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Gadget Man shows the world's collection of handy gadgets throughout the ages, from today's smart devices to decades old electronics to even older mechanical devices. Stephen Fry presented Series One, with Richard Ayoade taking over for Series Two.


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S01E01 Super Commuter 19/11/2012 Stephen and his guest Jonathan Ross look at how gadgets can make the daily commute more bearable and more fun. Gadgets include a very unconventional electric car, a very unusual bicycle and a 3D headset. Stephen also attempts to beat the traffic jams by creating his own fantasy super-vehicle.
S01E02 Tasty Tech 26/11/2012 Stephen takes a look at how gadgets can make shopping and cooking so much easier and far more entertaining. He escorts the world's only driverless shopping trolley around the supermarket, tests high-end barbecues and tries out an array of fancy kitchen gadgets as he prepares to host a spectacular dinner party for his friends.
S01E03 Work Made Easy 03/12/2012 Stephen examines devices that make work easier and more fun, meeting up with Lord Sugar to road test some of the latest work-saving gizmos, including a coffee machine that talks to your phone. Stephen also plays around with some of Lord Sugar's early inventions. Other gadgets covered in this episode include a pen that transcribes notes direct to your computer and an executive sleep pod.
S01E04 Fun and Games 10/12/2012 Stephen looks at how gadgets entertain us. He shows Jeremy Clarkson how traditional pub games could be overhauled by replacing them with various gadgets, including an automatic cocktail-maker and a futuristic pool-table machine that lines up your shots for you. (And remote-controlled pet as well.) Stephen also tries to build the world's biggest computer game.
S01E05 Body Beautiful 17/12/2012 Stephen looks at how new technology can help keep us fit and healthy. He road-tests some of the latest gym gadgets and gets a makeover from Amy Childs (from The Only Way Is Essex), using some weird and wonderful beauty devices. Some of the gadgets on the show include an app which predicts how long you will live, the world's most incredible treadmill and a device that claims to make you slimmer in just 30 minutes. And Stephen attempts to build the ultimate running machine that will enable him to race against double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes.
S01E06 Christmas Special 24/12/2012 In this Christmas special, Stephen Fry brings his insight and wit to bear on gadgets from Christmases past. Drawing on unusual and entertaining archive footage, Stephen surveys how Christmas and gadgets go together like mince pies and cream, as he takes a wry look at toys, snow, decorations and Christmas dinner.
S02E01 The Great Outdoors 02/09/2013 Richard turns his attention to the increasingly popular world of camping and shows viewers how gadgets can make the great outdoors more entertaining and bearable for novices.
S02E02 Rise and Shine 09/09/2013 Richard tests new gadgets to get people get out of bed and out of the house in the morning with long-term early-riser DJ Sara Cox. He also encounters some unusual vehicles as he experiences the commute at the crack of dawn with the Today programme presenter John Humphrys. Gadgets include a new machine for ironing clothes without ironing, a magic mirror and the most energy-efficient car in the world. The show culminates with Richard trying out a Get Ready Machine which promises to propel him from his bed and to wash, dress and feed him automatically.
S02E03 Child's Play 16/09/2013 Richard tests some parenting gadgets for toddlers through to teens with the assistance of Denise van Outen and Hugh Dennis, including a mind-controlled helicopter, a self-assembling pram, the latest in interactive computer gaming and a £10,000 robotic baby-sitter. His main objective is to showcase gadgets that promise to make parenting a more enjoyable and less stressful pastime. And the episode culminates with Richard showcasing his brainwave for a parent-friendly playground that runs on kiddie-power alone, taking away the need for mums and dads to do all the work pushing swings and roundabouts.
S02E04 Summer Holiday 23/09/2013 Noel Fielding joins Richard Ayoade to road test holiday gadgets including a superfast motorcycle/car, anti-jet lag glasses, a BBQ dinghy, an unbreakable suitcase and a box of holiday smells developed by the American military. Richard and Noel travel to the South of France examining gadgets to make journeys less boring, lying on the beach more relaxing, and swimming in the pool more entertaining. The show culminates with Richard trying to recreate the South of France in Southend, with the help of a astronomical device
S02E05 Home Improvement 30/09/2013 Richard looks at DIY, including robot lawnmowers, the world's safest saw, an automatic wallpapering machine and the latest 3D printers capable of making plates and cutlery in minutes. Richard is not a fan of doing it yourself and believes that gadgets should be able to do all the work for you. So he tests the latest safety tools, building machinery and lawnmowers, all of which promise to take the strain and pain out of decorating your home. He also sets himself a challenge: to makeover a room in his house using robots and gadgets and without him having to lift a finger.
S02E06 Smaller Is Better 07/10/2013 Richard attempts to prove that small is beautiful by demonstrating the world's smallest gadgets. He visits musician Alex James at his enormous farm and six bedroomed home to demonstrate how he can downsize his lifestyle using tiny gadget alternatives to his large appliances. Richard shows Michelin star chef Galton Blackiston a gadget that can prepare and cook a three-course meal entirely on its own. Using moving walls and innovative interior design, Richard creates a house of five interchangeable rooms out of a tiny four metre cube, and invites Jimmy Carr for a tour.

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