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From carnival and boardwalk games to bar and arcade games, Sal Piacente reveals the secrets to win at any game.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Game On, America

S01E01 Skeeball, Shell, Striker 29/04/2014 Sal Piacente reveals the secrets behind popular games played across America like Skeeball and Stand the Bottle. Sal also teaches us the strategies to win at any game, no matter the odds.
S01E02 Air Hockey, Tug of War, Basketball Shot 29/04/2014 Sal Piacente uncovers the secrets behind air hockey and teaches us how to go from the underdog to the sure thing in tug-of-war. We also learn what it takes to best the surprisingly difficult carnival game, known as "Basketball Shot".
S01E03 Milk Bottle Pitch, Pinball, Pint Glass 06/05/2014 Sal Piacente reveals how he uses stance and strategy to knock the "Milk Bottle Pitch" out of the park. He learns the secrets to turn anyone into a pinball wizard, and he heads to the bar to show us how to win pints using a pint glass.
S01E04 Coin Toss, Rope Ladder, Fast and Loose 13/05/2014 Sal Piacente reveals a simple finger flip that can help you win a coin toss every time. Later on, Sal explains why the first step on a rope ladder can seal your fate. And finally, Sal dissects one of the oldest cons in the book, Fast and Loose.
S01E05 Break a Plate; Money Machine; Billiards 06/07/2014
S01E06 Shoot the Star; Foosball; Arm Wrestling 06/07/2014
S01E07 Monopoly; Mechanical Bull; Dominoes 12/07/2014
S01E08 Ring Toss; Blackjack; Rock Paper Scissors 12/07/2014
S01E09 Razzle Dazzle; Balloon Darts; Tic-Tac-Toe 19/07/2014
S01E10 Clown Toss; Go Karts; Connect 4 19/07/2014
S01E11 Horseshoes, Milk Can Toss, Shuffleboard 26/07/2014 Sal Piacente reveals the secret to throwing a ringer in horseshoes, and how to hit the sweet spot at the milk can toss. Then, he divulges how to shuffle your way out of the kitchen and into the winner's circle in shuffleboard.
S01E12 Jelly Beans, Penny Pyramid, Jenga 26/07/2014 Sal Piacente spills the beans on the jelly bean count so you can walk away in sweet victory. Then, he reveals the answer to the 10-penny brainteaser, Penny Pyramid. Finally, he teaches you how to build your Jenga tower so it never topples over.
S01E13 Frog Launcher, Cornhole, Checkers 02/08/2014 Sal Piacente plays Frog Launcher and shows you how to get "nothing but corn" at the beanbag tossing game, Cornhole. Then, he reveals the secrets to Checkers and why you should think of your pieces as an army.