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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fury

S01E01 Joey Finds A Friend 15/10/1955 Jim owns a wild stallion called Fury that none of his ranch hands can tame - except young orphan Joey. When the stallion is injured by one of the ranchers, Joey runs away to help the wounded steed. Jim and his friend Helen find him in the nick of time, saving Fury's life. Jim adopts Joey as his son, and so begins a lifetime of adventure for Fury at the Broken Wheel Ranch.
S01E02 Killer Stallion 22/10/1955
S01E03 The Horse Coper 29/10/1955
S01E04 Joey Goes Hunting 05/11/1955
S01E05 Scorched Earth 12/11/1955
S01E06 Joey's Dame Trouble 19/11/1955 When Fury is smitten by a white mare, young Joey's jealousy gets the better of him, and he lets the horses escape into the wild! With Helen's help, Joey brings them back!
S01E07 Joey And The Gypsies 26/11/1955
S01E08 Joey's Father 03/12/1955 A stranger arrives claiming to be Joey's real father, threatening to separate the boy from Fury. Jim must act quickly to stop the impostor.
S01E09 Joey Saves The Day 10/12/1955
S01E10 The 4-H Story 17/12/1955
S01E11 Junior Rodeo 24/12/1955
S01E12 Ghost Town 31/12/1955
S01E13 The Hobo 07/01/1956
S01E14 Tungsten Queen 14/01/1956
S01E15 Joey Sees It Through 21/01/1956
S01E16 Stolen Fury 28/01/1956
S01E17 The Choice 04/02/1956
S01E18 The Boy Scout Story 11/02/1956
S01E19 Search For Joey 18/02/1956 After a rabid dog bites Joey in the schoolyard, Jim and Fury must race against time to get him treated.
S01E20 The Miracle 25/02/1956
S01E21 The Test 03/03/1956
S01E22 Fury Runs To Win 10/03/1956
S01E23 Timber 17/03/1956
S01E24 Wonder Horse 24/03/1956
S01E25 Pirate Treasure 31/03/1956
S01E26 The Baby 07/04/1956
S02E01 The Runaway 06/10/1956
S02E02 Joey And The Little League 13/10/1956 Joey rounds up a baseball team but runs into a snag when one of the youngsters refuses to play unless he can pitch.
S02E03 Earthquake 20/10/1956
S02E04 Trial By Jury 27/10/1956
S02E05 Joey And The Wolf Pack 03/11/1956
S02E06 Indian Mountain 17/11/1956
S02E07 Flying Saucers 24/11/1956
S02E08 Joey And The Stranger 01/12/1956
S02E09 Pete's Folly 15/12/1956
S02E10 Boy's Day 22/12/1956
S02E11 The Feud 05/01/1957
S02E12 Loco Weed Story 12/01/1957
S02E13 The Horse Caper 19/01/1957
S02E14 Joey Shows The Way 26/01/1957
S02E15 Nature's Engineers 02/02/1957
S02E16 The Strong Man 16/02/1957
S02E17 The Scientists 23/02/1957
S02E18 My Horse Ajax 09/03/1957
S02E19 The Tomboy 16/03/1957
S02E20 Joey, Junior Lifeguard 30/03/1957
S03E01 Fire Prevention Week 12/10/1957
S03E02 The Racers 19/10/1957
S03E03 Community Chest 26/10/1957
S03E04 Mercy Flight 09/11/1957
S03E05 The Renegade 09/11/1957
S03E06 Pee Wee Grows Up 16/11/1957
S03E07 The Foruth Eastaters 23/11/1957
S03E08 The Tornado 30/11/1957
S03E09 The Pinto Stallion 07/12/1957
S03E10 Bike Road-EO 14/12/1957
S03E11 The Wayfarer 21/12/1957
S03E12 One Thousand Dollar Reward 28/12/1957
S03E13 Operation CD (civil defence) 04/01/1958
S03E14 The Break-Up 11/01/1958
S03E15 Joey's First Crush 18/01/1958
S03E16 Pee Wee's Problem 25/01/1958
S03E17 The Lost Herd 01/02/1958
S03E18 The Baby Sitters 08/02/1958
S03E19 The Horse Nobody Wanted 15/02/1958
S03E20 The Bounty Hunters 22/02/1958
S03E21 The Meanest Man 01/03/1958
S03E22 A Fish Story 08/03/1958
S03E23 Rogues And Squires 15/03/1958
S03E24 Robber's Roost 22/03/1958
S03E25 Second Chance 29/03/1958
S03E26 The Claim Jumpers 05/04/1958
S04E01 Aunt Harriet 08/10/1958
S04E02 The Littlest Horse Thief 11/10/1958
S04E03 Palomino 18/10/1958
S04E04 Halloween 25/10/1958
S04E05 Jailbreak 01/11/1958
S04E06 The Fire Watchers 15/11/1958
S04E07 The Ornithologists 22/11/1958
S04E08 The Unwanted Shepherd 29/11/1958
S04E09 Troubles Have Wings 06/12/1958
S04E10 The Model Plane 20/12/1958
S04E11 The Will 27/12/1958
S04E12 The Pulling Contest 03/01/1959
S04E13 Ten Dollars A Head 10/01/1959
S04E14 Feeling His Oats 17/01/1959
S04E15 Bad Medicine 24/01/1959
S04E16 Sonic Boom 31/01/1959
S04E17 An Old Indian Trick 07/02/1959
S04E18 The Relay Station 14/02/1959
S04E19 Black Gold 21/02/1959
S04E20 Girl Scout 28/02/1959
S04E21 House Guests 07/03/1959
S04E22 Joey's Jalopy 14/03/1959
S04E23 Junior Achievement 04/04/1959
S05E01 The Big Leaguers 10/10/1959
S05E02 Trail Drive 17/10/1959
S05E03 Man-Killer 24/10/1959
S05E04 Visiting Day 31/10/1959
S05E05 The Timber Walkers 07/11/1959
S05E06 Turkey Day 14/11/1959
S05E07 The Map 21/11/1959
S05E08 The Rocketeers 28/11/1959
S05E09 The Fort 05/12/1959
S05E10 The Vanishing Blacksmith 12/12/1959
S05E11 The Big Brothers 19/12/1959
S05E12 Packy, The Lion Tamer 26/12/1959
S05E13 Private Eyes 02/01/1960
S05E14 The Witch 09/01/1960
S05E15 Gymkhana 16/01/1960
S05E16 A Present For Packy 23/01/1960
S05E17 Trottin' Horse 30/01/1960
S05E18 Packy's Dilemma 06/02/1960
S05E19 Gaucho 13/02/1960
S05E20 The Skin Divers 20/02/1960
S05E21 Packy's Dream 27/02/1960