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G.I. Joe has been the Real American Hero for over twenty years, and is now jumping into the 21st Century with both feet forwards. Following up on the incredibly successful 3 3/4" action figure toyline and multi-media extravegansa, Hasbro and Gonzo Studios are joining forces to present a G.I. Joe for the kids of today. With a decided stylistic flair and an emphasis on secret agent technology, Sigma 6 will fight COBRA: The Enemy starting on September 10th. Showing in half hour blocks, the producers promise a solid continuity throughout the episodes, starting off with the ever-popular five-part miniseries much as the animated series of the 80's used to do.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de G.I. Joe Sigma Six

S01E01 COBRA Strike 27/08/2005 The Jo's storm COBRA Castle! Cobra hits the GIJoe team on two fronts—at the North Pole and in the Amazon! The Joes fight off hordes of new-style BATs and deploy some new hardware of their own. The Amazon supply depot is destroyed and Duke is nearly killed by Destro’s arctic trap! Duke decides that it’s time for a change in tactics. If COBRA is to be defeated, the team has to go “off the grid”.
S01E02 Escape 17/09/2005 After hacking into the Sigma 6 computer and infecting it with a virus, COBRA sends the Dreadnocks on a rescue mission to free their leader, Cobra Commander. Meanwhile, Duke visits General Hawk in the hospital, and Hawk's son, Scott Abernathy, draws some unwanted attention after hacking into COBRA's computer in an attempt to perfect an A.I. system he's been working on.
S01E03 Capture 24/09/2005 With Cobra Commander back in charge, COBRA launches an all-out assault on the Joe's headquarters. Meanwhile, Scott Abernathy and his robot dog Spud are relentlessly pursued by the sinister android Overlord Vector.
S01E04 Reveal 01/10/2005 SNAKE EYES vs. STORM SHADOW!! The ninja brothers duel it out as Snake Eyes tries to rescue Scott. The rest of the JO's try to stop COBRA's new plan: COBRA Coast, even after the destruction of their HQ!
S01E05 Sigma 08/10/2005 COBRA Coast Climax! Duke, Scott, and the other Joe's race the clock! They have 30 minutes to disarm and destroy a plasma canon or COBRA will be victorious! It's Scarlett vs. Baroness, Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat vs. Destro, and Duke vs. Cobra Commander! Will they stop the doomsday weapon in time?
S01E06 Race 15/10/2005 It's a race between Baroness and the Joes for a stone of power! When the main Joe team gets ito trouble, it's up to Long Range, Spirit, and Snake Eyes to take up the fight!
S01E07 Jungle 03/12/2005 The Power Stones are revealed! It seems that there are mysterious natural stones that have amazing technological powers that both Cobra and GI Joe are on the hunt for. In this episode, Zartan finds a Power Stone in the deep jungle and it's up to Spirit and Snake Eyes to team up to stop the evil master of disguise!
S01E08 Vacation 10/12/2005 The vacation episode! The Sigma team decides it's time for some R&R and they got to Las Vegas for some time off. As soon as they get there, though, they see that Destro is using his casino as a front for developing a super laser. Scarlett and Tunnel Rat must infiltrate the casino and stop Destro before he can finish his master plan!
S01E09 Polar 11/02/2006 Duke and the Sigma Six team must get to the Antarctic to infiltrate Cobra's ice fortress. As Duke climbs perilous ice mountains to break into the fortress, the rest of the Joe team are fighting their way through legions of Cobra BATS with the Sigma Six Ice Saber vehicles.
S01E10 War 18/02/2006 It's Ninja versus Ninja in this episode. A Power Stone is discovered in a temple on Mount Arashikage and Storm Shadow goes to collect. A massive battle ensues as Snake Eyes takes on his sworn enemy and blood brother Storm Shadow for possession of the Stone. Meanwhile, Jinx and Kamakura show the Dreadnaughts that it's not good to tangle with a deadly dup of Ninjas!
S01E11 Lift Off 25/02/2006 While Scott and his pals are visiting a Rocket Base, Cobra takes over and plans on sending a massive rocket into space to wreak havoc on the Earth. Heavy Duty must sneak in, and help out the kids. With Tunnel Rat, Scarlett and Duke on the scene as well, the Cobra Forces abandon their plans.
S01E12 Operation: Zeus (1) 04/03/2006 The final battle! In the first part of this exciting two-part episode the COBRA forces begin to create their ultimate weapon of destruction, utilizing the power Stones - The ZEUS Device! A giant mech of unstoppable power, this mechanical monster spells certain doom for the Gi Joe Sigma Six team!
S01E13 Operation: Zeus (2) 11/03/2006 In part two, the GI Joe Sigma Six team must come together and use their amazing gear and incredible skills to not only defeat and deactivate the rampaging ZEUS mech, but also to stop COBRA's other plans at all costs! With seconds on the clock, can the inestimable GI Joe Sigma Six team save the day?
S02E01 Hidden 09/09/2006 When COBRA comes in with their newest scheme yet, Team Sigma Six is ready and a go, with the best in new high-tech gear and vehicles. COBRA sends in the Zartan & the Dreadnoks to steal a plasma weapon from London. Sigma 6 are able to stop them with a lead sent by a mysterious source. But is this new source: Friend or Foe?
S02E02 Virus 16/09/2006 When a computer virus shuts down Sigma Six's new base. COBRA takes full advantage and attacks the team full-force! Will Sigma be able to handle this new attack while they're dead in the water? And who put the virus in to begin with?
S02E03 Infiltration 23/09/2006 Sigma Six's new mission is to sneak into a COBRA base, find out what their enemy knows, and find the Dragonhawk. Lt. Stone is caught under fire, and Sigma's position is betrayed. Finding no other option, Stone decides to give the ultimate sacrifice, and launches a high-powered missile destroying the COBRA base, with everything and everyone in it!
S02E04 Sigma One 30/09/2006 When Destro puts almost all of the Sigma 6 team under mind control. Hi-Tech, alone and on the run, has to fight not only Destro and his men, but his best friends as well...
S02E05 Training 07/10/2006 On an exercise mission in South America, the Sigma 6 Ninja Team is ambushed by Baroness and Storm Shadow. The two ninja brothers again duel it out, but Snake Eyes has more than his honor at stake this time--his students' lives are also on the line...
S02E06 Heat Wave 14/10/2006 The Joes are again pitted against Destro, who's out for revenge for making a fool of him the last time the two enemies met. This time its a trap that involves radiation, which causes all of the team's weapons to short-circuit. How will Sigma 6 get out of this trap, without getting fried themselves?
S02E07 Rescue (1) 21/10/2006 The traitor is finally revealed, and he springs a trap leading to the capture of almost all of the Sigma 6 team! Duke has to lead a one-man fight against COBRA to get his team back, with only the help of High Tech and his new but unstable army suit. Will he stand a chance, when he's up against not only thousands of BATs, but COBRA Commander as well?
S02E08 Rescue (2) 28/10/2006 Duke brings the fight to COBRA Commander in his battle get his team back. The two fight one on one as Scarlett and the rest of the team take things into their own hands. However, they soon have to battle one of their own whose gone on the wrong side of the line of justice.
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S02E12 Ice 00/00/0000
S02E13 Assault 00/00/0000 With several team members trapped at the North Pole, the scattered Sigmas have to combine a rescue operation with a desperate last-ditch assault. As Sigma Six races South for the final battle, Cobra is ready with everything they have. But deep inside Cobra's Southern Terrordrome, the frozen Snake Eyes is stirring to life. At the same time inside a battered Sea Titan, Duke hatches a shocking all or nothing plan! But nothing can prepare the Sigma's for what awaits them, a hideous new evil as Cobra Commander has taken personal control of the forces of nature!
S00E01 Pilot 00/00/0000 Pilot Episode
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