psychopath from her past as the nursery rhyme killer prepares to strike again.
S02E11 Deadline (2) 00/00/0000 A bizarre murder in a city amusement park is the first in a series of horrible killings inspired by an innocent nursery rhyme. Homicide's youngest and brightest detective, Tessa Vance, is confronted by a psychopath from her past as the nursery rhyme killer prepares to strike again.
S02E12 Something Fishy 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa uncover a web of blackmail and obsession while investigating the murder of two business partners.
S02E13 A Dress to Die For 00/00/0000 When the detectives attend an extravagant costume hire shop, they find the shop's young security guard dead.
S02E14 Menu for Murder 00/00/0000 When a food critic drops dead in a restaurant, Tessa finds there is no shortage of suspects as the critic was universally loathed and regularly received death threats.
S02E15 Cry Wolf 00/00/0000 Steve and Tessa are called to the murder scene of a woman who had called the police twice the night before she was murdered.
S02E16 A View to a Kill 00/00/0000 When Tessa and Steve investigate the death of a museum curator, they soon realise that his public face as a knowledgeable and well liked man who could rake in the funding dollars, hides a private life littered with sexual indiscretions and money troubles.
S02E17 Blowing the Whistle 00/00/0000 When the referee at a women's soccer match is murdered in full view of 100 people, the detectives are puzzled when they cannot find a single eyewitness.
S02E18 Instrument of Death 00/00/0000 The Klein String Quartet is a hotbed of passions and hatreds. When its founder and first violinist is found murdered, the other three members come under Steve and Tessa's spotlight.
S02E19 Bone Dead 00/00/0000 Tessa and Steve are drawn into a web of mystery and intrigue when legendary paleontologist Dr. Charlie Minogue is murdered, and his attractive assistant disappears.
S02E20 Mix 'N' Match 00/00/0000 Following the bizzare murder of a medical professor, Tessa and Steve must carefully interpret a series of cryptic clues left by the killer.