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Ito Keita is a common boy, and he has nothing to be recommend except his good luck. One day he receives a letter. It is a certification of the entrance to an elite boy's boding high school. At this school he is supposed to spend days of battles and sweet romance with handsome boys.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Gakuen Heaven

S01E04 Steam! A Stormy Welcoming Party 22/04/2006
S01E05 Heaven`s Door 29/04/2006
S01E06 Date Weather 06/05/2006
S01E07 The whereabouts of anxiety 13/05/2006
S01E08 The night before the MVP Battle 20/05/2006
S01E09 Steel Flower 27/05/2006
S01E10 The Key to Memories 03/06/2006
S01E11 The truth is revealed 10/06/2006
S01E12 A flower that won`t bend to the wind 17/06/2006
S01E13 Promise 24/06/2006