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In the late Edo period, Japan had experienced an unprecedented crisis by Kurofune (Black Ships), the ships from foreign countries. But a giant robot called Onigami, which has existed since ancient time, dispelled the Kurofune ships and the exclusion of foreigners was accomplished. The story begins in Japan where Meiji restoration in 1868 didn't happen. The tagline says, "I can be the greatest man in the world, because I am a virgin!!"


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Fuuun Ishin Dai☆Shogun

S01E01 Succession Strife, Keiichiro Appears! 10/04/2014
S01E02 The Alluring Red-Light District, and the Foxy Chiharu! 17/04/2014
S01E03 The Sex Witch Houkouin Strikes! 24/04/2014
S01E04 Susanoo Hijacked! The Vicious Asai Hyogo! 01/05/2014
S01E05 Later Summer in Nagasaki, on the Night the Lanterns Float 08/05/2014
S01E06 Shigeyoshi of the Rebellion, The Bloody Surrender of Edo Castle! 15/05/2014
S01E07 The Ninja of Passion, the Bloody Shinsenhumi! 22/05/2014
S01E08 Dawn of Dejima, the Fist of Tenkaichi 29/05/2014
S01E09 Sakurayu Falling In a Love Pattern 05/06/2014
S01E10 After the Rampage, the Two Make Their Decision 12/06/2014
S01E11 Led by the Onigami, to Share Our Fate! 19/06/2014
S01E12 Break the Thunderclouds, Heavenly Thunder God Susanoo! 26/06/2014

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