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Jimmy Falcone was once a feared capo in the Gambini crime family, but when his associates insists he whack his good old Uncle Cheech, (who took one too many shots to the head and now routinely spills various mob secrets), Jimmy had to draw the line.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fugget About It

S01E01 Les lois contre les crimes haineux, c'est pour les pissous 07/09/2012 Petey apprend à bagarrer grâce à Jimmy et Cheech.
S01E02 Monté comme un cheval 14/09/2012 McCool est forcé de s'humilier publiquement après avoir perdu une partie de poker contre Jimmy.
S01E03 Va donc péter, M. Parfait 21/09/2012 Jimmy gets recognized by a local billionaire/inventor (Alan Thicke) and has to take steps to protect himself.
S01E04 L'homme sans cul 28/09/2012 After a failed attempt to smuggle Canadian candy into the States, Jimmy winds up in a rodeo competition against McCool.
S01E05 Le cousin Sammy meurt à la fin 05/10/2012 Jimmy’s cousin Sammy from New York comes to live with them, putting the family’s witness protection in jeopardy.
S01E06 Dehors, Jimmy! 12/10/2012 After he causes Cookie to miss a reunion with her sister, Jimmy is kicked out of the house and forced to live with Special Agent McCool.
S01E07 Cheech et Jimmy en fument du bon 19/10/2012 After Jimmy and Cheech inadvertently foil a drug deal, they decide to become vigilantes, but are soon forced by McCool to hunt themselves.
S01E08 Al Capone porte des culottes de femme 26/10/2012 Jimmy finds and revives a cryogenically frozen Al Capone in Moose Jaw.
S01E09 Petey rencontre Dieu 02/11/2012 Petey discovers God when Jimmy sets him up with a hooker.
S01E10 L'oracle de Vagina 09/11/2012 Jimmy helps Cookie open a fortune-telling business, then has to make all her ‘predictions’ come true.
S01E11 Le maudit vicieux 16/11/2012 Jimmy opens Regina’s first strip joint, but is shocked when his daughter starts working there as a stripper.
S01E12 Sexe sur glace 23/11/2012 Cookie starts to think Jimmy is cheating on her when he’s actually pursuing a career as a masked ice-sculptor called “Jinksy”
S01E13 Des chasseurs avec des pistolets 30/11/2012 Jimmy and Cheech are forced to go to a cultural sensitivity seminar at an Indian reservation.