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Showcasing the best classic cooking ideas from Martha Stewart, “From Martha’s Kitchen” features all-time favorite recipes, essential techniques, and easy tips for simple weeknight meals and easy, elegant entertaining.


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S03E20 Winter Squash Recipes 00/00/0000 Savory winter squashes are the perfect comfort food: Martha shares techniques for preparing acorn and butternut squash. Then, how to make a spicy Jamaican squash soup. Plus, maple-roasted acorn squash and baked spaghetti squash.
S03E36 Preparing a Dinner Party 00/00/0000 Dinner parties don’t have to be stressful: Martha shares her battle plan for preparing a dinner party, from the right snacks for serving to hostess gift ideas. Then learn the expert way to teach your kids table manners.
S03E40 Lamb and Lemons 00/00/0000 Discover the joys of authentic Greek food: First, Martha shows you how to work with phyllo dough. Then, two simple Greek dishes: leg of lamb stuffed with fennel and feta, and a delicious semolina and lemon tart made with phyllo dough.
S03E42 Spring Garden Cake 00/00/0000 Celebrate spring with Martha Stewart’s astonishing spring garden cake. Learn how to create this beautiful and delectable concoction. Plus, take a lesson in the magic of marzipan for the splendid decorations on the cake.
S03E43 Kid-Friendly Foods 00/00/0000 Pack your kids a better lunch box with Martha’s delicious sandwich-making ideas and tips for storing fruits and veggies. Then, how to make healthy baby food at home using sweet potatoes, plums, and pears. Plus, a crowd-pleasing whoopie pie recipe.
S03E55 Seasonal Fall Desserts 00/00/0000 Savor the sweet and savory flavors of autumn with Martha’s recipes for classic gingerbread cake served with poached pears and mini cranberry-pear cakes baked in muffin tins. Plus, apple-pie baking tips and a foolproof crust technique.
S03E77 Homemade Bread 00/00/0000 There is nothing more comforting than the smell of homemade bread: First, discover the art of baking the perfect popover. Then bake a loaf of rustic and nutritious honey-wheat bread, perfect for toast or sandwiches. Plus, Martha answers viewer questions.
S03E89 Favorite Breakfast Recipes 00/00/0000 Join Martha Stewart for her favorite breakfast ideas: First, a delicious and colorful fruit platter. Make crumb cake and coffee, a New York tradition. Create a breakfast burrito sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
S04E24 Comfort Food 00/00/0000 Comfort food is perfect for winter: First, Martha shows you how to make delicious tomato jam. Then Martha’s mother joins her to make meat loaf. Plus, it wouldn’t be a meal without mashed potatoes. For dessert, cream-cheese pound cake.
S04E31 Quick-Cook Dinner Ideas 00/00/0000 What’s for dinner? Martha shows how to whip up speedy weeknight dishes: spicy curried shrimp served with basmati rice, rigatoni tossed with sauteed cauliflower, and classic pasta puttanesca. Plus, tips for cooking shrimp and pasta.
S04E33 Martha’s Family Recipes 00/00/0000 Martha and her mom, Mrs. Kostyra, show how to make their traditional Polish family recipe for hearty stuffed cabbage with a rice-and-meat filling, plus learn how to bake basic shortbread cookies and chewy date squares.
S04E35 Fast and Easy Salads With Mario Batali 00/00/0000 Chef Mario Batali creates an impromptu warm chicken salad in minutes using ingredients from Martha's pantry. Then, Martha and food editor Susan Spungen prepare quick salads using the mandoline: fennel-apple, artichoke-mushroom, and celeriac and celery.
S04E41 Easter Celebration 00/00/0000 Join Martha Stewart for a one-hour Easter celebration: Cook a Southern-style country ham with sweet potato biscuits. Bake hot cross buns with Martha’s mom. Plus, use jelly beans for a colorful Easter table.
S04E52 Lemon Desserts and Citrus Ideas 00/00/0000 Discover favorite sweet, tart recipes and clever ideas for one of Martha’s favorite things: lemons. Prepare light and airy Meyer lemon mousse served in lemon shells for a beautiful dessert. Plus, how to make lemon-scented sugar and a lemon garnish.
S04E67 On the Lighter Side 00/00/0000 Enjoy healthy and satisfying meals that are loaded with flavor with Martha’s warm wheat berry salad and egg-white frittata with chanterelle mushrooms. Plus, learn how to cook tempeh with herbalist Donnie Yance’s tasty lemon-broiled tempeh recipe.
S04E72 Pizza Party 00/00/0000 Martha and chef Pino Luongo show how easy it is to make authentic pizza at home with his simple recipe for dough and crowd-pleasing robiola and truffle oil, arugula-prosciutto, and margarita toppings. Plus, a fresh, flavorful fava bean and pecorino salad.
S04E80 Pies, Pies, and More Pies 00/00/0000 Celebrate pies, the classic American dessert: Bake a decadent pecan pie with Martha and her mom. Then, hit the road in search of the best made-from-scratch pies. Plus, learn Martha’s techniques for making pretty, decorative pastry crusts.
S05E17 Jam Treats 00/00/0000 Discover treats “jammed” with flavor: First, Martha makes a perfect peanut-butter-and-jam bar and shares a recipe for the linzer sandwich cookie. Next, make the most of yogurt by adding a layer of jam. Plus, cookies striped with jam
S05E19 Sweet and Savory Corn 00/00/0000 Chefs George Germon and Johanne Killeen of Al Forno restaurant join Martha to cook simple and flavorful double corn polenta with tomatoes and basil. Then, a quick corn-fritters breakfast dish, and a lesson in how to properly cook, cut, and freeze corn.
S05E35 Healthy Fish Recipes 00/00/0000 Martha and her personal trainer Lisa Lynn cook up a nutritious and kid-friendly sole with rainbow vegetables dish. Then, a quick grilled tuna steaks recipe and an elegant hot smoked salmon that can be made on the stovetop. Plus, how to fillet a fish.
S05E46 Football Party 00/00/0000 What should you serve your hungry guests on Super Bowl Sunday? First, cook up a big pot of spicy chicken chili. Then cook up a variety of sausages and serve with mustard. Plus, perfect brownies, rich and decadent, made of deep, dark chocolate.
S05E51 Family-Style Italian Cooking 00/00/0000 Home cook Eleanora Scarpetta shares a family recipe for Italian meatballs in a traditional tomato sauce that is sure to become a favorite in your home. Then, chef Mark Strausman’s recipe for a romantic chicken piccata dinner, plus mushrooms with polenta.
S05E62 Firehouse Favorites for the Super Bowl 00/00/0000 New York firefighters share cooking tips for a Super Bowl party. First, “false alarm” chili, an easy-to-make vegetarian chili, along with some fire-safety tips. Next, an eggplant caviar dip. Make cornbread with red pepper butter to go with the chili.
S05E67 Pork Loin Dinner Menu 00/00/0000 Martha shows how to prepare a succulent roast pork loin with her easy-to-follow recipe and techniques, and serves it with a luscious fruit compote of pears, apricots, and cherries. On the side, a vibrant green salad drizzled with homemade vinaigrette.
S05E68 Breakfast Favorites 00/00/0000 Martha shares techniques for cooking the perfect fried eggs and delectable French toast, delicious and satisfying ways to start off your day. Plus, a tour of how the Doughnut Plant's old-fashioned doughnuts are made, and pineapple cutting tips.
S05E72 Comfort Food Favorites 00/00/0000 Discover favorite sweet, tart recipes and clever ideas for one of Martha’s favorite things: lemons. Prepare light and airy Meyer lemon mousse served in lemon shells for a beautiful dessert. Plus, how to make lemon-scented sugar and a lemon garnish.

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