Affiche Fun at the Funeral Parlour

Somewhere in South Wales (Great Britain) the funeral company Thomas, Thomas, Thomas & Thomas run their business. They are leaded by their father Ivor who’s terribly afraid of corpses. He isn’t much better with the living. His wife run of a long time ago with Oompa Loompa (yes the one of the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory). The three sons aren’t any better. The rude Percy just has served five years in prison. Why? For misusing corpses! He thinks that he’s a rock star and he dressed up the corpses like Roy Orbison and taking them on tour. Arwell is obsessed with his car (a Fiat Panda) and some ageing rock star called Shakin' Stevens. The last of the three Gwynne is mentally aged like a child and drops of urine leaking whenever he speaks.

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