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Set one hundred years into the future (2063) XL5 patrolled and protected sector 25 of the solar system on behalf of World Space Patrol, run by Commander (Wilbur) Zero, who was based at WSP headquarters on Earth's Space City. Situated on a Pacific island, Space City was purely a scientific establishment with revolving skyscraper, control tower, laboratories, communications centre and rocket controlled launch site. Completely self contained, the XL5 ship, one of many patrolling the different space sectors, had living quarters for the crew with an ultra-modernistic lounge, observation window, a laboratory for research and an "astroscope", which enabled its crew to see in any conditions. It had a nose cone (Fireball Junior), which detached itself from the main part of the rocket and was able to make planetary landings whilst Fireball itself remained in orbit. Part of the equipment used in the show included a set of air cushioned "Jetmobiles" which were able to travel across any type of terrain, either on land or sea.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fusée XL5

S01E01 Planète 46 00/00/0000 After intercepting a missile on course for earth, Steve Zodiac and the crew of the XL5 travel to Planet 46 and discover the Subterrains who launch another missile at the earth with Venus trapped inside.
S01E02 La planète en flamme 00/00/0000 The Fireball XL5 narrowly misses a planet that bas broken out of it's orbit and realize the planet is on a collision course for the planet Membrono. After concluding the planets are uninhabited, Steve realizes he saw a flying saucer and after the ship lands at Venus' house, the XL5 is lured back to save the planet Membrono from destruction.
S01E03 Les immigrants 00/00/0000 Venus and Prof. Matic are about to set off in the Mayflower 3 to colonise the nearby planet, New Earth. But the Advance Scout has been kidnapped by two evil midgets who plan to hold the new immigrants captive.
S01E04 La créature de l'espace 18/11/1962 After a blackout at Space City, a missile gets through the radar blackout, and is heading towards Space City with a dangerous cargo...
S01E05 L'espion de l'espace 00/00/0000 The crew of XL5 encounter Boris and Griselda the space pirates on the Companion 12 space station.
S01E06 Le Temple du Soleil 00/00/0000 When experimenting with a new warhead in space, Steve Zodiac is forced to save Venus from the clutches from the sinister Cult of Miras before she can be sacrificed to their sun-god...
S01E07 Les survivants 00/00/0000 Everyone on planet Zolpheid is killed in an Aquaphibian attack, except for Rald and Jerek. Receiving an SOS, Space City sends Fireball XL5 to rescue the two from Zolpheid's oceans.
S01E08 Les pirates de l'espace 00/00/0000 While babysitting Commander Zero's son, Jonathan, Venus tells him story about when Fireball XL5 encountered a group of space pirates.
S01E09 Le cirque 00/00/0000 As Steve celebrates the anniversary of his family's circus act, Venus falls asleep and dreams of a plot devised by Mr and Mrs Space Spy and the nomadic Monadians to take over the Earth…
S01E10 La prison de l'espace 00/00/0000 To capture a group on criminals, Steve, Matt and Venus pretend to steal XL5.
S01E11 Le monstre de l'espace 06/01/1963 Fireball XL2 has crashed on Planet Monotane, and Fireball XL5 is sent to investigate, only to run into a sort of space dinosaur...
S01E12 Le dernier de Zanadus 00/00/0000 Major Jim Ireland returns to Earth after 10 years in space, but unknown to everyone, he has become an agent for Kudos, the only survivor from the planet Zanadu, who wants revenge on all Lazoones for destroying his people.
S01E13 La planète Platonia 00/00/0000 The Fireball XL5 foils an attempted bombing while transporting the King of Platonia and is caught in the middle of the plot to assassinate the King and sent two planets into war.
S01E14 Les Triads 00/00/0000 After detecting a series of massive explosions in space, Steve and the crew of XL5 find a planet three times bigger than Earth, but they soon crash land...
S01E15 Les ailes du danger 00/00/0000 On Planet 46, the Subterraineans plan revenge on Zodiac and send a robot bird to infect him with radium.
S01E16 Le prisonnier de l'espace 00/00/0000 After top secret plans are stolen from Earth, XL5 enocunters Boris and Griselda, but Matt is captured.
S01E17 Vacances dans l'Espace 17/02/1963 Kernak, ruler of Kemple, plots the resettlement of his people to Planet Olympus by poisoning Olympus' ruler's son. Venus and Matt are captured and must be rescued by Steve.
S01E18 L'élève Pilote 00/00/0000 Lt. 90 qualifies for his astronauts wings by landing XL5 in one piece and then piloting XL1 off the launch rail, but on his return to Earth in a capsule, he finds it has caught fire!
S01E19 Le Prisonnier de la Planete Perdue 03/03/1963 Fireball XL5 receives a distress call on a distant planet, and Steve Zodiac journeys to investigate.
S01E20 La Planète Interdite 00/00/0000 At Space Observatory 1, Matt and Dr. Stamp work on a new Ultrascope space probe. However, the people of the planet the probe is sent to observe don't take too kindly to being watched and kidnap the scientists.
S01E21 Au secours, Robert ! 00/00/0000 While stargazing, Prof. Matic discovers a new planet, but it doesn't read on any electronic instruments. Curious, Steve and the others set out in the XL5 to investigate, and find that the planet is more sinister than first thought...
S01E22 Pharos 00/00/0000 On a survey of Pharos, the crew of XL5 disocver the planet is unstable and must be destroyed. After setting up bombs, someone traps Steve and the others in with it.
S01E23 Mystery of the TA2 31/03/1963 Whilst on patrol, the XL5 comes across the wreck of an old spaceship. Setting out to investigate, they find it to be the TA2, that disappeared in the 2020's, and the hunt is on to find her pilot...
S01E24 Drama At Space City 00/00/0000 With Steve and Venus on vacation, Commander Zero is left to look after Zoonie the Lazoon, who causes havoc in Space City with Commander Zeros' son, Jonathan.
S01E25 1875 00/00/0000 Matt completes his new time machine and sends Robert back to 1875, but Steve, Venus and Zero are accidently sent back as well.
S01E26 The Granatoid Tanks 00/00/0000 On Planet 73, two scientists working at a mineral research lab discover that they in the path of six tanks controlled by Granatoid robots. They can only be stopped using a rare material, but all the supplies have run out!
S01E27 The Robot Freighter Mystery 00/00/0000 Robot freighters are being sabotaged by a shoddy space salvage company, and Steve Zodiac is determined to find the proof he needs to bring the sleazy brothers to justice.
S01E28 Whistle for Danger 00/00/0000 On planet Floran, the crew of XL5 try to discover what is killing the plants there, however the native people believe they are an invasion force and drug their food.
S01E29 Trial by Robot 00/00/0000 A mechanics professor is giving a lecture on robotics at Space City. But barely a few days after his visit, Robert suddenly rebels and steals Fireball XL1! Steve and Venus follow him in the XL5, but find themselves prisoner of a robotic society, with Robert as their jailer.
S01E30 A Day in the Life of a Space General 00/00/0000 While drawing a schematic for a new radar screen, Lt. Ninety is surprised to find himself promoted to the rank of General!
S01E31 Invasion Earth 00/00/0000 There is a strange fog descending on Space City, blocking out communications with the rest of the outside world. But what does this strange cloud hide?
S01E32 Faster Than Light 00/00/0000 While on route to Space Station 9, Steve loses control of XL5. Racing out of control, XL5 passes the light barrier resulting in the loss of all but an hours worth of oxygen.
S01E33 The Day the Earth Froze 00/00/0000 XL27 makes an emergency landing at Space City and the crew are all found to be unconcious. XL27's route is traced back to planet Zavia where the inhabitants plan to freeze the Earth by deflecting the sun's rays.
S01E34 The Fire Fighters 00/00/0000 Blazing fireballs from a space cloud cause widespread damage on Earth. XL5 is sent to investigate but it catches fire and has to retreat. Steve proposes using an old satellite to detonate the cloud, but a fireball is heading directly to Space City.
S01E35 Space City Special 00/00/0000 General Rossiter comes to Space City to present Steve with the Astronaut of the Year award. XL5 and the ground staff put on a song and dance show to raise money for charity. Meanwhile Venus is put in danger aboard a new supersonic jet liner.
S01E36 Ghosts of Space 06/10/1963 XL5 transports Geologist Frazer to Electron for a survey. When Frazer discovers a strange rock in a deserted town, he goes mad and threatens to destroy Fireball Junior, if Steve doesn't take the rocks back to Earth.
S01E37 Hypnotic Sphere 00/00/0000 The crew of the XL5 becomes entranced by a strange alien sphere and Robert is the only one who can save the crew.
S01E38 Sabotage 00/00/0000 On patrol, Fireball XL5 suddenly catches fire. The cause, sabotage! Commander Zero sends Light Patrol LP22 to investigate, but the XL5 crew have disappeared...
S01E39 Space Magnet 00/00/0000 The XL5 becomes caught in the gravitational pull of planet Megneton and discovers the plot by the Solars to bring the Earth's moon into their orbit.

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