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Ever wanted to get up-close and personal with a G-String Diva? This hit series brings you inside the sexy, flirtatious lives of erotic dancers.


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S01E01 Lapdance 101 with Jordan 23/09/2000 Jordan is a sultry Brazilian who has a boyfriend, a girlfriend and shares a house with six other strippers. A lapdance virtuoso, Jordan often shares her tips for success with the other dancers. Her best advice: "You have to do a lapdance like you're actually having sex." According to Jordan, it all boils down to simple biology: "The man has a second brain," she says, "and once you turn that second brain on, the other brain just doesn't work at all."
S01E02 Ginger, Queen of the Jungle 30/09/2000 Ginger, a self-described "great diva bitch, " is a summa cum laude graduate of Villanova University. The undisputed "Queen of the Champagne Court," Ginger is one of the most successful dancers at Divas. So successful, in fact, that she just purchased "Ginger's Bread House," a home paid for with "bread" from her adoring customers. Ginger is the consummate businesswoman, whether she's entertaining steady clients like Carl -- who says he's falling in love with her -- or circling the bar in search of new "accounts." While other strippers may jealously wonder what she does behind closed doors to earn all that money, Ginger simply attributes her success to hard work and perseverance: "I'm a very powerful intimidator of men!"
S01E03 Cashmere's Dilemma 07/10/2000 Cashmere is an acrobatic African-American beauty who takes pole dancing to new heights. She has been lavished with money, gifts, and even new breasts from her regular customer Brett, much to the chagrin of her fiance Lenny, who sometimes sulks on the sidelines. "In this business I believe you get what you can for free while you're in it - and that's one thing I got free," Cashmere says of the breast job. "One down, about two to go." But is all this generosity too much for Lenny to handle?
S01E04 Chrissy Does it All 14/10/2000 Chrissy, a former therapist who holds a Master's in psychology, is a favorite among Divas customers looking to combine lapdances with free advice. The degree has "definitely helped my dancing," she says. Chrissy isn't all talk, though. With a shock of unruly blonde hair and an attitude to match, Chrissy turns on the heat both on and off the stage
S01E05 A Hot Summer Night 21/10/2000 Summer, an all-American "Catholic Schoolgirl," has a great time while shes's on stage: "I like to be up there, I like to ham it up," she says. But dancing is hard work, too, and Summer treats her body like a living Stradivarius, from tanning to body sculpting and fabulous makeup. "I love the human body," Summer says. "My Mom says I always stared in the mirror when I was little - and sometimes I still do." Summer strives to be elegant, seductive and "nasty" all at the same time, and judging from her clients' responses, she usually succeeds.
S01E06 Divas in Paradise 28/10/2000 The G-String Divas head south to Puerto Rico. In this tropical paradise, they discover when it comes to body talk, everyone speaks the same language. And though, the girls' labor is the seduction of Latin men, it's not all work and no play. There's frolicking in the surf, sailing on the sea and working on those full-body tans. Plus, a special dance by the Divas on Jordan's birthday. On this trip the girls really get to know each other.
S01E07 Liquid Silver 04/11/2000 Silver came to the U.S. from a strict religious upbringing in Chile. But these days she enjoys playing the part of the dominatrix. Of one submissive client, she explains, "he says that if I don't hit him enough, he'll go somewhere else." Dark, powerful and passionate, Liquid Silver can change before your eyes: "Sometimes I play the slave, sometimes I'm the mistress or the schoolteacher or the secretary," she says. "I'm all these different things."
S01E08 First Time Divas 11/11/2000 What does it take to get up on that stage and strut your stuff for the first time? Hear the stories of First Time Divas - what they learned and how they learned it.
S01E09 Educating Miss Bunny 18/11/2000 Whether it's on stage or in front of the camera, Bunny is an entertaining performer. "I love being onstage, I'm a ham up there," says Bunny, "I love it when people cheer and clap and make a big deal about seeing me up there". While she originally had hopes of becoming a doctor or Supreme Court justice, Bunny's higher education has taken a different direction: recently back from "feature dancing training school," this week Bunny gets a feature show of her very own.
S01E10 Recipe for a Stripper's Body 25/11/2000
S01E11 Joey, Underground Artist 02/12/2000 Another episode with Joey.
S01E12 A Good Man is Hard to Find 09/12/2000 Ginger is searching for her ideal man.
S01E13 No Strings Attached 16/12/2000 The dancers try out their new club.

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