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GI Joe Extreme lasted for two seasons, 1995 and 1996. There were 26 episodes in all. This show was part of a GI Joe Extreme launch as there was a toyline and comic series also introduced in 1995. The "...and knowing is half the battle" public service announcements also returned with this series. The old ones were updated and feature Extreme characters. GI Joe History The very first G.I.Joe animation was seen in the 1982 television commercial for Marvel Comics' G.I.Joe #1. Sunbow Productions produced all of the G.I.Joe animation between 1982 and 1988. In 1983, Sunbow produced the five-part G.I.Joe syndicated television mini-series, The M.A.S.S. Device. In 1984, it was followed up by The Revenge of Cobra mini-series. In 1985, The Pyramid of Darkness launched the daily cartoon that ran for two seasons. Sunbow concluded their run of G.I.Joe animation with G.I.Joe : The Movie in 1987. In 1989, another fledgling animation studio, DIC Animation, animated the


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de G.I. Joe Extreme

S01E01 Summoning of Heroes 23/09/1995 An all new elite team of soldiers who battle the evil forces of SKAR, who are always trying to take over the world.
S01E02 Serious Leg Work 30/09/1995 Mayday is injured and is forced to stay behind to "guard" the Joe's base while the rest of the team is out on a new mission. Unfortunately for her, Iron Klaw sees this as the perfect opportunity to assault the base, dispatching Inferno and a squadron of Skyreens to do just that.
S01E03 Point of Honor 07/10/1995 The Joes are dispatched to claim an old missile silo before SKAR can get there. Lt. Stone opts to send Ballistic, Mayday (who is still injured from the last episode), and the mercenary Quick Stryke on this mission, but just who is Quick Stryke really working for?
S01E04 Chips and a Cold, Cold Drink 14/10/1995 Black Dragon and Metal Head launch a daring strike against SKAR in an attempt to steal a valuable piece of technology. Unfortunately they have to deal with a very upset Rampage who intends to utilize this technology himself in his bid to overthrow Iron Klaw.
S01E05 To Catch a Klaw 21/10/1995 After Ballistic, Mayday, and Lt. Stone walk into a trap set by SKAR, the team begins to suspect that Count von Rani may be working for SKAR. Although Clancey, the team's contact, dismisses this immediately, Lt. Stone decides to infiltrate von Rani's castle while Sgt. Savage launches an attack against SKAR forces in order to gauge the Count's reaction.
S01E06 Relics 04/11/1995 When Iron Klaw busts an old Iron Army cryogenics expert out of prison, Sgt. Savage takes it upon himself to see that he is recaptured. Along the way we learn a little about the team's "oldest" member.
S01E07 Dawn's Oily Light 18/11/1995 When SKAR seeks to disrupt the world's oil supply by seizing oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, Harpoon, Metal Head, and Black Dragon move to stop them. But when Rampage captures Metal Head and Black Dragon, Harpoon must rely on his Navy SEALs training to rescue his comrades and foil SKAR's latest scheme.
S01E08 Crawling from the Wreckage 02/12/1995 After a new weapons satellite is downed, it's a race against time for the Joes to beat both Inferno and the super-soldier Wreckage to the scene of the crash.
S01E09 Extend a Helping Klaw 09/12/1995 Rampage creates a new weapon that turns living beings into walking time bombs. When Stone is hit by the weapon defending Count von Rani, help in dispatching Rampage comes from an unlikely source...
S01E10 Now Hear This 16/12/1995 When Inferno steals a device that projects subliminal messages called the Mesmerizer, his real aims in life become apparent, as does his life story.
S01E11 Winner Take All 06/01/1996
S01E12 Coup of the Klaw 13/01/1996
S01E13 Rebellion 20/01/1996
S02E01 SKAR Under Siege 20/09/1996
S02E02 Operation Underground 27/09/1996
S02E03 A Traitor Among Us 04/10/1996
S02E04 Iron Klaw Unmasked 11/10/1996
S02E05 The Search for Clancy 18/10/1996
S02E06 Sabotage in the Skies 25/10/1996
S02E07 The Silencers 20/12/1996 The assassin known as the Silencer lures Eagle Eye to his island hideaway to settle an old score. Soon after, Eagle Eye's shooting hand is injured and his vision is impaired by the Silencer as the two men began a nightlong game of cat and mouse. However, by using primitively constructed weapons, Eagle Eye is able to defeat the Silencer and prove that he's the better man.
S02E08 Rampage for President 27/12/1996
S02E09 The Hard Road Home 03/01/1997
S02E10 Wreckage: Revenge! 10/01/1997
S02E11 Fear at Fifty Fathoms 07/02/1997
S02E12 Metalhead Goes AWOL 14/02/1997
S02E13 Betrayal 21/02/1997