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"Frontier Guard" is set in the 25th Century, by which time humans have spread out into the galaxy. But our history leaves many secrets to be found. Conner Blake was abducted in 1957 at the age of 12 and found frozen on an abandoned Ark hundreds of years later. Why was he chosen and how will he play into humanity's conflicts with its space-faring neighbors?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Frontier Guard

S01E01 Sputnik 26/01/2010 Connor Blake was abducted in 1957. He was found frozen on a space Ark hundreds of years later. Now, he's joined the space force of the future, the Frontier Guard!
S01E02 Copernicus 02/02/2010 Connor Blake settles into Frontier Guard Academy. But Connor's problems are just beginning.
S01E03 Connor Blake 09/02/2010 Flight training begins at the Academy. With everyone trying to get their hands on Connor Blake, will the space cadet hold up under the intense pressure ?
S01E04 Polaris 16/02/2010 A new mission begins aboard the Polaris, but will the cadets be ready?
S01E05 Spin Shock 23/02/2010 When a routine training mission goes wrong, the crew of the Polaris uncovers another clue to the mystery of the Ark.
S01E06 Rippers 03/03/2010 The situation deteriorates on the Polaris leaving Connor in command. Meanwhile, the Chain Corporation's mercenaries close in.
S01E07 Revelation 09/03/2010 Under attack, Connor makes a daring move that could save the crew of the Polaris!
S01E08 Lab Rat 16/03/2010 With the fate of the galaxy at stake, the race is on to communicate with the Ark. But will the constant stress push Connor Blake to the breaking point?
S01E09 The Aqarii 23/03/2010 The race to unlock the secrets of the Ark continues with the enlistment of an unlikely ally.
S01E10 Gallant 30/03/2010 The cadets and the Aqarii are on a collision course as time begins to run out!
S01E11 The Ark 06/04/2010 Things come to a head at the Ark and a new course is set for the cadets and humanity.
S01E12 Paulson 13/04/2010 Investigative reporter Jennifer Paulson tries to uncover secrets of the Frontier Guard and the Ark leading to an exciting conclusion!
S00E01 Vignette 0 - Title Sequence and Theme 13/09/2009
S00E02 Vignette 1 - Connor Blake 22/09/2009
S00E03 Vignette 2 - Zyta Campbell and Gladys Pills 29/09/2009
S00E04 Vignette 3 - Kasper Gribb 17/10/2009
S00E05 Vignette 4 - Jacek Tawn 23/10/2009
S00E06 Vignette 5 - Hemela Strayteb 27/10/2009
S00E07 Vignette 6 - Walt Kellogg 03/11/2009
S00E08 Vignette 7 - Trem Warrick 17/11/2009
S00E09 Vignette 8 - Igor Sobel 24/11/2009
S00E10 Vignette 9 - Sarah and Martin Johnson 01/12/2009
S00E11 Vignette 10 - Fetch Zisser and Rico Costas 08/12/2009
S00E12 Vignette 11 - Travis Jape and Rylin Naomi 23/12/2009
S00E13 Vignette 12 - Rendan Fleece 29/12/2009
S00E14 Vignette 13 - Bell Guthrey 05/01/2010
S00E15 Vignette 14 - Diadem Gribb 13/01/2010
S00E16 Vignette 15 - Silas Lorton 19/01/2010

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