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In the year 2111, the solar system has been colonized. The colonized moons and planets are lawless and the police are helpless. In order to battle the evil within the solar system, Isaac Godonov creates J9, made up of himself, Blaster Kid, Stephen Bowie, and Angel Omachi. They are a team that will handle any missions the police will not with their robot Braiger... for a price. Meanwhile, the Nubia section of Earth has a plan to destroy Jupiter to create 30 more planets for human colonization. But this plan will result in the destruction of Earth.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Galaxy Cyclone Braiger

S01E01 Merciless J9 06/10/1981
S01E02 Roaring Asteroids 13/10/1981 Conspirators and cabals gather in the glittering streets of the asteroids! A space policeman dies in a duel between West J District gangs! His sister, swearing revenge, turns to J9! But there, there is a woman who knows Kid's past...
S01E03 Hellish Venus 20/10/1981 In the scorching hell of Venus, under the guise of a development project there are corrupt officials indulging in usury! A man fled with evidence disclosing a device linked to one of the Connections, pursued by an evil organization! Hearing the request, J9 flew towards Venus, looking to recover the film with the evidence...
S01E04 Lawless West J District 27/10/1981
S01E05 A Client From The Grave 03/11/1981
S01E06 The Red Rose of Revenge 10/11/1981
S01E07 The Great Escape from Venus Prison 17/11/1981
S01E08 Wiping Tears On The Moon 24/11/1981
S01E09 Satrun Rally, The Rampaging Race 01/12/1981
S01E10 Love Vanished in the Mists 08/12/1981
S01E11 A Snowfield In Flames 15/12/1981
S01E12 The Vulcan Twins 22/12/1981
S01E13 Mission: Gold 29/12/1981
S01E14 The Rescue of the Jovian Bems 05/01/1982
S01E15 The Evil Synchron Planet 12/01/1982
S01E16 Dead Galactic Beauties 19/01/1982
S01E17 Angry Cougar 26/01/1982
S01E18 Starlight Lullaby 02/02/1982
S01E19 Raid Melody 09/02/1982
S01E20 The Demon of Vengance, Reborn 16/02/1982
S01E21 Double Neck Vow 23/02/1982
S01E22 Assassination Order: Nubia 02/03/1982
S01E23 Nubia Laughs 09/03/1982
S01E24 Back Off 16/03/1982
S01E25 Uranus Smells of Death 23/03/1982
S01E26 Blues Again 30/03/1982
S01E27 Storm Of The Carnival (Part 1) 06/04/1982
S01E28 Storm Of The Carnival (Part 2) 13/04/1982
S01E29 Twilight Challenger 20/04/1982
S01E30 They Are To Die (Part 1) 27/04/1982
S01E31 They Are To Die (Part 1) 04/05/1982
S01E32 Galaxy of Prayer 11/05/1982
S01E33 A Parting Song Under The Eclipse 18/05/1982
S01E34 The Name Is Khamen 25/05/1982
S01E35 The Battle of Mercury (Part 1) 01/06/1982
S01E36 The Battle of Mercury (Part 2) 08/06/1982
S01E37 The Sentence Of Death For Jupiter 15/06/1982
S01E38 Battle Of The Asteroids 22/06/1982
S01E39 Abayo 29/06/1982
S01E99 00/00/0000