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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de G&T Web Series

S01E01 Episode #1.1 14/12/2012 At a party University-party Giulio, Tommaso and friends get drunk as usual but this time both of them end up in the bathroom. From that moment on, their lives will change ...
S01E02 Episode #1.2 14/12/2012 It is now five years and Giulio & Tommaso and do not talk any more; leading two different lives: Giulio is openly gay and engaged to Matthew, Tommaso is working in the family-business and is about to marry Serena.
S01E03 Episode #1.3 11/01/2013 During the inauguration of the bar of Gianluca, Giulio & Tommaso reviewing after 5 years and after their encounter in the toilets of a club. The embarrassed eyes meet, then they talk. But thanks to the friend of Giulio, the evening takes a turn decidedly unexpected.
S01E04 Episode #1.4 13/01/2013 Giulio and Tommaso had argued at the opening of local Gianluca bar and since then neither is willing to see each other again. Tommaso quietly resumed his life with Serena. But destiny will make their paths cross again.
S01E05 Episode #1.5 25/01/2013 Forced by his brother Tommy to work together to increase sales of TBIOS, Tommaso and Giulio go to visit Giulio's parents' home in the countryside but the tension between the two is visible. Meanwhile Sara has a little surprise from Gianluca herself...
S01E06 Episode #1.6 01/02/2013 The story of Giulio and Tommaso seems to never being able to reach a happy ending. To make things even more difficult when Matteo, Giulio's ex, who had betrayed him, is trying to make amends and seduces him. But it seems that it is impossible for Giulio and Tommaso to remain separate and, above all, do not think of each other.
S01E07 Episode #1.7 08/02/2013 The closer it get to the moment when Serena and Tommaso will have to live together, the more the tension between the two shows, while work is an opportunity for Tommaso to see Giulio. Matthew, meanwhile, does not give up.
S01E08 Episode #1.8 15/02/2013 Serena and Tommaso are at fighting, in fact the guy smelled something. In the meantime Giulio and Matthew are at Lake Maggiore at a conference, and in need of a clarification at the hotel.
S01E09 Episode #1.9 22/02/2013 After an hiatus Giulio and Tommaso return for work, while Sara with two girlfriends visits Gianluca's bar. But Sara is not happy with how the Gianluca is flirting with her friends.
S01E10 Episode #1.10 29/03/2013 After the night in the pool, Tommy begins to be more and more confused: his feelings for Giulio are conflicting and can not simply accept them.
S01E11 Episode #1.11 05/04/2013 Serena begins to review her relationship with Tommaso. Meanwhile, Giulio is ever more aware of the feelings towards his friend, but will have to deal with Matthew first.
S01E12 Episode #1.12 12/04/2013 Sara is struggling with her true feelings towards Gianluca and while Giulio, residing at his parents' home to clear his head, he gets a surprise visit from Tommaso. The two boys will face off once and for all.
S01E13 Episode #1.13 26/04/2013 Giulio and Tommaso, Sara and Gianluca and the other characters of G & T run into each other with a double episode of Season Finale. Goodbye or farewell? (Part 1)
S01E14 Episode #1.14 00/00/0000 Giulio and Tommaso, Sara and Gianluca and the other characters of G & T run into each other with a double episode of Season Finale. Goodbye or farewell? (Part 2)

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