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G-Spot follows the trials and tribulations of Gigi (Brigitte Bako, The Mind of the Married Man, New York Stories, Red Shoe Diaries), a 30-something actress in Hollywood whose early roles in critically-acclaimed films have since given way to an ever-growing repertoire of late-night B-movies. Originally from Montreal and now living in Los Angeles, Gigi is determined to make an all-out comeback - in her career, and with love.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de G-Spot

S01E01 Gigi 25/04/2005 After losing her mother, her relationship, and her career all in the same year, Gigi leaves Canada to resume her life in Los Angeles. However, her intentions to reinvent her love life and career are quickly deterred when she is barred from a red carpet premiere, and sees her ex-boyfriend Payne kissing his new lady. But when her pals come together for the anniversary of her mom's death – coincidentally, on Valentine’s Day– Gigi is reminded that she's not out of the game yet.
S01E02 The Virgin Bed 02/05/2005 Gigi decides that a new bed – one her ex-boyfriend hasn’t touched – will be the only way to start fresh in her love life. While her friends Stella and Francesca are off bedding porn stars and movers, Gigi continues her search for a new mattress, and a new man to test it out. Unfortunately, her new bed is soon broken in by a howling ex-pimp. To make matters worse, while mattress-shopping, Gigi bumps into her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend who happen to be purchasing a bed for their new shared room.
S01E03 Bronzed Vagina 09/05/2005 Gigi’s desperate for work as her savings start to run low. It doesn’t help that yet another one of her past sexual partners is making it big in Hollywood. The envious thoughts and regrets begin to be too much and Gigi goes into a deep depression while she watches the Oscars® with her friends.
S01E04 Gigi Gets a Job 16/05/2005 Gigi is pulled out of her depression when a call from her agent brings news of a job – a gig for a cable network movie shooting in the Rockies. Not realizing she is merely the movie’s required Canadian content, Gigi ventures north in search of a break from Los Angeles and her ex-boyfriend Payne. Her wish comes true when she meets (and beds) Bo, the Olympic bobsledder – only to find out later he’s an anti-Semite.
S01E05 J Hook Up 23/05/2005 With her recent run-in with an anti-Semite, Gigi vows to only date Jews and seeks out Mr. Right on a Jewish internet dating site. She eventually strikes gold with Joe – a tall, handsome, intelligent animal lover who speaks four languages and wants children in Italy – but it turns out Joe is actually a Catholic who loves Jewish women. Meanwhile, Stella takes up stripping at an erotic dance class, and adventures ensue. Will Gigi be Jewish enough for Joe? Will Stella graduate from Stripper U?
S01E06 George 06/06/2005 Gigi ends up having dinner with George Clooney, who invites her to join him on holiday. Days go by without a call from George, but Gigi passes the time by interviewing tenants for her guesthouse. The perfect candidate (in Gigi’s shrewd mind) is a crusty old Oscar-winning screenwriter who claims Gigi is the ideal leading lady for her new script, which ends up being considered by Miramax Films. When the police come to investigate a foul smell coming from the guesthouse, Gigi is devastated to find the dead body, and the unfinished script, of her tenant – her one-way ticket out of unemployment town. Wouldn’t you know…George finally calls while Gigi is busy identifying the body?
S01E07 Stalker 13/06/2005 After learning that she’s being stalked, Gigi decides it’s not so bad – he’s a huge fan and he professes his undying love for her – plus he’s kind of cute. Enjoying the extra attention, Gigi starts dating him, only to find out that her stalker is trailing other stars as well. Feeling deceived and rejected, Gigi becomes the stalker, and asks why he hasn’t called or stopped by, which pushes the stalker to get a restraining order against Gigi.
S01E08 Sexual Dysfunctions Anonymous 20/06/2005 Gigi finally admits she may have a problem. Her roster of rebounds is becoming somewhat legendary: Bo the racist bobsledder, Stacey the screaming ex-pimp, her stalker… so she enrolls in Sexual Dysfunctions Anonymous, where she runs into the king of all sex addicts – her ex Payne. As Gigi tries to abstain from sex and Payne, she makes an impression on a movie producer who offers her the role of a lifetime. But a party with both Payne and the producer in attendance may throw a wrench in her plans to make it big.
S02E01 Payne Killer 13/02/2006 It’s been a busy summer. Francesca is working in New Zealand, Roxy’s Sasha is at Princeton in a program for gifted children, Stella is still struggling with her acting career and Gigi and Payne are moving in together! While at a preview of a charity auction of Liz Taylor’s memorabilia, Gigi and Payne are so aroused by their surroundings that they have sex in the pretty pink recreation of Taylor’s bedroom. Happy just to be with Payne, Gigi’s thrilled when he presents her with a ring. Her joy is killed when she later learns that the faux bedroom was rigged with surveillance cameras.
S02E02 Blind Faith 20/02/2006 Celebrating Gigi’s new singledom, Roxy and Stella drag her to the legendary Hustler store for new sex toys. Roxy and Stella, on the way to pick up Sasha at Princeton, take their purchases to try out en route. While her friends are away, Gigi finds she’s been replaced as Rick’s beard but things aren’t too bad since she’s landed a gig on a sitcom. Peter, the blind head-writer, a fan of Gigi’s work for years, wants to write her into the show as a regular and pitches her ideas as Gigi changes in front of him—he can't see anyway, right? Visiting her estranged husband, Paul, in the hospital where he’s preparing for transgender surgery, Roxy learns he’s having second thoughts—and that they're still in love.
S02E03 Sunburn 27/02/2006 Rick accidentally saves the life of his stunt double in a car explosion that Rick actually caused. With headlines splashed across the papers, Rick is labelled a hero and is named official spokesperson for the International Paediatric Burn Society and invited to speak at their conference in Paris. When he invites Gigi to accompany him to Paris, Gigi is thrilled even though she’ll have to spend the weekend doing traffic school online because of a recent traffic violation! At the airport, Rick reveals to her that he’s smuggling drugs by hiding them under a bag full of gay sex toys—security never checks! In Paris, while Gigi is at the computer, Rick spends his time in a tanning booth with the guy from the tanning salon. On the day he’s to give his speech, his face breaks out into horrible welts from the tanning solution. At the Paris airport on the way home, Rick’s decoy doesn’t deter the French agents from searching his bag and he’s nailed for drug possession.
S02E04 Sexorcist 06/03/2006 With a thunderous rainstorm raging outside, Roxy is happy to have Paul staying with her and Sasha. Unfortunately, that’s no real comfort to Gigi, whose roof is leaking. When Stella calls from the Laundromat to tell her a house collapsed in Laurel Canyon, Gigi heads to a hotel for the night. Sound asleep, she awakes to a ghost who gives her the most amazing orgasm of her life. The following morning, Gigi remains convinced that she had sex with the ghost of the founder of the hotel, but her friends think she's crazy. Rick is recovering from a night of hard partying at his network exec's house and begins to recall a kinky incident that occurred. It makes Rick realize he needs to sober up. He arrives at Gigi’s that night and gives away his plentiful stash of drugs. The girls try to support him in his sobriety, but it makes for a pretty boring evening. Stella, meanwhile, has been spending time with JC at the Laundromat and finally brings Gigi to meet him. The girls are both a little surprised when JC announces he’s Jesus Christ. Roxy is in her own world of confusion when she arrives home one day to find Paul in drag.
S02E05 Aquaman 13/03/2006 The beautiful and successful Livia, Gigi's friend and neighbour, is back in town! She’s been away for 18 months on a documentary shoot in Papua, New Guinea and the girls celebrate her return with a dinner. They are enthralled by Livia’s stories and in awe of her life as a lesbian who garners a lot of attention from men. The following day Livia introduces Gigi to Jackson, a handsome and fabulously wealthy documentary filmmaker. She is instantly smitten. However, she soon discovers his fatal flaw when after a wonderful session in bed, she finds him sleeping in a bathtub filled with water— a trick he learned in Tanzania to alleviate his back problems. Meanwhile, Stella has decided to see a plastic surgeon about her laugh lines. She’ll undergo peniscryn—the injection of cells from a baby's foreskin into her face—a procedure touted as “better than botox.” Roxy’s world is shaken after a blowout with Paul and she seeks Livia’s advice.
S02E06 Lucky 20/03/2006 Despite Jackson’s strange sleeping habits, Gigi is making it work. She’s also landed the lead in a comedy film. With the new movie and a rich boyfriend, she’s decided to wear only designer labels from now on and donates bags of clothes to a local thrift shop. Shortly thereafter, Jackson tells her his new documentary has been green lit, and he’ll be going to Tanzania for three months. They decide to continue their relationship long-distance but Gigi is crushed. Meanwhile, Roxy and Paul decide to reunite and seek therapy and Stella gets busted acting as her agent in a local restaurant. On the set of her film, Gigi immediately notices Duff, a gorgeous props guy from Canada. With his stay extended to 18 months, Jackson breaks up with Gigi. Duff, who’s been hovering nearby, "consoles" her in her trailer moments later. Having grown accustomed to the idea of dating someone rich, Gigi can’t possibly wrap her head around the idea of dating Duff—plus he’s Canadian. But when Gigi is fired from the film and she and Rick can’t convince the thrift store to return her clothes, Duff arrives at her doorstep with her wardrobe from the movie, and Gigi wonders if maybe there is a future?
S02E07 Biological Crock 27/03/2006 When Duff takes Gigi on a picnic to celebrate her best actress nomination for "Deep Snake,” Gigi discovers he's great with kids, which makes her even more attracted to him, but she would still rather date someone with money. Far from maternal, Gigi is inclined to offer to look after Sasha while Roxy and Paul go on couples retreat. The weekend with Sasha is a disaster until Gigi confronts Sasha about her attitude, and Sasha breaks down about her home life. They bond over a breakfast of pizza and the movie "Jackass," which Duff dropped off on his way out of town. Roxy is thrilled to see that her friend and daughter have connected when she and Paul return from the retreat.
S02E08 Hollywood Party 03/04/2006 At Livia’s encouragement, Gigi has decided to take advantage of all the "Deep Snake" publicity and throw a big Hollywood party. She’s desperately trying to pull the party together with only a few days notice when her sister and brother-in-law, swingers from Edmonton (the wife-swapping capitol of Canada) drop in for an unannounced visit. Gigi's less than thrilled about having her star-crazed sister Gwen at her swanky soiree. What starts out as a fun idea quickly turns into a nightmare—no celebrities show up, the caterer serves veal to vegans, Stella's boyfriend goes into anaphylactic shock from the peanut oil in Stella's edible underwear, Paul chooses to attend dressed as a woman and Rick gets him so high he ends up making out with Livia's girlfriend Diana, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Roxy, right in front of Livia and Roxy. To top it off, Gigi finds Gwen and Brian in bed with Rick. Duff arrives and Gigi realizes how much she loves him. She asks him to take her up to the lake he loves so much and they flee the party – and maybe Hollywood – for good.
S03E01 Pussy Killer, Killer Pussy 01/04/2009 Gigi decides life with Duff isn’t everything she was looking for and returns to Hollywood—just in time for a funeral. Following the funeral of a Hollywood movie producer, disrupted by flatulence and laughter, Gigi auditions for the role of Princess Zethronon in the sci-fi series Star Space League. Although it proves to be a humiliating experience, producers insist she’s a natural and offer her the role. Gigi decides that a season on the series will afford her the opportunity to take six months off to write something she believes in. Stella, still reeling from the producer’s untimely departure, is subjected to questioning by detectives investigating the cause of his death. Rick receives the script for the Pulitzer winning A Tale of Two Seamen; an adaptation which Gigi insists, could bring him an Oscar. Meanwhile, Livia is still crushing on Roxy whose pre-op transsexual ex-husband Paul moved to New York with their daughter Sasha—but does Roxy have something to share with Paul that just might change his mind?
S03E02 Mumble Jumble 08/04/2009 Rick drags an unwilling Gigi to dinner with a famous director where a grave misunderstanding seems to be the main course. Gigi, whose role as Princess Zethronon has had her seated on a block of ice for hours on end, is ill and less than thrilled to accompany Rick to dinner with A Tale of Two Seamen director Pedro Davidd. The acclaimed director wants to ensure Rick will be able to play a convincing gay man. Pedro mumbles his way through the dinner and they leave “with an understanding” though neither Gigi or Rick understood everything Pedro said. The following day Gigi has taken to her bed when Pedro drops by her home. When he comes out of her bathroom naked, Gigi is quick to explain she could never betray her ‘boyfriend’ Rick, but soon costs Rick the starring role when she accuses the sensitive Pedro of mumbling. Livid, Rick is forced to take matters into his own hands to win it back. Stella sees some nudity of her own when Detective Ronaldson pays an off-duty visit bearing flowers. Getting to know one another over a glass of wine soon turns into “the hottest date ever,” as she tells Gigi the following day. And Roxy, convinced she’s pregnant with Paul’s baby, shares the news with Livia who is at a producers’ conference in Telluride. Crushed, Livia drowns her sorrows in drink and ends up in a tryst.
S03E03 Pirate Virgin 15/04/2009 Gigi reunites with her high school sweetheart as her series premieres—will Gigi become a sci-fi icon? Gigi is reunited with her high school sweetheart by chance and makes an unexpected discovery about him. Stella is thrilled to land a series of acting jobs until she finds out why she was cast. Rick starts to fall for his co-star Jake Jakes and is happily surprised when he discovers Jake is not the man Rick thought he was. Liviais stunned to discover her recent meltdowns are due to a moment of uncharacteristic weakness. And Roxy gets a taste of her newfound freedom, adult-style.
S03E04 Alien vs. Alien 22/04/2009 Gigi reunites with her high school sweetheart as her series premieres—will Gigi become a sci-fi icon? Gigi is reunited with her high school sweetheart by chance and makes an unexpected discovery about him. Stella is thrilled to land a series of acting jobs until she finds out why she was cast. Rick starts to fall for his co-star Jake Jakes and is happily surprised when he discovers Jake is not the man Rick thought he was. Liviais stunned to discover her recent meltdowns are due to a moment of uncharacteristic weakness. And Roxy gets a taste of her newfound freedom, adult-style.
S03E05 Mile High Baby Club 29/04/2009 Single and unemployed, Gigi is driven out of Hollywood by the seemingly perfect lives of her friends. She heads to Buenos Aires to focus on her writing, a move that just might change her life! Following the sci-fi convention, Gigi finds herself single and dethroned having been fired from the series for mingling with another species! Depressed, she’s thrilled to accept Roxy and Livia’s party invitation—until she finds herself in the middle of a baby shower surrounded by mothers! Discouraged, she seeks solace at Rick’s only to find him head-over-heels in love with a serious acting role to boot. Stella is too busy with the detective to notice Gigi’s unhappiness. Taking matters into her own hands, Gigi decides to head to Buenos Aires—flying first-class thanks to a little white lie— to focus on her writing, meeting a man who just might change her life along the way.
S03E06 Double Beard 06/05/2009 The premiere party for Rick’s film is a Hollywood who’s-who and Gigi, of course, attends on Rick’s arm, but the evening’s antics could jeopardize both of their careers. Gigi’s star is on the rise following her encounter with producer Mr. Bill Wright on the way to Buenos Aires. With a pilot in play, she agrees to beard Rick at the Hollywood premiere party for his film A Tale of Two Seamen but both his heterosexuality and “Gigiwood” are placed in jeopardy when events at the party, where Stella beards Livia, get out of control. Uninvited, Roxy’s ealousy takes her to a place she's never gone before.
S03E07 Handicap Hummer 13/05/2009 Gigi takes Halifax by storm when she arrives to shoot the pilot for her series. Welcome to “Gigiwood” in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Gigi heads to Halifax to shoot the pilot for her series, despite the fact that the gang isn’t thrilled with her portrayal of them. Embracing the experience, Gigi is quick to bond with her crew—especially Terry, the hunky stunt co-coordinator. But when he gives her the cold shoulder following their gettogether, costume designer Dora sets her straight on Terry’s story. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Roxy and Livia take their relationship in stride—leading them all the way to the doctor who has strict orders for the duo. From afar, Stella continues to lobby to be cast as herself in Gigi’s series despite the fact that Mr. Wright thinks she’s all wrong. In helping Stella prepare her audition tape, Rick decides he’s going to “come out”—but the reaction he receives isn’t quite what he had imagined and his position in the race for an Oscar is jeopardized, along with his relationship with Jake.
S03E08 Gigiwood 20/05/2009 The gang surprises Gigi in Halifax—in more ways than one! When Rick fails to receive a much-expected Oscar nomination, the gang heads to Halifax to surprise Gigi who has been slapped with a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit. Poor Gigi, she’s also been fighting Mr. Wright’s decisions every step of the way. Didn’t he promise her he’d help her make a pilot she’d be proud of? Then why is he insisting on casting a Scotsman named Seamus McPhee to play Miguel, a Latino gangbanger? But the gang’s all here and she’s thrilled. After meeting their “doubles,” Rick is quick to give fake Rick some pointers and Stella has some moves of her own. It’s Livia’s jealousy that rears its head after she spots Roxy flirting with her double, that is until her contractions begin and the baby is born! But it’s Mr. Wright’s delivery that really rocks Gigi’s world.