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Over Game Sack We're Joe and Dave from Denver. We have wooden delivery and talk about games we find interesting and a few that may not be so great. Thanks for checking out Game Sack!


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S01E01 SNES SuperScope vs Sega Menacer 04/04/2011 In this episode we dare to compare the two official light guns for the SNES and Sega Genesis. Plus we babble a lot. Which plastic light gun is the best? Games shown: SNES - Super Scope 6 in 1, Yoshi's Safari, Battleclash, X-Zone Genesis - Menacer 6-in-1, T2 The Arcade Game. Sega CD 32X - Corpse Killer Notes: *First episode. We thought of the name "Game Sack" about 5 minutes before we shot the episode. *480p only. Shot with the old Canon XL1. *This is the only episode which has an unboxing.
S01E02 16-Bit Street Fighter II + 3DS 11/04/2011 We compare Street Fighter II for the various 16-bit systems of the day (but not Super SF2) plus we briefly give our thoughts on the new 3DS system which is in 3D. Crazy! Games shown: SNES - Street Fighter II Turbo. Genesis - Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition. PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 - Street Fighter II Champion Edition. 3DS - Pilotwings Resort. Notes: *Quick look at the 3DS system in the beginning. *Shot before episode 1 was released on Youtube. *First episode in HD (720p). *First episode shot with the Canon 7D which would be used in many future episodes.
S01E03 8-Bit 3D Gaming: NES vs SMS 18/04/2011 Both the NES and Sega Master System offered games in 3D looooong before the 3DS was an itch in Nintendo's pants. But how do they compare? Here we examine the games that were released in 3D in the 8-bit era for the NES and SMS. *Please note: We did not include Famicom LCD shutter goggle games because we do not have that. Sad but true. NES - Rad Racer, 3-D World Runner SMS - Blade Eagle 3-D, Space Harrier 3-D, Out Run 3-D, Zaxxon 3-D, Poseidon Wars 3-D, Maze Hunter 3-D, Line of Fire, Missile Defense 3-D
S01E04 Random Battle 1 25/04/2011 This is our first Random Battle episode. Jen randomly pulls out a game for Dave to endorse and one for Joe to endorse. Which of these two randomly selected games is better than the other? This episode: Rambo III (Sega Master System) vs Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sega Saturn). SMS - Rambo III, Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Operation Wolf Saturn - Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga Genesis - Rambo III Xbox - Panzer Dragoon Orta
S01E05 Naxat Video Pinball Games 02/05/2011 This time we talk about the best video pinball games ever, Alien Crush, Devil's Crush and Jaki Crush! Which one is best? TurboGrafx-16 - Alien Crush, Devil's Crush. SNES - Jackie Crush. Genesis - Dragon's Fury, Dragon's Revenge. Wii - Alien Crush Returns
S01E06 Mario vs Sonic - Which is Best? 08/05/2011 We compare Mario video games to Sonic video games. Who is the better character and who has the better games? What do YOU think? Games Shown: Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, Knuckles. Master System - Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2. Sega CD - Sonic CD. Saturn - Sonic R, Sonic Jam. PS3 - Sonic 4 Episode 1, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. NES - Super Mario Bros 1, 2. SNES - Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Kart. Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64, Super Mario Kart 64. Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Kart Double Dash. Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure 1, 2. Wii - Sonic & the Secret Rings, Super Mario Galaxy ,Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii Note: *Made solely to attract new viewers and invite controversy. It worked! It's also the first episode which required any sort of complex editing. *This is also the most viewed episode to date.
S01E07 Controllers for the 8 and 16-Bit Era Systems 15/05/2011 This time we give you our thoughts on some of the many available controllers for the 8 and 16-bit systems.
S01E08 Tetris and Other Puzzle Games 22/05/2011 Puzzle games are an enticing genre for many. So we're here to babble about it. Dave handles mostly Tetris games and Joe handles mostly non-Tetris games. Also, Dave reveals an idea for next week's episode... NES - Tetris (Nintendo & Tengen), Dr. Mario. GameBoy - Tetris, Dr. Mario. Virtual Boy - V-Tetris, 3D Tetris. SNES - Tetris & Dr. Mario, Tetris 2, Kirby's Avalanche, Wario's Woods. Nintendo 64 - The New Tetris, Dr. Mario 64, Pokemon Puzzle League. Dreamcast - Sega Tetris. DS - Tetris DS, Meteos. Wii - Tetris Party Deluxe. Genesis - Colums, Columns 3, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. PSP - Tetris
S01E09 Rally Racing Games 30/05/2011 Like rally racing games? So do we. Don't like rally racing games? Well, you should. Saturn - Sega Rally Championship. Dreamcast - Sega Rally Championship 2. PS3 - Sega Rally Revo, Dirt 3. Xbox - Rallisport Challenge, Rallisport Challenge 2.
S01E10 NES Zapper vs Sega Light Phaser 06/06/2011 Shooting guns at games on your TV screen was an awesome thing to do back in the late 80's. Here we look at many games available for the popular Zapper and Light Phaser guns. Which has better games? Which is the better gun? NES - Duck Hunt, Gumshoe, Wild Gunman, Hogan's Alley, To the Earth, Mechanized Attack, Freedom Force, Shooting Range, Operation Wolf, The Lone Ranger, The Adventures of Bayou Billy. SMS - Safari Hunt, Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting, Operation Wolf, Laser Ghost, Gangster Town, Rescue Mission, Shooting Gallery, Assault City, Space Gun, Wanted, Rambo III, Missile Defense 3-D.
S01E11 Retro Gaming on HDTVs and Video Connections 13/06/2011 Want to hook that old-school gaming console up to your spiffy new LCD or Plasma HDTV? Or would a standard definition CRT be better for your retro gaming needs? NES - Kid Kool, Gumshoe, Marble Madness, Mega Man 2. SNES - Castlevania Dracula X. Genesis - Ys III, Sonic
S01E12 Gaming Collectables and Whatnot 20/06/2011 What happens when your obsession with video games goes beyond the games themselves? Find out the sad truth in this episode. *No games were featured at all in this episode, only game-related items. *Shortest episode
S01E13 The TurboGrafx-16 27/06/2011 Not nearly enough people appreciate the TurboGrafx-16. Here we take a look at a few of the many things that make it so special. TurboGrafx-16 HuCard/CD - Splatterhouse, Military Madness, Dracula X, Magical Chase (JP version), Star Parodia, The Legendary Axe, The Legendary Axe II, R-Type, Ys Book 1&2, Ys III Wanderers from Ys, Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, Gate of Thunder, Lords of Thunder, JB Harold Murder Club. Turbo games shown briefly: Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Fatal Fury 2, Art of Fighting, Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire.
S01E14 Star Odyssey + Random Battle 2 04/07/2011 A first look at the new RPG for the Genesis/Mega Drive as well as another Random Battle. Which two games fight it out this time? R-Type (Master System) and Axelay (SNES). If you are interested in Star Odyssey, check out: Genesis - Star Odyssey, Blue Almanac SNES - Axelay SMS - R-Type
S01E15 Final Fight and Streets of Rage 11/07/2011 This week we take a look at two of the most popular beat 'em ups from the 16-bit era and also a little-seen game. Arcade - Final Fight. SNES - Final Fight, Final Fight Guy, Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3. Sega CD - Final Fight CD. Genesis - Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3. Saturn - Final Fight Revenge
S01E16 Some Cool 16-Bit Ninja Games 25/07/2011 This time we take a look at some (not all) ninja games on 16-bit systems. Which system has the best ninja games? And which particular ninja game rules them all? Games Shown: Genesis - Revenge of Shinobi, Shadow Dancer, Shinobi III. TurboGrafx-16 - Shinobi, Ninja Spirit. SNES - Hagane, Legend of the Mystical Ninja
S01E17 Controllers for the 32-Bit Era and Beyond 01/08/2011 This is a re-release of an older episode. This one was originally banned in Germany because of a song used in the intermission. Now that segment has been reworked and re-edited (for the better, in my opinion) and the entire world can see it. We'll be back next week with an all-new episode! This time we give you our thoughts on some of the many available controllers for the 32-bit systems and beyond, the ones that we have, anyway.
S01E18 Road Rash (16-Bit and Up) & Game Force Boulder 07/08/2011 This time we take an in-depth look into the awesome Road Rash series (16-Bit and up) and also tour an awesome video game store which is very refreshing in contrast to most crappy stores these days. Game Force Boulder song and lyrics written by Joe Redifer. Lyrics available upon request. No wait... scratch that. It'd be amusing to see what people *think* the lyrics are saying. Genesis - Road Rash, Road Rash 2, Road Rash 3. Sega CD - Road Rash. 3DO - Road Rash. Saturn - Road Rash. Playstation - Road Rash, Road Rash 3D, Road Rash Jailbreak. Nintendo 64 - Road Rash 64. GameBoy Advance - Road Rash Jailbreak.
S01E19 Arcade vs Console 1 14/08/2011 Welcome to the first installment of Arcade vs Console. This is where we dare to compare two arcade games to the home console ports of that same game. In this episode it's Earth Defense Force by Jaleco vs Super Earth Defense Force for the SNES and Fantasy Zone by Sega vs a whole bunch o' home console ports of that particular game. Saturn - Space Harrier, After Burner
S01E20 Sidescrolling Run 'n Guns 24/08/2011 We all know what Contra is, or at least we should. So let's take a look at it and some other run n gun games that are somewhat similar. This is a fantastic genre that is more crowded than we initially thought! NES - Contra, Super C. Genesis - Gunstar Heroes, Midnight Resistance, Contra Hard Corps. GameBoy Advance - Gunstar Super Heroes. SNES - Contra III, Gun Force. Neo Geo - Cyber Lip, Metal Slug 4. Saturn - Metal Slug. DS - Contra 4. Playstation - Gunners Heaven. Wii - Contra ReBirth. PS2 - Contra: Shattered Soldier. PS3 - Hard Corps Uprising MONTAGE: E-SWAT, Contra Force, The Terminator, Demolition Man, Alien Soldie, Realm, Operation C, Rolling Thunder 3, Rendering Ranger R2, Journey to Silius, E-SWAT, Contra Advance, C: The Contra Adventure, Dinosaurs for Hire, Earthworm Jim, Turrican, Nightmare Busters, The Adventures of Batman & Robin
S01E21 Wonder Boy vs Adventure Island 04/09/2011 We take a look at the Wonder Boy series as well as Adventure Island. Is the Adventure Island series always trying to play catch up? Arcade - Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair. SMS - Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World. NES - Hudson's Adventure Island, Hudson's Adventure Island II, Hudson's Adventure Island III, Adventure Island IV. GameBoy - Adventure Island, Adventure Island II. SNES - Super Adventure Island, Super Adventure Island II. Game Gear - Revenge of Drancon, Wonder Boy III. Genesis - Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Monster World IV. TurboGrafx-16 - Bikurriman World, Monster Lair, Dragon's Curse, Dynastic Hero, New Adventure Island. Wii - Adventure Island: The Beginning
S01E22 Dare to Compare: Versions of Blackthorne and Batman 12/09/2011 This is our first Dare to Compare episode. Here we dare to compare the various versions of Blackthorne against each other as well as versions of Batman games based on the 1989 Batman movie. However, we never get around to comparing Blackthorne to Batman as that would be too... random SNES - Blackthorne. 32X - Blackthorne. GameBoy Advance - Blackthorne. Arcade - Batman. NES - Batman. Genesis - Batman. PC Engine - Batman. GameBoy - Batman
S01E23 Four Games with Disappointing Sequels 25/09/2011 Ever play a great game when a sequel is announced and you get really excited for it because the first game was so great? The game finally comes along and it's, well... not quite what you had hoped for? Arcade - Rastan, Space Harrier, Planet Harriers. SMS - Rastan, Space Harrier, Space Harrier. Genesis - Rastan Saga 2, Strider, Strider Returns, Space Harrier II. Playstation - Strider 2. NES - Tetris. SNES - Tetris 2. 32X - Space Harrier. Game Gear - Space Harrier. NES - Space Harrier PS2 - Space Harrier Saturn - Space Harrier.
S01E24 Four Games with Superior Sequels 02/10/2011 A followup from our last episode where we looked at games with disappointing sequels, here we take a look at a few games where the sequels outshined the original. NES - Ghosts 'n Goblins, Mike Tyson's Punch Out/Punch Out. Saturn - Ghosts 'n Goblins. Genesis - Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II. Saturn - Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter II X. 32X - Virtua Fighter. SNES - Super Punch Out, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II. Arcade - Street Fighter. TurboGrafx-16 - Fighting Street, Street Fighter II Champion Edition. 3DO - Super Street Fighter II Turbo. SMS - Street Fighter II. PS3 - Street Fighter IV.
S01E25 Portable Videogame Systems 09/10/2011 As requested, this time we take a look at as many portable game systems as we could get a hold of. Which is your favorite portable system for your on-the-go entertainment? GameBoy - TMNT. GameBoy Color - Metal Gear. GameBoy Advance - Super Hang-On, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland, Legend of Zelda Four Swords. DS - Feel the Magic XX XY. 3DS - Super Monkeyball 3D. Game Gear - Ristar. TurboGrafx-16 - Soldier Blade. Genesis - Barney's Hide and Seek Game. Lynx - Rygar. Neo Geo Pocket Color - Neo Turf Masters. Wonderswan - Final Fantasy II. PSP - Ys Seven. iOS - Angry Birds
S01E26 Some Games We Don't Want to Talk About 16/10/2011 Sometimes we have a hard time deciding which games we want to talk about in a given episode. But there are quite a few we don't want to talk about, some of them may even be pretty popular games. Of course, some are just bad games, period. We're ready for that THUMBS DOWN button to catch on fire once everyone hears of a certain series we don't want to mention on the show. Hey, we all have opinions! :) SNES - Bubsy. Genesis - Bubsy, Bubsy II, John Madden Football, Jeopardy, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. 3DO - John Madden Football. 32X - Mortal Kombat II. Arcade - Mortal Kombat.
S01E27 Halloween 21/10/2011 Halloween is an awesome time of year, but what are some games which will help you get in the Halloween mood? SNES - Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Ghoul Patrol, Super Castlevania IV, Demon's Crest. Genesis - Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Haunting Starring Poulterguy. GameBoy - Gargoyle's Quest. NES - Gargoyle's Quest. Xbox - Silent Hill 2. PS3 - Limbo. MONTAGE: Demon Souls, Nosferatu, Uninvited, Kid Dracula, House of the Dead, Devil's Crush, Jaki Crush, Maniac Mansion, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Splatterhouse, Splatterhouse Wanpaku Grafitti, Ghostbusters, Mansion of Hidden Souls, Ghosts n' Goblins, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, Friday the 13th, Fester's Quest, Resident Evil 5, Monster in my Pocket, Mr. Bones, Cotton, Alan Wake, Decapattack, Master of Darkness, Dead Rising, Vampire Savior
S01E28 Thunder Force & Cotton 31/10/2011 In this episode we look at two great shooter series'. Cotton isn't tremendously well-known and Thunder Force is, but they both still need more love. Shooters are great. What is your favorite shooter series and why? Games Shown: Arcade - Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. Neo Geo Pocket Color - Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. TurboGrafx CD - Cotton Fantastic Night Dream. Playstation - Cotton: Fantastic Niight Dreams. SNES - Cotton 100%, Thunder Spirits. Genesis - Panorama Cotton, Thunder Force II, Thunder Force III, Thunder Force IV/Lightening Force. Saturn - Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang, Thunder Force V, Thunder Force Gold Pack 2. Dreamcast - Rainbow Cotton. Sharp X1 - Thunder Force. Sharp X68000 - Thunder Force II. PS2 - Thunder Force VI.
S01E29 Four Underrated Games 06/11/2011 Here we look at 4 games that really should get more attention than they originally did and currently do. Even though these might have been popular games, they should have been MORE popular. What games do you think are underrated? Games Shown: Gamecube - Pikmin. Genesis - Ghostbusters, Gain Ground, Road Blasters. Arcade - Gain Ground. SMS - Gain Ground. TurboGrafx CD - Gain Ground. PS2 - Gain Ground. Sega CD - Road Avenger. Saturn - Road Blasters. iOS - Road Blaster
S01E30 Guilty Pleasures 13/11/2011 Do you have any games that you enjoy more than you think you should? So do we! Games Shown: GameBoy Advance - Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. NES - Kirby's Adventure. Genesis - Hard Drivin', Race Drivin', NHL '94, Curse, Crystal's Pony Tale. SNES - NHL '94.
S01E31 Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3 21/11/2011 Dave loves his FPS games, but Joe isn't a huge fan of the genre yet. Will Joe try to somehow wedge some retro games into this episode? Games Shown: PS3 - Battlefield 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. 32X - Wolfenstein 3D, Doom. Genesis - Zero Tolerance, Beyond Tolerance, Battle Frenzy, Cybercop, Toy Story, Duke Nuk 'Em 3D
S01E32 Some Notable Vertical Shoot 'em Ups 27/11/2011 This time we take a look at four impressive overhead/vertical shooters that you should check out to see if you enjoy. It's a vast genre with many games. Which ones do you like to see on the show? Also, do you prefer vertical or horizontal shoot-em-ups? Games Shown: TurboGrafx-16 - Soldier Blade, Raiden. Genesis - MUSHA, Raiden Trad, Divine Sealing. Playstation - Raystorm, The Raiden Project. Saturn - Galactic Attack, Layer Section 2. SNES - Raiden Trad. Jaguar - Raiden. Lynx - Raiden.
S01E33 Games That Cause Polarizing Opinions 04/12/2011 Ever have a strong opinion of a game only to find out that quite a few people have the exact opposite opinion and feel just as strongly about it as you do? This time we look at some games that seem to cause plenty of internet fights. Games Shown: SNES - Yoshi's Island. Sega CD - Sonic CD. Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine. Dreamcast - Shenmue, Shenmue II. Xbox - Shenmue2.
S01E34 The 8 and 16-Bit Disney Games 11/12/2011 What are some of the best Disney games made in the 8 and 16-bit era? What is the worst? These aren't rhetorical questions, we're really wondering! Maybe we'll find out in this episode. Games Shown: Genesis - Aladdin, The Great Circus Mystery, Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, Fantasia. SNES - Aladdin, The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse, Magical Quest 3. NES - Aladdin, Duck Tales, Duck Tales 2. GameBoy Color - Aladdin. SMS - Aladdin, Castle of Illusion, Land of Illusion, Legend of Illusion. Montage: Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, Mickey Mousecapade, Gargoyles, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Donald Duck, Deep Duck Trouble, Lucky Dime Caper, Quackshot, Maui Mallard, Goof Troop, Pinocchio, Bonkers, The Jungle Book (all versions), The Little Mermaid (all versions), The Lion King (all versions), Tale Spin (all versions), Darkwing Duck (all versions), Beauty and the Beast (all versions), Chip and Dale Recue Rangers, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Donald Duck Mahou no Boushi, Mickey's Safari in Letterland, Pocahontas, Mickey Mania, Mickey's Playtown Adventure.
S01E35 Let's Play Soukyugurentai 18/12/2011 We try our hands at the "Let's Play" genre of YouTube, if there is such a thing. It's not a permanent change, so don't worry. We picked a Japan-only vertical shooter called Soukyugurentai for the Saturn which offers two-player simultaneous play. Let us know what you think of this episode even if you hate it so much that it causes you chronic constipation. Games Shown: Saturn - Soukyugurentai. Genesis - Forgotten Worlds
S01E36 SNES Shoot 'em Ups 22/12/2011 We spend Christmas taking a look at a lot of (though not all) shoot-em-ups for the SNES. There might be more good ones than you think. Games Shown: SNES - Gradius III, UN Squadron, Phalanx, Parodius, Chatting Parodius Live, Super R-Type, R-Type III, Space Megaforce, Firepower 2000, Axelay. TurboGrafx-16 - Blazing Lazers, R-Type. SMS - Power Strike.
S01E37 After Burner 01/01/2012 This time we talk about the popular jet fighter game! Games Shown: Arcade - After Burner, After Burner II NES - After Burner (Tengen & Sunsoft) SMS - After Burner Genesis - After Burner II PC Engine - After Burner II Sega CD - After Burner III 32X - After Burner II Complete GameBoy Advance - Sega Arcade Gallery - After Burner Saturn - Sega Ages After Burner Dreamcast - Shenmue 2, Yu Suzuki Gameworks PS2 - 3D Ages - After Burner II PSP - After Burner Black Falcon PS3 - After Burner Climax
S01E38 Out Run 08/01/2012 This time around we look at one of the most influential racing games ever... Sega's Out Run! Games Shown: Arcade - Out Run, Turbo Out Run, Outrunners SMS - Out Run, Out Run 3D, Battle Out Run, Out Run Europa Genesis - Out Run, Turbo Out Run, Out Run 2019, Outrunners PC Engine - Out Run Game Gear - Out Run GameBoy Advance - Sega Arcade Gallery - Out Run Saturn - Sega Ages Out Run Dreamcast - Shenmue 2, Yu Suzuki Gameworks PS2 - Sega Classics Collection - Out Run Xbox - Out Run 2, Out Run 2006: Coast 2 Coast Xbox 360 - Outrun Online Arcade
S01E39 Rail Shooters 15/01/2012 How about some rail shooters (or shoot-em-ups)? While obviously we can't cover ALL rail shooters in a single episode, we look at a few notable and worthy ones. Ahh, so many rails, so little time. Games Shown: SNES - Starfox Sega CD - Silpheed N64 - Starfox 64, Sin and Punishment Saturn - Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei Xbox - Panzer Dragoon Orta Dreamcast - Rez PS2 - Rez, Silpheed The Lost Planet Xbox 360 - Rez HD Wii - Sin and Punishment Star Successor
S01E40 Overhead Run 'n Guns 22/01/2012 When Game Sack was exactly half as old as it is now, we covered side-scrolling run and gun games. So naturally now it's time to cover the overhead variety. Games must meet all 3 criteria: 1: Overhead (ish), 2: running around on foot (either real feet or robo-feet) and 3: shooting things. Games Shown: Arcade - Ikari Warriors Saturn - Commando, MERCS, Gun.Smoke NES - Commando, Gun.Smoke, Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warrirors 2 Victory Road SMS - MERCS Genesis - MERCS TurboGrafx CD - Last Alert Neo Geo - Shock Troopers, Shock Troopers 2nd Squad Xbox 360 - Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 MONTAGE: Alien Syndrome, Crossfire, Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Rambo III, Elemental Master, Super C, Contra III, Twinkle Tale, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Blaster Master, Cal. 50, Smash TV, Bloody Wolf, Crackdown, Out Zone, The Ninja, Total Carnage, Heavy Barrel, Gauntlet, Gauntlet IV, Fester's Quest, Fray Xak Gaiden, Soldiers of Fortune, Time Soldiers, Undeadline, Predator 2, Final Zone, Final Zone 2, Pocky & Rocky, Pocky & Rocky 2. Dungeon Explorer (TG-16 & Sega CD), Isolated Warrior, Guerilla War
S01E41 The Pioneer LaserActive 29/01/2012 A LaserDisc player that plays Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 games as well as giant, LaserDisc-based games? Yup. Games Shown: LaserActive Mega LD - Space Berzerker, Pyramid Patrol, Hyperion, Triad Stone, Road Blaster/Prosecutor, 3D Museum, I Will: The Story of London, Rocket Coaster, Virtual Cameraman, Virtual Cameraman 2, The Great Pyramid. LaserActive LD-ROM2 - Vajra, Manhattan Requiem, Quiz Econosaurus, Angel Mate Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog TurboGrafx-16 - Legendary Axe Sega CD - Road Avenger iOS - Manhattan Requiem
S01E42 Casual Games 05/02/2012 Everything from games for the casual gamer or games that are themselves casual that are meant to be played at your leisure. Not every casual game is meant for grandma. Do you have any favorite casual games or do you hate the concept altogether? Games Shown: Wii - Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Animal Crossing City Folk SNES - Mario Paint Genesis - Art Alive! N64 - Animal Crossing Gamecube - Animal Crossing DS - Animal Crossing Wild World Xbox 360 - Test Drive: Unlimited
S01E43 Left in Japan 1 12/02/2012 Here we talk about games that didn't get a western release and were on sale only in Japan (and other parts of Asia). These games should have had a wider audience in their time. What games do you think were unjustly left in Japan? Games Shown: Genesis - Golden Axe III, Gleylancer SNES - Cosmo Game: The Video Playstation - Hermie Hopperhead Saturn - Bulk Slash, Battle Garegga Arcade - Cosmo Gang: The Video
S01E44 Six Great 8-Bit Platformers 26/02/2012 We're back and this time we're looking specifically at platforming games on 8-bit systems. Dave chooses three for his dear NES and Joe chooses 3 for the venerable Master System. Will we choose exactly what most people first think of? Games Shown: NES - Wizards and Warriors, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania SMS - Kenseiden, Ninja Gaiden, Masters of Darkness
S01E45 More Underrated Games 04/03/2012 We're revisiting an old topic this week and dishing out some more underrated games. These games need more love. Games Shown: SNES - Batman Returns NES - Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu, Bucky O' Hare TurboGrafx-16 - Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu Genesis - Sonic Crackers 32X - Knuckles' Chaotix PlayStation - Jumping Flash! Xbox - Gunvalkyrie
S01E46 TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine Shoot 'em Ups 11/03/2012 That's right, another episode dedicated entirely to the TurboGrafx-16 system! But this time we're focusing strictly on the shoot-em-up genre. And this system has TONS of shooters, most of which never left Japan. Games Shown: TurboGrafx-16 - Air Zonk, Side Arms TurboGrafx CD/Duo - Super Air Zonk, L-Dis, Gate of Thunder, Lords of Thunder, Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, Side Arms Special, Forgotten Worlds, Rayxanber II, Rayxanber III, Spriggan, Spriggan Mark 2 Genesis - Forgotten Worlds Sega CD - Lords of Thunder Montage: Blazing Lazers, Sinistron, R-Type, Gradius II, Soldier Blade, Super Raiden, Zero Wing, Metamor Jupiter, Psychic Storm, Image Fight II, Dragon Spirit, Fantasy Zone, Download 2, Galaga '88/'90, Super Darius, Super Darius 2, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, Magical Chase, Ai Cho Aniki, God Panic, Sylphia, Ordyne, Psychosis, Avenger, Aero Blasters, Star Parodia
S01E47 Whatever Happened to ActRaiser & Alex Kidd? 18/03/2012 Two once-promising series abruptly came to a grinding halt. We look at all of the games and possible reasons for their discontinuance. Games Shown: SNES - ActRaiser, ActRaiser 2. SMS - Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Alex Kidd The Lost Stars, Alex Kidd High Tech World, Alex Kidd BMX Trial, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Anmitsu Hime. Genesis - Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. Arcade - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars. Saturn - The Yakyuken Special
S01E48 Left in Japan 2 25/03/2012 We're taking a look at even more fine import games for retro consoles this time! Games Shown: SNES - The Firemen Genesis - Devil Hunter Yohko Sega CD - Keio Flying Squadron SMS - Megumi Rescue NES - Kid Dracula GameBoy - Kid Dracula Saturn - Keio Yuugekitai, Sengoku Blade, Burning Rangers Playstation - Wonder 3 Arcade Gears
S01E49 The Nintendo GameCube - Review 08/04/2012 The GameCube as a system was a really overlooked and under-regarded by the mass gaming public in its time. Here we take a look at some of the exclusives you may have missed. NOTE: We should have had Super Mario Sunshine in this video, at least in the montage. We had covered it a couple of times before so that's why it's not in here. But still, it should be. So know you know why. :) Games Shown GameCube - Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime, Rougue Leader, Wave Race Blue Storm, F-Zero GX, Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2 Nintendo 64 - Wave Race 64 Xbox - Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Montage: Batallion Wars, Mario Golf, Kirby Air Ride, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, WarioWare Inc, Pikmin 2, Mario Party 6, 1080¡ Avalanche, Custom Robo, Odama, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles, Geist, Wario World, Starfox: Assault, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Eternal Darkness, Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door, P.N. 03, Chibi Robo, Fire Emblem: The Path of Radiance, Resident Evil Zero, The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
S01E50 Donkey Kong Country & Valis 15/04/2012 We decided to take a closer look at two unrelated series and this time it's all about Donkey Kong Country and the lesser-known Valis series. 16-Bit platforming action! Games Shown: SNES - Donkey Kong Country, Dounkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, Super Valis IV Genesis - Valis, Syd of Valis, Valis III NES - Valis TurboGrafx CD - Valis, Valis II, Valis III, Valis IV
S01E51 Genesis Games That Should Have STAYED in Japan! 22/04/2012 We've covered games that were wrongfully left in Japan before, but what about games that should have stayed in Japan? Everything from Japan can't be awesome and some of it can be downright horrible. This time we focus on the Genesis because despite there being tons of awesome games for the system, there were plenty of bad games that were brought over. Games Shown: Genesis - Pac Man 2: The New Adventures, Jewel Master, Toki: Going Ape Spit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, Beast Wrestler, Heavy Nova, Earnest Evans. Sega CD - Heavy Nova, Black Hole Assault, Earnest Evans 32X - Cosmic Carnage Montage: Galaxy Force II, Rastan Saga 2, Dino Land, Fighting Masters, Thunder Fox, Last Battle, Quad Challenge, Street Smart, Cyberball, Super Thunder Blade, Syd of Valis, DJ Boy, Air Diver, Growl, Ka-Ge-Ki, James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing, After Burner III, Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000, Deadly Moves, Traysia, Star Blade, Super Hydlide, Cal. 50, Fatal Labyrinth, Super Volleyball, Captain America and the Avengers
S01E52 The Sega Dreamcast - Review 06/05/2012 This is all about the Sega Dreamcast! The Dreamcast rules! Games Shown: Dreamcast - Samba de Amigo, Soul Calibur, Jet Grind Radio, Ikaruga, Power Stone, Dead or Alive 2, Confidential Mission, Virtua Tennis, Outtrigger, The Typing of the Dead, Toy Commander Wii - Samba de Amigo Montage: Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, Dynamite Cop, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Rez, Shikigami no Shiro 2, Rayman 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Grandia 2, Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Blue Stinger, Phantasy Star Online, Sega GT, Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, Zombie Revenge, Segagaga, Sega Rally 2, King of Fighters: Evolution, Daytona USA, Napple Tale, Virtua Fighter 3tb, San Francisco Rush 2049, Shenmue, Guilty Gear X, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Test Drive Le Mans, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, POD Speedzone, Skies of Arcadia, Looney Toons Space Race, Quake III Arena, Crazy Taxi, Pen Pen TriIceLon, Super Magnetic Neo, Hydro Thunder, Border Down, Space Channel 5, American Pro Trucker, Gunbird 2, Fighting Vipers 2, ChuChu Rocket, Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Giga Wing 2
S01E53 Frustrating Games! 20/05/2012 Ever play a game that made you want to break the controller into pieces? Unless you have an amazingly calm personality, then you likely have. Here we talk about some games that are, for some reason or another, frustrating to us. Games Shown: Saturn - Steamgear Mash, Shining Wisdom, Rayman PlayStation - Rayman NES - Solstice, Battletoads, Ghosts 'n Goblins SNES - Equinox Genesis - Mutant League Hockey, Mutant League Football Master System - Power Strike Sega CD - Batman Returns, The Adventures of Batman & Robin TurboGrafx-CD - Exile, Exile Wicked Phenomenon 32X - Star Wars Arcade
S01E54 The NEC SuperGrafx and the Atari Jaguar - Review 03/06/2012 Let's take a close look at some lesser-seen consoles and many of their games, the SuperGrafx by NEC and the Jaguar by the now-defunct Atari Corp. Games Shown: SuperGrafx - 1941 Counter Attack, Aldynes, Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Daimakaimura), Granzort Jaguar - Alien vs Predator, Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Cybermorph, Fight for Life, Flashback, Iron Soldier, Kasumi Ninja, Raiden, Tempest 2000, Ultra Vortek, Wolfenstein 3D Genesis - Flaskback, Ghouls n' Ghosts, Virtua Racing 32X - Virtua Racing Deluxe, Virtua Fighter, Metal Head TurboGrafx-16 - Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
S01E55 Left in Japan 3 17/06/2012 Once again we take a look to see what awesome games they never released in our neck of the woods. Games Shown: Genesis - Dangerous Seed, Dahna, Rent-a-Hero, Pulseman Saturn - Blast Wind, Hyper Duel, Princess Crown, Dungeons & Dragons Collections: Tower of Doom & Shadow Over Mystara NES - Mr. Gimmick, Splatterhouse Grafitti Wakpun SNES - Ghost Sweeper Mikami PS2 - Odin's Sphere PS3 - Splatterhouse
S01E56 Western-Developed Games 01/07/2012 This time were focusing on games made in the UK, Canada, US and all other western regions. Get comfy. Games Shown: NES - Marble Madness Master System - Strider II, Marble Madness, Earthworm Jim Genesis - Awesome Possum Kicks Dr Machino's Butt, Batman Forever, Dark Castle, Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2, Normy's Beach Babe-o-Rama, Marble Madness, Strider, Strider Returns, Sword of Sodan, Dave White Forever Sega CD - Flink, Earthworm Jim Special Edition 32X - Motocross Championship SNES - Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2 Saturn - Earthworm Jim 2, PowerSlave PlayStation - The Adventures of Lomax, Bubsy 3D, Crash Bandicoot Arcade - Marble Madness PlayStation 3 - Burnout Paradise, Earthworm Jim HD 3DO - Way of the Warrior
S01E57 Left in the Arcade 15/07/2012 Some games just never got a chance to be brought home. Games Shown: Arcade - Gang Busters, Devastators, GI Joe, Psycho NICS Oscar, Superman, Dynamite Duke, Tecmo Knight, Macross Plus, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Gate of Doom, Spiderman the Video Game, Willow, Metamorphic Force, R-Type Leo, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder NES - GI Joe, GI Joe - The Atlantis Factor Sega CD - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
S01E58 16-Bit FMV Madness! 29/07/2012 What did we get with CD-ROM systems? That's right, Full Motion Video. Let's take a look at some of these FMV games that we love to hate. Games Shown: TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM - Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 2 Sega CD - Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 1, Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Double Switch, Tomcat Alley, Midnight Raiders, Ground Zero Texas, NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs Dallas, Prize Fighter, Slam City with Scottie Pippin, Marky Mark Make My Video, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Cobra Command, Road Avenger, Time Gal, Revenge of the Ninja Montage: The Masked Rider Kamen Rider Zo, Microcosm, Mansion of the Hidden Souls, Fahrenheit (32X), Mad Dog McCree, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Who Shot Johnny Rock?, Corpse Killer (32X), The Exterminators, Megarace, Wirehead, Surgical Strike
S01E59 A Very WTF Episode 12/08/2012 We take a look at some weird games this time. PlayStation - Incredible Crisis Saturn - Cho Aniki Sega CD - Wild Woody, Panic! PlayStation 2 - Katamari Damacy, Stretch Panic TurboGrafx 16 CD-ROM - It Came From the Desert 32X - Kolibri
S01E60 Genesis / Mega Drive Shoot-em-Ups 26/08/2012 So let's look at the shoot-em-up games for the Genesis, Sega CD and even the 32X. Yes, all of them! Games Shown: Genesis - Super Fantasy Zone, Adventurous Boy, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Gaiares, Trouble Shooter, Battlemania 2, Fire Shark, Wings of Wor, Eliminate Down, Sagaia, Slap Fight MD, Thunder Force 2, Thunder Force 3, Thunder Force 4/Lightening Force Sega CD - Android Assault PC Engine Super CD-ROM - Super Darius II Sega Master System - Sagaia NES - S.C.A.T. Arcade - Darius 2 Montage: Heavy Unit, Master of Weapon, Elemental Master, Darwin 4081, Curse, Space Turtleship, M.U.S.H.A., Robo Aleste, Gley Lancer, Forgotten Worlds, Lords of Thunder, Twin Cobra, Twin Hawk, Vapor Trail, Viewpoint, Zero Wing, Phelios, Gadget Twins, Insector X, Kolibri (32X), Fire Mustang, Sol-Feace/Deace (Sega CD), Battle Squadron, Air Buster, Steel Empire, Grind Stormer, Arrow Flash, Crossfire, Undeadline, Xenon 2, Bio Hazard Battle, Divine Sealing, Mega SWIV, Silpheed (Sega CD), Verytex, Bio Ship Paladin, Dangerous Seed, Truxton, Keio Flying Squadron, Magic Girl, Raiden Trad, X.D.R. X Dazedly Ray, Task Force Harrier EX, The Earth Defend, Whip Rush, Hellfire, Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (32X), Gunstar Heroes, Batman, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Subterrania, Atomic Robo-Kid, Space Invaders '91, Burning Force, After Burner 2, After Burner Complete (32X), After Burner 3 (Sega CD), Space Harrier (32X), Space Harrier II, Star Wars Arcade(32X), Panorama Cotton, Bimini Run, Galaxy Force II, Shadow Squadron (32X), Super Thunder Blade, Night Striker (Mega CD), Darxide (32X), Soul Star (Sega CD)
S01E61 The Nintendo 64 - Review 09/09/2012 Let's take a look at the N64 and a bunch of its games. Maybe it'll even impress Joe as he really likes racing games. NOTE: This is not one of our best episodes. If this is your first time watching Game Sack, it might leave a bad first impression. Also neither of us are huge N64 fans so take everything with a grain of salt. Games Shown: Nintendo 64 - Beetle Adventure Racing, F-Zero X, Blast Corps, MRC: Multi-Racing Championhip, Diddy Kong Racing, Wave Race 64, Star Soldier Vanishing Earth, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Banjoe Kazooie, Super Mario World, The Ledgend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Montage: 1080¼ Snowboarding, Yoshi's Story, California Speed, Castlevania, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, Extreme G, Extreme G: XG2, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Crus'n Exotica, Dr. Mario 64, San Francisco Rush, Rush 2, San Francisco Rush 2049, Excite Bike 64, Glover, Goldeneye 007, Killer Instinct Gold, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mario Kart 64, Mickey's Speedway USA, Mischief Makers, Paper Mario, Mario Party 2, Perfect Dark, Pilotwings 64, PokŽmon Snap, Ridge Racer 64, Sin and Punishment, Donkey Kong 64, Super Smash Bros., Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, StarFox 64, Harvest Moon 64, Top Gear Rally, Top Gear Rally 2, Top Gear Overdrive, Top Gear Hyper Bike, Wetrix, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, The New Tetris, Jet Force Gemini
S01E62 Left in the Arcade 2 23/09/2012 Let's look at some more arcade games that unfortunately never got ported to home consoles. Games Shown: Arcade - Osman, Strider, Aliens, Dead Connection, Aliens vs Predator, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Gun Force 2, Gun Force, Ninja Baseball Bat Man, The Cliffhanger Edward Randy, The Outfoxies, Wild West C.O.W.boys of Moo Mesa, Sunset Riders Genesis - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse TurboGrafx-16 - Air Zonk
S01E63 Games that Disappointed and Surprised Us 07/10/2012 Ever have a game not live up to your expectations? Or how about games that exceeded them? Here we talk about some of our experiences with such games. How about you? Games Shown: Genesis - Super Monaco GP, Last Battle, Altered Beast, Stormlord, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Road Rash, Herzog Zwei SNES - Final Fight, Contra III, Castlevania Dracula X TurboGrafx-16 - Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf PC Engine Super CD - Dracula X: Rondo of Blood NES - Mighty Final Fight, Super C Master System - World Grand Prix, Road Rash Neo Geo - Neo Turf Masters Neo Geo Pocket Color - Neo Turf Masters PlayStation - Motor Toon Grand Prix PlayStation 3 - Gran Turismo 5 3DS - Mario Kart 7 MSX - Herzog
S01E64 Gaming on Halloween 2 21/10/2012 It's Halloween time again and that means more games that fit perfectly in the season. Games Shown: Genesis - Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Devilish SNES - Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts TurboGrafx-16 - Ghost Manor Game Boy - Super Marioland 2: 6 Golden Coins Game Boy Advance - The Pinball of the Dead PlayStation - Castlevania Chronicles, Darkstalkers, Darkstalkers 3 Saturn - Night Warriors, Vampire Savior Dreamcast - Vampire Cronicles For Matching Service Xbox 360 - Alan Wake Mac - Amnesia: The Dark Descent
S01E65 Really Bad Games! 04/11/2012 The world would be a better place if these games had never been made. But they were, so we made this episode. Games Shown: Genesis - Pit Fighter, Shaq-Fu, Slaughter Sport, Stormlord, Back to the Future Part 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nightmare Circus, Wayne's World SNES - The Lord of the Rings Volume One TurboGrafx-16 - Impossamole, Darkwing Duck Arcade - Pit Fighter
S01E66 Double Dragon Series - Review 18/11/2012 Double Dragon was one of the most influential games of the mid to late 80's. So let's look at the series! Games Shown: Arcade - Renegade, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Double Dragon 3 NES - Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Double Dragon 3 Sega Master System - Double Dragon Genesis - Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Double Dragon 3, Double Dragon 5, Battletoads and Double Dragon SNES - Super Double Dragon GameBoy - Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, Double Dragon 3 Game Gear - Double Dragon Lynx - Double Dragon GameBoy Advance - Double Dragon Advance Atari 2600 - Double Dragon Atari 7800 - Double Dragon Neo Geo - Double Dragon PlayStation 3 - Double Dragon Neon
S01E67 Games That Defy Genre 02/12/2012 Here are some games that can't really be wedged into certain classifications or game types. Let us know if you know of any games which are hard to categorize. Games Shown: NES - Balloon Fight Genesis - Ranger X TurboGrafx-16 - Somer Assault SNES - Kirby's Dream Course Saturn - Nights, Christmas Nights Wii - Boom Blox, Nights: Jouney of Dreams, Kororinpa Marble Mania, Marble Saga Kororinpa PS3 - Flower, Heavy Rain Wii U - Nintendo Land/Balloon Trip Breeze
S01E68 Licensed Games That Don't Suck! 16/12/2012 Nothing like an extra brand attached to your game to help make it sell. But not all games rely on their license, many also rely on good gameplay! Games Shown: NES - Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, The Goonies, The Goonies 2, Rambo Sega Master System - Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Rambo III, Super Off Road Genesis - Rambo III, Super Off Road SNES - Super Off Road, Super Off Road: The Baja Saturn - Daytona USA, Daytona USA Circuit Edition Dreamcast - Daytona USA Arcade - Super Off Road, Daytona USA 2
S01E69 The Sega Saturn - Review 30/12/2012 The Sega Saturn may have lost the retail battle, but that doesn't mean it wasn't insanely awesome! Games Shown: Saturn - Clockwork Knight, Clockwork Knight 2, Psychic Killer Taromaru, Pebble Beach Golf Links, The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, Metal Slug, Cotton 2, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Vampire Savior, Street Fighter Zero 3, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Saturn Bomberman, Radiant Silvergun, Die Hard Arcade, Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2, The House of the Dead, Guardian Heroes, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter Remix, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter Kids, Last Bronx, Fighters Megamix, Solar Eclipse Montage: Nights, Shinobi X, Battle Garegga, Dead or Alive, Iron Storm, Steamgear Mash, Shining Wisdom, Shining the Holy Ark, Shining Force 3, Mega Man X4, Sonic R, Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Galactic Attack, Bulk Slash, CrimeWave, Grandia, Blast Wind, Hyper Duel, Daytona USA, Daytona USA Circuit Edition, Tryrush Deppy, Gungriffon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Darius Gaiden, Dragon Force, Dragon Force 2, Batsugun, Virtual On, Princess Crown, Thunder Force 5, Astal, Decathlete, Jikkyou Osyaberi Parodius, Dark Savior, Night Striker S, Sengoku Blade, Soukyugurentai, Sega Rally Championship, Assault Suit Leynos 2, Burning Rangers, DoDonPachi, Bug!, Legend of Oasis
S01E70 Multiplayer Games 13/01/2013 How about we look at some games you play with a friend. Hopefully that friend doesn't quickly turn into an enemy. Games Shown: Genesis - Gauntlet 4, Crack Down SNES - The King of Dragons, Pocky & Rocky, Pocky & Rocky 2, Super Smash TV, Super Mario Kart, Metal Warriors NES - North and South, Archon Nintendo 64 - Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2
S01E71 Left in Japan 4 + Twin Famicom Review 27/01/2013 More goodies from Japan that we never got to enjoy abroad in their time without importing. And a look at the Twin Famicom system by Sharp! Games Shown: Famicom/NES - Wai Wai World, Wai Wai World 2 Famicom Disk System - Castlevania, Castlevania 2, Kid Icarus, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Bio Miracle Bokkute Upa Super Famicom/SNES - Mickey no Tokyo Daibouken, Umihara Kiwase, Do Re Mi Fantasy, Mario & Wario PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 - Gekibo/Photograph Boy, Coryoon
S01E72 Overlooked Gems 10/02/2013 Let's take a look at some good games that flew under the radar in their time. Games Shown: Genesis - Mystic Defender, Predator 2, Air Diver Sega CD - The Space Adventure Cobra SNES - Super Chase H.Q., Lock-On, Super Air Diver 2 Game Boy Advance - Drill Dozer Sega Master System - Predator 2 PlayStation - Skullmonkeys, Pocket Fighter, Klonoa Wii - Klonoa PlayStation 3 - 3D Dot Game Heroes
S01E73 Arcade vs Console 2 02/03/2013 Let's take a look at some popular games and how they represent or differ from the arcade originals! Games Shown: Arcade - Super Contra, E-SWAT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thunder Blade, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi NES - Super C, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi Sega Master System - E-SWAT, Thunder Blade, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi GameBoy - Operation C Genesis - E-SWAT, Super Thunder Blade, Ninja Gaiden PC Engine - Thunder Blade, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi Lynx - Ninja Gaiden
S01E74 RPGs - Part 1 16/03/2013 FINALLY we are taking a look at some awesome turn-based JRPGs! Games Shown: NES - Mother Sega Master System - Phantasy Star Genesis - Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 3, Phantasy Star 4 SNES - Earthbound, Chrono Trigger Sega CD - Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Saturn - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete PlayStation - Chrono Cross
S01E75 More Really Bad Games! 30/03/2013 Here's some more games that are not worth your time... at all. Games Shown: NES - Contra Force Genesis - Blaster Master 2, Time Killers, No Escape, Revolution X, Aero the Acro-Bat SNES - Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball, Aero the Acro-Bat, Revolution X, No Escape TurboGrafx-16 - Night Creatures Nintendo 64 - South Park 64
S01E76 Gaming on a Budget 13/04/2013 You don't have to spend a lot of money to get good games, so in this episode we take a look at great games for lots of different systems that you can find for cheap. Games Shown: NES - Jackal, Rampage, Super Mario Bros. 2 Sega Master System - Rampage Genesis - Dynamite Headdy Sega CD - Rise of the Dragon Neo Geo - Magician Lord, Nam 1975 Dreamcast - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Wii - A Boy and His Blob
S01E77 Room and Collection Tour 27/04/2013 By popular demand we show both of our collections and game room setups! *We initially didn't want to do room tours because we thought they were a bit self-serving, but we continually got requests for them so we'd thought we'd have fun with it and at least try to make it entertaining. *The cat from episode 3 makes a brief appearance. *A Glidecam was used for much of the footage of all the rooms. These can get quite heavy! YouTube also seems to have issues with the smooth motion on computers that aren't very new. *Only one game was shown and only briefly, Devil World, a reproduction cart for the NES. It was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and is the only one of his games never to be released in the USA.
S01E78 RPGs - Part 2 11/05/2013 We're back to discuss more RPGs!Episode 78 - Here we are with part 2 of our RPG special! Lots of good stuff this time. Not that last time was full of bad stuff or anything. Games Shown: Genesis - Pier Solar SNES - Breath of Fire, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy 6/3 Sega Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Saga PlayStation 3 - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
S01E79 The Neo Geo X Portable System - Review 23/05/2013 So they crammed the Neo Geo on a handheld device and are selling it for $200. Is it worth it? Games Shown: Neo Geo X - King of the Monsters, Alpha Mission 2, World Heroes Perfect, Fatal Fury, League Bowling, Fatal Fury Special, Magician Lord, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Baseball Stars 2, Cyber Lip, Art of Fighting, Metal Slug, Mutation Nation, The King of Fighters '95, Puzzled, 3 Count Bout, Nam 1975, Super Sidekicks, Samurai Shodown II, Last Resort, Ninja Master's Firmware Update Episode: - The King of Fighters '96, Blazing Star, Kizuna Encounter
S01E80 The Rare and the Valuable 08/06/2013 This time we take a look at some games that might be difficult to add to your collection. Games Shown: TurboGrafx-16 - Magical Chase Game Boy - Castlevania Legends Mega Drive/Genesis - Marble Madness (both EA and Tengen versions) PlayStation - Einhander Sega Master System - Sonic the Hedgehog Super Nintendo - E.V.O. NES - Little Samson, Duck Tales 2 Sega 32X - Spider-Man Web of Fire
S01E81 More Overlooked Gems 22/06/2013 We're back with more games that deserve far more than the attention they currently receive. Games Shown: Genesis - Quackshot starring Donald Duck, Granada, Elemental Master TurboGrafx-16 Super CD-ROM - Beyond Shadowgate Game Boy - Kirby's Block Ball GameCube - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Master System - Black Belt PlayStation - Tomba, International Track and Field Saturn - Shinobi Legions / Shinobi X
S01E82 The Ys Series - Review 06/07/2013 Ys is a great series that has a lot of amazing games that most people don't know much about. As usual, all games recorded from real hardware. Games Shown: Sega Master System - Ys: The Vanished Omens NES - Ys, Ys 2: The Final Chapter, Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys Sharp X68000 - Ys, Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys TurboGrafx-16 CD - Ys Book 1 and 2, Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys, Ys 4: The Dawn of Ys Saturn - Falcom Classics, Falcom Classics II Nintendo DS - Legacy of Ys Books 1 & 2 PSP - Ys 1&2 Chronicles, Ys The Oath in Felghana, Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim, Ys Seven SNES - Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys, Ys 4: Mask of the Sun, Ys 5 Genesis - Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys PlayStation 2 - Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys, Ys 5: Lost Kefin Kindom of Sand, Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim
S01E83 The Sega Master System - Review 20/07/2013 The Master System was Sega's first attempt at a home console in the US. This video explores many of the games on that system and the system itself. All games played on a real Master System. Games Shown: Sega Master System - Space Harrier, Choplifter, Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck, Golden Axe, Golden Axe Warrior, Golvellius, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II, Fantasy Zone: The Maze, Galaxy Force, Wanted, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Kung-Fu Kid, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Cloud Master, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Montage: OutRun, Castle of Illusion, After Burner, Rescue Mission, Psycho Fox, Rambo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Chaos, California Games, Action Fighter, Spellcaster, Global Defense, My Hero, Rampage, Kenseiden, Astro Warrior, King's Quest, Lord of the Sword, Phantasy Star, Missile Defense 3-D, R-Type, Vigilante, Road Rash, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, Ghost House, Alien Syndrome, Street Fighter II, Miracle Warriors, Renegade, Poseidon Wars 3-D, The Ninja, Ys: The Vanished Omens, Transbot, Ultima IV, Altered Beast, Enduro Racer, Double Dragon, Master of Darkness, Power Strike, Zillion, Gangster Town, Rastan, Cyborg Hunter, Scarmble Spirits, Black Belt, Zaxxon 3-D, Hang On, Maze Hunter 3-D, Shinobi
S01E84 Video Game Magazines 03/08/2013 This is how we got our information when retro games were current and it as a really fun way of doing it! These are some of the greatest mags in the US. What is your favorite gaming magazine? How about least favorite? Why? *Over 143 pages scanned for this episode. *Some magazines were so big that each page had to be scanned in multiple passes just to get the entire image. *Gameplay from Snail Maze (Master System), Batman (Genesis), Ecco the Dolphin (Dreamcast) and Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast) are all shown briefly. *First episode released partnered with Screenwave Media.
S01E85 Our Favorite Racing Games 17/08/2013 If you've watched the show for awhile, you probably know that we like our racing games. Well, here's some of our favorites! What are your favorites? Games Shown: Dreamcast - Daytona USA, Hydro Thunder PlayStation 2 - World Rally Championship (WRC), Out Run 2006: Coast 2 Coast Xbox - Burnout 3: Takedown, MotoGP 3 SNES - F-Zero PlayStation - Road Rash Nintendo 64 - Wave Race 64 Saturn - Sega Rally Championship Game Boy Advance - Mario Kart Super Circuit
S01E86 Games that Need Sequels 31/08/2013 Ever have a game or series that you're dying for a proper sequel to be made? Yeah, us too. Genesis - Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Streets of Rage 3, Golden Axe, Golden Axe 2, Golden Axe 3, Shining Force, Shining Force II Sega CD - Shining Force CD, Popful Mail, Golden Axe (from Sega Arcade Classics Collection) TurboGrafx-16 - JJ & Jeff (Ken Chan and Kato Chan) SNES - Axelay PlayStation - Return Fire, Jumping Flash 2 PlayStation 2 - Okami PSP - LocoRoco, LocoRoco 2
S01E87 Games that Time Forgot 14/09/2013 Whatever happened to that one game? Why did some games just not get remembered very well by the masses or the companies that made them? Are they good games? Bad games? Let's find out! Games Shown: Genesis - Ristar SNES - Stunt Race FX, Uniracers Sega CD - Wonder Dog PlayStation 2 - The Mark of Kri TurboGrafx-16 - Bravoman PlayStation - Crash Team Racing Saturn - Bug!, Astal Game Boy - Solar Striker
S01E88 The Sega 32X - Review 28/09/2013 Let's take a look at Sega's 32X add-on for the Genesis/Mega Drive and all of its games. Is it as horrible as the internet would lead you to believe or the best thing that has ever happened to gaming? Perhaps somewhere in between? Games Shown: 32X - Kolibri, Star Wars Arcade, Shadow Squadron, Darxide, Knuckles' Chaotix, Virtua Racing Deluxe, Virtua Fighter, Metal Head, Tempo, Zaxxon Motherbase 2000, Star Trek Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator, World Series Baseball, RBI Baseball '95, Space Harrier, After Burner II Complete, WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, WWF Raw, FIFA Soccer 96, Cosmic Carnage, Pitfall The Mayan Adventure, Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw, NFL Quarterback Club, T-Mek, Mortal Kombat II, Primal Rage, BC Racers, Toughman Contest, Doom, Spider-Man: Web of Fire, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV, Motocross Championship, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Golf Magazine Presents 36 Great Holes starring Fred Couples 32X CD - Supreme Warrior, Night Trap, Fahrenheit, Slam City with Scottie Pippen, Corpse Killer
S01E89 Gaming on Halloween 3 12/10/2013 Another Game Sack Halloween Special with games that will permanently paralyze you with fear as well as another scary Game Sack movie! Games Shown: Arcade - Splatterhouse NES - Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti Sega Master System - Ghost House TurboGrafx-16 - Splatterhouse Genesis - Splatterhouse 2, Splatterhouse 3 Super Nintendo - Majy?? (King of Demons) Saturn - D, Deep Fear Xbox - Otogi, Otogi 2 PlayStation 3 - Splatterhouse
S01E90 Remakes 26/10/2013 Every wonder how a remake of a game compares to the original? So do we! So in this episode we check some of them out! Games Shown: Arcade - Chuka Taisen PC Engine - Chuka Taisen PC Engine Super CD - Dracula X - Rondo of Blood Sega Master System - Cloud Master PSP - Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, Mega Man Powered Up NES - Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 (US), Super Mario Bros 2 (JP), Super Mario Bros 3, Duck Tales, Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Chuka Taisen, Metroid SNES - Super Mario All-Stars Genesis - Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, Flashback: The Quest for Identity, Mega Man: The Wiley Wars Game Boy Advance - Metroid Zero Mission PlayStation 3 - Castle of Illusion, Ducktales Remastered Xbox 360 - Flashback Wii - The Monkey King: The Legend Begins
S01E91 Disappointing Follow-Ups 09/11/2013 Sometimes a sequel or a follow-up just doesn't live up to the standards of the original. Do people expect too much or did the developer make changes they shouldn't have? Games Shown: NES - The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II:The Adventure of Link, Blaster Master Genesis - Toejam & Earl, ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron, El Viento, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster, Cool Spot, Spot Goes to Hollywood SNES - Sparkster, Cool Spot Sega CD - Annet Futatabi PlayStation - Blaster Master Blasting Again, ESPN Xtreme Games, 2Xtreme Wii - Excite Truck, Excite Bots
S01E92 Superior Follow-Ups 23/11/2013 Let's take a look at some sequels which actually improve upon the original! Games Shown: Sega Master System - Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land TurboGrafx-16 - The Legendary Axe, The Legendary Axe II, Alien Crush, Devil's Crush Genesis - Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park Rampage Edition SNES - Pilotwings Game Boy - The Castlevania Adventure, Castlevania II: Belmosnt's Revenge, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Nintendo 64 - Pilotwings 64 PlayStation 2 - God of War, God of War II
S01E93 Sports Videogames! 07/12/2013 Oh c'mon, don't be such a curmudgeon! Just watch, it's fun! Sports games are videogames too and despite what most of us may think about them, they do deserve a bit of time in the spotlight. What are some of YOUR favorite sports games and why? Games Shown: NES - Bases Loaded, Bases Loaded 2, Tecmo Bowl Sega Master System - Reggie Jackson Baseball, Super Tennis Genesis - Tommy Lasorda Baseball, Sports Talk Baseball, John Madden Football (all of them for the system), Pat Riley Basketball, Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs, Bulls vs Blazers, David Robinson's Supreme Court, NBA Live 95, James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing/Final Blow, Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing, Greatest Heavyweights SNES - Hal's Hole in One Golf, Super Tennis, Super Bases Loaded, Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl III Neo Geo - Baseball Stars Professional Saturn - Decathlete, Winter Heat, Worldwide Soccer/Sega International Victory Goal Dreamcast - Virtua Athlete 2000
S01E94 Homebrews, Hacks & Demos 21/12/2013 Sometimes fans take it upon themselves to make some cool stuff for our favorite game consoles. Games Shown: NES - Sir Ababol, Battle Kid, Castlevania 2 (hack) Sega Master System - Digger Chan Genesis - Sacred Line Genesis, Glass Breaker MD, Project MD, Bad Apple SNES - Road Blaster, Super Mario Odyssey, SNES Test Program, Star Ocean (English hack), Seiken Densetsu 3 (English hack), Ys V (English hack) TurboGrafx-16 - Tongueman's Logic, Reflectron TurboGrafx CD - Mysterious Song, Insanity
S01E95 Unreleased Games 04/01/2014 NO we didn't have Starfox 2 when we made this episode! Anyway, many games are planned, designed and made. But not all are released for one reason or another. So let's take a look at some of the games which were planned for consumers but never made it to store shelves. Games Shown: NES - Star Trek V The Final Frontier, Sunman Genesis - ResQ, Fido Dido, Time Trax, Mr. Nutz 2: Hoppin' Mad, Jim Power: The Arcade Game SNES - Mr. Bloopy, Jelly Boy 2, Mr Tuff, Wile E. Coyote's Revenge, Steven Seagal is The Final Option Saturn - Major Damage Dreamcast - Toejam & Earl 3, Half Life
S01E97 The Sharp X68000 - Review 18/01/2014 Let's take a look at the awesome, Japan-exclusive Sharp X68000 PC which played a hell of a lot of great games. Games Shown: Sharp X68000 - Star Wars: Attack on the Death Star, Gradius, Salamander, Gradius 2, Nemesis 90 Kai, Super Hang-On, Akumajou Dracula, Thunder Force II, Etoile Princesse, Aquales, Mad Stalker, The Cockpit, Geograph Seal Shorter Reviews: Genocide, Genocide 2, Crossfire EX, The Return of Ishtar, After Burner II, Space Harrier, Alien Syndrome, Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams, Akazukin Cha Cha Cha, Gemini Wing, Daimakaimura (Ghouls 'n Ghosts), Naious, Marble Madness, Strider, Granada, Star Trader, Street Fighter II' Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers, Thunder Blade, Sol Feace, Final Fight, Arcus Odyssey, Overtake, Undeadline
S01E98 Left in the Arcade 3 01/02/2014 More great arcade games that never saw the light of day on a home console! Games Shown: Arcade - B.Rap Boys, Battletoads, Mystic Warriors, Bucky O'Hare, Blood Bros., Hook, Boogie Wings, Night Slashers, Nitro Ball, Thunder Cross II
S01E99 The Other 16-Bit Fighting Games 15/02/2014 Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat were sure popular when the 16-bit console era was in full swing. Not every game can be either of those, so let's take a look at some of the other fighting games from that era. Games Shown: SNES - Ranma ½ Hard Battle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2, Clay Fighter, Killer Instinct Genesis - Budokan, Fighting Masters, Eternal Champions, Virtua Fighter 2 Sega CD - Eternal Champions Challenge From the Dark Side TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine - Strip Fighter 2
S01E100 Top 10 16-Bit Games 01/03/2014 It's our 100th episode! So this is our top 10 favorite 16-bit games.
S01E101 The Failed Mascots 15/03/2014 Some mascots just didn't catch the world on fire like Mario, Sonic or Captain Novolin, so let's take a look at some who tried and failed.
S01E102 The Sony PlayStation - Review 29/03/2014 Let's take a look at the first PlayStation console and a bunch of its games! What are some of your favorite games on the PlayStation 1?
S01E103 Left in Japan 5 12/04/2014 Here's some more import-only games that publishers didn't see fit to release outside of Japan.
S01E104 The Neo Geo CD - Review 26/04/2014 The Neo Geo was an amazing console that had perfect versions of the arcade game playable at home. They eventually released a CD version of the console to help more people to be able to afford it. So let's look at the system and a bunch of its games!
S01E105 Random Games We Want to Talk About 10/05/2014 No episode theme here. Just games we wanna talk about! Let us know if you'd like to see more episodes like this.
S01E106 Same Name, Different Game 24/05/2014 Ever notice how some games on different systems are called the exact same thing, but feature completely different stages or even play styles?
S01E107 The 3DO - Review 07/06/2014 The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer was manufactured by several different companies and tried to push the envelope in its time. So let's look at the system and a bunch of its games! What do you think of the 3DO? Games Shown: Shockwave, Shockwave 2, Super Street Fighter 2, PO'ed, Crash 'N Burn, Trip'D, Total Eclipse, Cyberdillo, Guardian War, Stellar 7, Space Hulk, Road Rash, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, Way of the Warrior, Captain Quazar, The Need for Speed, Star Control 2, Burning Soldier, Cannon Fodder, Return Fire, Virtuoso, Gex, Strahl, Killing Time, Bladeforce, The Horde, Lucienne's Quest *Longest episode to date! *Thanks to Mark Brancucci for providing TWO 3DOs and about 80 games. Sorry we didn't get to cover them all! *The Need for Speed (PlayStation) appears in The Need for Speed segment and also gets a side-by-side with the 3DO version.
S01E108 The Hyperkin Retron 5 - Review 21/06/2014 Our review of the Retron 5! *Thanks to Eric Lappe for loaning the Retron 5!
S01E109 Random Fighting Games 28/06/2014 We talk about some more fighting games. Which games would you like to see us talk about next? Games Shown: Genesis - Justice League Task Force PC Engine Super CD-ROM - Advanced VG Super Nintendo - Super VG, Justice League Task Force Neo Geo - The King of Fighters '99 Neo Geo CD - Gangan / Aggressors of Dark Kombat, The King of Fighters '94, The King of Fighters '95, The King of Fighters '96, The King of Fighters '97, The King of Fighters '98 Saturn - Marvel Super Heroes, Dead or Alive PlayStation - Rival Schools, Guilty Gear, Soul Blade Dreamcast - Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2 PlayStation 2 - Soul Calibur III Xbox - Soul Calibur II, Dead or Alive 3 GameCube - Soul Calibur II Xbox 360 - Soul Calibur IV, Dead or Alive 4 *Completed in it's entirety before production began on the previous episode, The Hyperkin Retron 5. That episode was pushed up to be closer to the release date of the console while this one ended up being delayed a week. *Footage for the GameCube version of Soul Calibur II was captured using the hyper-rare mega-expensive GameCube component cables running in progressive scan. This increases the value of this episode and will ensure audiences get 16.3% more enjoyment out of it than they otherwise would.
S01E110 Left in Europe 05/07/2014 It's finally time to talk about some of the games that were never released outside of Europe and the PAL region. You might be surprised at how good some of the games are! What are some other ones that would be interesting for us to try?... That is if we can get them running. Games Shown: NES - Noah's Ark Sega Master System - Asterix, Running Battle Mega Drive - The Second Samurai SNES - Asterix, Hanna-Barbera Turbo Toons, Jelly Boy, Super Dany Nintendo 64 - Taz Express PlayStation 2 - Masters of the Universe: He-Man Defender of Grayskull *The First Samurai (SNES) and Asterix and the Great Rescue (Genesis) make very brief appearances. *Jelly Boy is not related in any way to Jelly Boy 2 which was reviewed in our "Unreleased Games" episode. *No game insert scenes in this episode. They will return.
S01E111 Console Modding 19/07/2014 Ever want to fix your broken systems or maybe add something that wasn't originally there? It's your console, you have a right to do that. Our friend Bill mods 2 consoles while chatting with Joe. *In this episode a Turbo Duo has all of its capacitors replaced. It also has s-video added as well as RCA audio jacks on the back so that it is not necessary to use the DIN jack which is inconveniently mounted on the side of the console. Also a Genesis model 2 has its sound circuitry redone with a "Mega Amp" as well as the addition of s-video and RCA jacks on the back. *First appearance of Joe and Dave's friend Bill who is a wizard at repairing and modifying electronics. *This episode was shot over 3 different nights at Bill's and we had to make sure we kept wearing the same shirts. The night of replacing the Turbo Duo's capacitors and adding s-video approached 10 hours alone. *Dave has a job where he must wake up early and Bill is a night owl so Dave could not attend. So in the episode it was decided to just leave Dave sitting back in the Game Sack studio the entire time for comic effect. Dave and Bill do know each other, however.
S01E112 Fanboys Forced to Switch Sides 02/08/2014 Joe and Dave assign each other games to review. Are they trying to get the other to see their rival system in a new light or will they just give them bad games to punish them? *There was another ending shot featuring both Joe and Dave that took 5 different takes, but it was scrapped in favor of the current Chakan stop-motion story as it was not as entertaining. The YouTube video thumbnail was taken from this scrapped ending. *First episode where Dave records Genesis gameplay on his own. He used the Genesis model 2 that was modified in the previous episode. *Joe had to loan Dave his Sega CD to record Robo Aleste because the capacitors in his unit were starting to fail, causing very noticeable audio problems.
S01E113 Games that Push Hardware Limits 16/08/2014 There are games that do more than you'd think possible on the consoles they run on. These are some of those games. Which games do you think push consoles or handhelds to their limits? Games Shown: NES - Cosmic Epsilon, Sesame Street Countdown, Recca: Summer Carnival '92, Batman: Return of the Joker Genesis - Red Zone, Mega Turrican, Alien Soldier SNES - Street Fighter Alpha 2 Game Boy Color - Shantae Saturn - Street Fighter Zero 3 PlayStation - Gran Turismo 2 *Red Zone, Mega Turrican, Alien Soldier and Street Fighter Zero 3 were recorded with an RGB connection. Everything else was recorded using S-video. *Dave had one of the most difficult times he's had recording his dialog for the gameplay segments. There were many different takes for each line and it resulted in nearly 45 minutes of recorded VO.
S01E114 Left in North America 30/08/2014 This time we look at some titles that only gamers in North America got to enjoy. Should we be proud? Are these import-worthy games for those outside of North America?
S01E115 Regional Differences 13/09/2014 Ever wonder how different the game you're playing is in another country? Every wonder WHY they made the changes that they did? One thing's for sure, changes are fascinating and sometimes baffling. *The Adventures of Bayou Billy/Mad City was to be included, but Dave chose Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon instead as gameplay footage had already been recorded. *A few examples of regional differences in Splatterhouse were also mentioned in the Gaming on Halloween 3 episode and are reiterated here.
S01E116 Videogames Based on Movies 27/09/2014 Some movies get novelizations, comic book adaptations and of course videogames based on their premise. How do they hold up? Well let's take a look at some of them! Star Wars Arcade (32X), Jedi Power Battles (Dreamcast) and Rogue Leader (GameCube) make brief appearances in the Star Wars segment, *Shot in Plano, Texas on the evening of September 20, 2014 just after the Retropalooza convention had ended for the day and only hours after we gave our first panel ever! This might explain why we look so tired. *Shot in the Film-Tech screening room. This room can run 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 70mm film in mono, stereo, surround, magnetic audio, unmarried prints, Dolby Digital, DTS, and SDDS sound formats via changeovers or platter. Also supported is DCP content via a Christie digital cinema projector. The speakers are QSC 4-way with bass shading so it sounds incredible as well. Game Sack refuses to use any other auditorium or screening room. *Joe messed up and forgot to switch the power on for the shotgun mic so we had to use the backup on-camera mic from the Canon 6D for the audio since there was no time to reshoot or ADR the dialog.
S01E117 Same Name, Different Game 2 11/10/2014 More games that share the same name but are quite different or even completely different games... yeah kinda like the title says I guess. Which version comes to your mind first when someone mentions certain game names? Games Shown: Arcade - Shinobi, Shadow Dancer NES - NIghtshade, Darkwing Duck Game Boy - Alien 3, Beavis & Butt-Head Genesis - The Jungle Book, Power Rangers: The Movie, Alien 3, Beavis & Butt-Head, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Shadow Dancer, Shadowrun TurboGrafx-16 - Darkwing Duck SNES - The Jungle Book, Power Rangers: The Movie, Alien 3, Beavis & Butt-Head, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Shadowrun Sega CD - The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Shadowrun PlayStation 2 - Shinobi, Nightshade 3DS - Shinobi *Side-by-side of Jungle Book on Genesis and SNES. *Both Dave and Joe were getting over colds caught at Retropalooza during the making of this episode.
S01E118 Mech Games 25/10/2014 Mechs and videogames seem like they were made for each other. There's nothing like using a mech to blow your enemies away. What are some of your favorite mech games? Games Shown: NES - Metal Storm Genesis - Target Earth Sega CD - Battlecorps SNES - Front Mission: Gun Hazard, Cybernator, Xardion Saturn - Gungriffon, Assault Suit Leynos 2 Nintendo 64 - Bangai-O Dreamcast - Bangai-O PlayStation 2 - Zone of the Enders *First year without a Halloween-themed episode. They generally are not very well received, sadly. *Regular ol' non-Gun Hazard Front Mission (SNES) appears briefly. *Side-by-side of Bangai-O N64 vs Dreamcast *Joe was happy to finally have a reason to talk about Target Earth.
S01E119 Sequels That Changed the Game 08/11/2014 Sometimes sequels just aren't content with being plain sequels. Instead they almost try to be a different game entirely!
S01E120 The Sega CD - Review 22/11/2014 Welcome to the next level! Let's take a good look at the Sega CD. It's not just an FMV-only machine. Games Shown: Snatcher, Spider-Man vs The Kingpin, AH3 ThunderStrike, Final Fight CD, Dark Wizard, Shining Force CD, Soul Star, The Terminator, Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Vay, Devastator, Cliffhanger, Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco: Tides of Time, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Battlecorps, Silpheed, Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari Arm, The Ninja Warriors, Dungeon Explorer, BC Racers, Jaguar XJ220, Formula One: Beyond the Limit, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Popful Mail, Eye of the Beholder, Sonic CD, Rise of the Dragon, Space Adventure Cobra, Keio Flying Squadron, Robo Aleste, Panic, Batman Returns, Road Avenger *Longest episode yet! *Fire Emblem (Super Famicom) is shown briefly during the Shining Force CD segment. *"Welcome to The Next Level" song written by Brimaxian for the credits. An instrumental version is also played during the first on-camera segment at the beginning of the show. *Thanks to Brian G VanBuren for again encoding us to play natively on the Sega CD for the ending skit. *New 3D-ish Game Sack logo by Yoshi Vu premieres in this episode.
S01E121 Giving Games a Second Chance 06/12/2014 Sometimes a game gives a bad impression and you don't want anything more to do with it. But after enough time has passed, how about giving that game another try with a fresh state-of-mind and see if it grows on you.
S01E122 Data East 20/12/2014 Let's take a close look at defunct developer and publisher Data East and the games they made.
S01E123 Top 5 Arcade to Home Conversions 03/01/2015 Here we look at some of our favorite arcade-to-home conversions. What are some of yours?
S01E124 Left in Japan 6 17/01/2015 More games that never saw release outside of Japan! Games Shown: Famicom - Nuts & Milk Game Boy - Fortified Zone 2 PC Engine - Bonze Adventure PC Engine CD - Ane-San Mega Drive - Twinkle Tale Mega CD - Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends, Warau Salesman/The Laughing Salesman Saturn - Lunar Magic School, Saturn Bomberman Fight!! PlayStation - Harmful Park, The Adventure of Little Ralph *Fortified Zone (Game Boy), Operation: Logic Bomb (SNES), Parodius (PC Engine), Air Zonk (TurboGrafx-16) and Lunar Magic School (Game Gear) make brief appearances. *Yes, Nuts & Milk is a real game. *Special appearance by The Game Chasers in the ending skit.
S01E125 The CD-i - Review 31/01/2015 Here we focus on the CD-i, widely known for its educational software and bad Zelda games. But is there anything more to the system? Games Shown: Tetris, Hotel Mario, Pac-Panic, Burn Cycle, Zenith, The Apprentice, Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Tetsuo Gaiden, Zelda's Adventure, Kingdom: The Far Reaches, Kindom: Shadoin, Micro Machines, Solar Crusade, Escape from Cyber City, Kether, Mutant Rampage Body Slam, Thunder in Paradise Interactive, Atlantis: The Last Resort, The 7th Guest *Quick side-by-side of Micro Machines on CD-I, NES, and Genesis. *First episode with gameplay recorded entirely in composite video, since that's all the CD-I unit we used offered. *Thanks to BlueBMW for supplying the CD-I and games. He was not eager to get it back.
S01E126 Sega after the Dreamcast 14/02/2015 So how has Sega been doing since they stopped making consoles? Let's look at some of their games since then and see if they still have any magic left in them. Games Shown: Xbox - Out Run 2, Out Run 2006: Coast 2 Coast GameCube - Super Monkey Ball Adventure Wii - Sega Superstars Tennis, Sonic Colors, Nights: Journey of Dreams, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll, The House of the Dead 2&3 Return, The House of the Dead Overkill Xbox 360 - Sonic Generations, Virtua Fighter 5, Vanquish PlayStation 3 - Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic & All*Stars Racing Transformed, The House of the Dead 4, Valkyria Chronicles PSP - Valkyria Chronicles 2 *Least "retro" episode to date with mostly modern or almost modern games featured. *Mario Tennis (GameCube), Mario Kart: Double Dash (GameCube), Mario Kart 7 (3DS), Nights (Saturn), Sonic R (Saturn) and Super Monkey Ball 2 (GameCube) all make brief appearances. *Dave gets revenge on Joe for breaking his Game Boy back in the Top 5 Arcade Conversions episode.
S01E127 Sunsoft 28/02/2015 Sunsoft has long been a purveyor of quality games and franchises. Let's take a look at a bunch of 'em here! Games Shown: NES - Blaster Master, Fester's Quest, Batman: The Video Game, Batman: Return of the Joker, Fantasy Zone, Journey to Silius, Ufouria, Freedom Force Game Boy - Blaster Master Boy, Batman, Trip World Game Boy Color - Blaster Master Enemy Below, Project S-11 Genesis - Blaster Master 2, Batman, Superman, The Death and Return of Superman, Super Fantasy Zone SNES - Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel TurboGrafx-16 - Batman Saturn - Galaxy Fight, Waku Waku 7, Albert Odyssey PlayStation - Blaster Master: Blasting Again Wii - Blaster Master Overdrive *Gremlins 2: The New Batch (NES), Panorama Cotton (Mega Drive) and Gimmick (NES) get quick shout-outs towards the end. *Albert Odyssey and Albert Odyssey 2 (both for the Super Famicom) make a brief appearance in the Albert Odyssey section. By the way, I hate spelling "Odyssey"… I always want to spell it as Oddessy or something like that. *The tip Joe gives Dave in the ending skit is a real tip. The switches need to be perfect and the side switch often likes to pivot in a way which will not let the system power on.
S01E128 Games with Female Protagonists 14/03/2015 Do you feel like less of a man when you play a game starring a girl? Or perhaps it fulfills some desires? Or maybe it doesn't make a bit of difference whatsoever! Let's take a quick look at some games with the fairer sex in the leading role. Games Shown: Sega Master System - Phantasy Star Genesis - Monster World IV, Valis 3 SNES - Super Metroid Nintendo 64 - Perfect Dark, Mischief Makers PlayStation 2 - Tomb Raider Anniversary, Space Channel 5: Part 2 PlayStation 3 - Heavenly Sword PlayStation 4 - Alien Isolation *Syd of Valis (Genesis) appears briefly in the Valis 3 segment. *The ending sketch originally went on for a bit longer back and forth between Joe and Dave, but it ended up being cut as it just worked better as it is, super short. *First time we've covered a PS4 game! *Joe bought Alien Isolation just to cover in this episode. Good thing he ended up liking it!
S01E129 The PC-FX - Review 28/03/2015 Another interesting system that never left Japan! The NEC PC-FX was the sequel to the TurboGrafx-16 also known as the PC Engine. This system is definitely odd. Would you ever want one of these? Games Shown: PC-FX - Team Innocent, Zeroigar, Boundary Gate, Battle Heat, Tengai Makyo Karakui Kakutouden, Blue Breaker, Welcome to Pia Carrot, Miraculum, Power Dolls FX, Raruli Ra Rura, Der Langrisser FX, Last Imperial Prince, Zenki FX, Fire Woman Matoigumi, Farland Story FX, Dragon Knight 4, Chip Chan Kick, Nirgends *Thanks to Blu BMW for providing the PC-FX system and SamIam for providing some usefull info and PC-FX music!
S01E130 Games that Push Hardware Limits 2 11/04/2015 Let's take a look at more games that seem to do more than you might think a certain platform would be able to do! Games Shown: NES - Kirby's Adventure, Super Mario Bros. 3 Genesis - Gunstar Hereos, Contra Hard Corps Game Boy - Race Drivin', Faceball 2000, Zas Game Boy Color - Dragon's Lair SNES - Rendering Ranger R2, StarFox, Doom, Stunt Race FX, Yoshi's Island PlayStation - Tekken 3 Nintendo 64 - Resident Evil 2, Conker's Bad Fur Day, F-Zero X PlayStation 2 - Shadow of the Colossus, God of War II, Tekken 5, Gran Turismo 4 GameCube - Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II *The "voices" segment includes quick clips from Space Harrier (SMS), World Class Leader Board (SMS), Robocop vs Terminator (SMS), S.C.A.T. (NES), WCW World Championship Wrestling (NES), Granada (Genesis), Task Force Harrier EX (Genesis), E-SWAT (Genesis), Space Harrier 2 (Genesis), Mega Turrican (Genesis), Dynamite Headdy (Genesis), Strider Returns (Genesis), TMNT Turtles in Time (SNES), Star Ocean (SNES), Tales of Phantasia (SNES), Blazing Lazers (TuroGrafx-16), Taito Chase HQ (TurboGrafx-16), Champions Forever Boxing (TurboGrafx-16) and Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition (TurboGrafx-16). *The original ending had Joe and Dave slowing down because Game Sack was being pushed to its limit. It wasn't very well done or entertaining, so Joe made a new ending with the stop motion animation.
S01E131 The Neo Geo Pocket Color - Review 25/04/2015 Like many other companies, SNK tried to take on the Game Boy in the late 90's with this interesting handheld. It didn't last long but it was pretty cool while it was around. So let's look at the system and a bunch of games for it! Games Shown: Metal Slug 1st Mission, Metal Slug 2nd Mission, Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, King of Fighters R-1, King of Fighters R-2, Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999, Samurai Shodown, Samurai Shodown 2, Rockman: Battle and Fighters, The Last Blade, The Match of the Millennium: SNK vs Capcom, Neo Turf Masters, Baseball Stars Color, Dynamite Slugger, Pocket Tennis Color, Fatal Fury First Contact, SNK Gals Fighters, Cardfighters' Clash: SNK vs Capcom SNK version, Cardfighters 2 Expand Edition, Biomotor Unitron, Faselei!, Pac-Man, Bust-A-Move Pocket, Puyo Pop, Magical Drop Pocket, Puzzle Link, Puzzle Link 2, Big Bang Pro Wrestling, Cool Boarders Pocket, Evolution: Eternal Dungeons, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams *Most games in this episode were played on the Neo Pop emulator running on Joe's ancient Windows XP machine. The VGA output was recorded into the Mac Pro for capture. This PC died about 80% of the way through gameplay capture, so Joe's friend Bill whom was seen in the Console Modding episode (#111) whipped together a similarly powered PC for Joe to finish capturing gameplay with. Finally a few pick-up scenes were captured with Joe's Mac Pro running Windows 8 via emulation and that running Neo Pop. The screen capture application in the Mac OS captured the footage. This was done only for the minigames in The Match of the Millennium. *Joe's Neo Geo Pocket Color screen all but died and Dave's handheld had to be used for the on-camera shots where the screen is shown running.
S01E132 Game Repros 09/05/2015 Do you like collecting repros of popular, more expensive and harder to find games? Let's look at the ones we have. Games Shown: NES - Sweet Home TurboGrafx-16 CD - Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, Bonk 3 CD, Dungeon Explorer 2, Godzilla, Dynastic Hero, Cycho Rider, Startling Odyssey 2, Xak III Genesis - Alien Soldier SNES - Starfox 2, BS The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets, Shodai Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun (River City Ransom 2), BS Excitebike, Shockman BS, Magical Pop'n *There were over 130 different camera shots done for this episode which lengthened the production time.
S01E133 Games That Need a Physical Release 24/05/2015 Some games are only available via digital download. But some of these are so good that we'd love physical copies. What games would you like to see physical copies of? Games Shown: Wii - Gradius ReBirth, Contra ReBirth, Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth, Lost Winds, Lost Winds 2 Xbox 360 - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon PlayStation 3 - After Burner Climax, Daytona USA, Scott Pilgrim vs The Word: The Game, Hard Corps Uprising, Dead Nation 3DS - 3D Space Harrier, 3D Out Run, 3D Super Hang-On, 3D Thunderblade PlayStation 4 - Shovel Knight, FEZ, Axiom Verge *Many games were recorded, edited and then removed because they had physical releases in Japan. Removed segments include the new Strider, Urban Trial Freestyle and Limbo. Urban Trial Freestyle will appear in a future episode. *The ending skit was shot at Dave's house in a timespan of about 45 minutes.
S01E134 Unlicensed Games 06/06/2015 Most consoles require you to obtain an official license to produce games for it and to meet certain quality standards. Not every publisher is willing to do that. So let's take a look at some of the games that were released without the license. Games Shown: NES - Camerica Quattro Adventure and Quattro Arcade, Chiller, Bubble Bath Babes, Tetris (Tengen), Fantasy Zone (Tengen), Shinobi, After Burner, Alien Syndrome, Bee 52, Toobin' Genesis - Barver Battle Saga, V.R. Fighter vs Taken 2, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Sonic Jam 6, Lion King 2, Lion King 3, Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan *Bubble Bath Babes' bodacious tits are censored with a banner reading "U R NOT E" and the E is red. So it reads as "You are not ready". This was one of the early marketing slogans Sony used for the original PlayStation console in the US. We were going to originally leave them uncovered, but we didn't want to be responsible for millions of sticky computer monitors and we thought the banner was funny. So hopefully it gave you a few hours' worth of hearty laughter.
S01E135 Gaming Compilations 20/06/2015 Don't you love getting one disc with multiple games on it? Yes? No? Well we take a look at a few notable compilations here in this episode. Let us know of some good compilations that we should check out! Games Shown: Sega CD - Sega Classics Arcade Collection PlayStation 2 - Megaman X Collection, Taito Legends, Taito Legends 2, Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2, Fantasy Zone Complete Collection Wii - SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1, Metal Slug Anthology, Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Xbox - Capcom Classics Collection Xbox 360 - Namco Museum Virtual Arcade PlayStation 3 - Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection *Metal Slug Anthology is one of the few games for the Wii that only runs in 480i and not 480p. As a result Dave had to re-record the game footage. Who would make a Wii game in 480i only? SNK Playmore that's who. But this was an early title in the Wii's life. *Joe bought Namco Museum Virtual Arcade just for this episode. He planned on covering the series on the original PlayStation but he only had the first disc.
S01E136 Kart Racers 04/07/2015 Kart racers added very fun aspects to the normal "Go faster to win" aspect of most racing games. Here we take a look at some of the more interesting ones. What's your favorite kart racer? How about least favorite? Games Shown: SNES - Super Mario Kart Game Boy Color - Mickey's Speedway USA Game Boy Advance - Mario Kart Super Circuit, Konami Krazy Racers PlayStation - Chocobo Racing Nintendo 64 - Mario Kart 64, South Park Rally, Diddy Kong Racing, Mickey's Speedway USA PlayStation 2 - Pac-Man World Rally, Bomberman Kart Xbox - Crash Nitro Kart GameCube - Mario Kart Double Dash Nintendo DS - Mario Kart DS PSP - Modnation Racers PlayStation 3 - Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, Little Big Planet Karting Wii - Mario Kart Wii 3DS - Mario Kart 7 Wii U - Mario Kart 8, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Arcade - Mario Kart Arcade *Nintendo didn't flag this episode thankfully. Screw them nonetheless. *Joe initially didn't want to show Mario Kart 7 or Mario Kart DS. Dave insisted that they be there so Joe had to capture the footage. This is a difficult process and Joe will have his revenge.
S01E137 Games We've Always Wanted to Talk About 18/07/2015 Sometimes we just can't figure how to fit certain games into an episode. Well here are some of those games! Guest starring Pat Kilbane as the Humor Coach. Games Shown: NES - Mega Man, Whomp 'Em Game Boy - Gargoyle's Quest Genesis - McDonald's Treasureland Adventure PlayStation - Loaded PlayStation 2 - Downhill Domination PlayStation 3 - Demon's Souls, Urban Trial Freestyle, Dragon's Crown Wii - Muramasa - The Demon Blade PC - Ys Origin *Shot simultaneously with the Gaming Compilations episode.
S01E138 Unconventional Sports 01/08/2015 We've done regular ol' sports games, now lets look at some which are a bit different for the better or worse. Games Shown: NES - Caveman Games, Super Dodge Ball, Punch-Out!! TurboGrafx-16 - Ballistix Genesis - Arch Rivals, NBA Jam, American Gladiators, Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Mutant League Football, Mutant League Hockey SNES - Super Punch-Out!! 32X - NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Neo Geo CD - Super Baseball 2020 GameCube - Sega Soccer Slam, Mario Superstar Baseball Wii - Punch-Out!! *Game Sack returned to being weekly starting wit this episode! *This one has been on the burner for a while. Once the previous sports episode hit 60,000+ views we decided it was time to go ahead with this one. Hopefully this one will do much better. *Super Baseball 2020 was recorded specifically for this episode back when the Neo Geo CD episode was made.
S01E139 Demo Discs 08/08/2015 Sample or demo discs come in all shapes and sizes. Well actually they're pretty much all the same size and definitely the same shape. But you know what we mean! Let's take a look at some cool demo discs! Games Shown: Turbo Duo - Air Zonk 3-in-1 Kiosk Demo Sega CD - Dragon's Lair Demo CD Saturn - Choice Cuts Sega Saturn Video Sampler, Panzer Dragoon Playable Preview PlayStation - Spyro the Dragon Demo Disc, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Demo Disc, Squaresoft Collector's CD, PlayStation Underground Jampack Winter 1998 3DO - 3DO Interactive Sampler #'s 1, 2 and 4 Dreamcast - November 1999, September 2000, December 2000, February 2001 PlayStation 2 - Skygunner Demo CD, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Konami Preview Disc GameCube - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Limited Edition Preview Disc, Mario Kart: Double Dash Bonus Disc *Joe had to borrow a lot of discs from Dave to have enough to cover in this episode. *Notice the black label is covering the Lunar "Demo CD" all throughout the episode until the end.
S01E140 The Amiga CD32 - Review 15/08/2015 Commodore released this peculiar system in September of 1993 and it was marketed as 32-bit. It only lasted until April of 1994. Let's take a look at the system and some of its games! Games Shown: Amiga CD32 - Arabian Nights, Bubble and Squeak, The Chaos Engine, Beneath a Steel Sky, Bump and Burn, Top Gear 2, Guardian, Super Stardust, Overkill, Lunar-C, Deep Core, Gloom, Roadkill, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Fantasies, Alien Breed Tower Assault, Alien Breed 2, Alien Breed 3D, Zool, Zool 2, Simon the Sorcerer, Superfrog, Battletoads, Skeleton Krew, Liberation, James Pond 2 Codename Robocod, James Pond 3 Operation Starfish, Heimdall 2, Pierre Le Chef is Out to Lunch, Naughty Ones, Disposable Hero, Banshee, Fightin' Spirit *Thanks to Robert "Fight Club" Hubbs for loaning us the system! *All of the dolly zoom shots are actually stop motion animation done at 30 frames per second. *First time recording a PAL video signal. Joe was not impressed.
S01E141 Random Fighting Games 2 22/08/2015 Let's check out some more interesting one-on-one fightin' games! Games Shown: Neo Geo - SvC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom PlayStation - Ehrgeiz, Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2 Dreamcast - Guilty Gear X Wii - Castlevania Judgment *The arcade versions of Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Erhgeiz and Beastorizer are shown briefly. *A fly was bothering Joe which made him do an animation about punching a fly. The ending was built around this just to use the clip.
S01E142 Left in Japan 7 29/08/2015 Even more great games that were only ever released in Japan. Get your wallet ready. Or your emulator if your wallet is crying for mercy. Games Shown: Game Boy - Noobow SNES - Flying Hero, Ganbare Goemon 2 Saturn - The Game Paradise!, Gale Racer GameCube - Kururin Squash! *Power Drift (Saturn) is shown breifly in the Gale Racer segment. *I don't care what anyone says, Sword of Vermilion is enjoyable!
S01E143 Anime and Manga Games 05/09/2015 An extremely large number of video games that originate in Japan are licensed from properties that started as a manga and/or anime. Games Shown: NES - Hokuto No Ken, Hokuto no Ken 3, Hokuto no Ken 4. Fist of the North Star, Golgo 13 Sega Master System - Hokuto no Ken, Black Belt Genesis - Shin Seikimatsu Kyuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken, Last Battle SNES - U.N. Squadron Game Boy Advance - Shamen King: Master of Spirits, Astro Boy Dreamcast - Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage *U.N. Squadron (Arcade), Forgotten Worlds (Turbo Duo) and Lords of Thunder (Turbo Duo) show up briefly in the U.N. Squadron segment. *Both Game Boy Advance games had to be re-recorded as the original videos were of very low quality.
S01E144 Controversial Games 12/09/2015 There's been lots and lots of games that have been controversial. So let's look at a few that made some headlines. Games Shown: Genesis - Mortal Kombat SNES - Fighter's History Sega CD - Night Trap PlayStation - Thrill Kill PC - Doom PlayStation 4 - Grand Theft Auto V *Lots of footage from both Senate Hearings Committee meetings from C-SPAN used. *Both Mortal Kombat (SNES) and Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES) make a brief appearance in the Mortal Kombat segment and Fighter's History (Arcade) makes an appearance in it's own segment, obviously.
S01E145 The Nintendo Game Boy 19/09/2015 The Game Boy was a juggernaut for Nintendo despite it's blurry, greenish screen and black and white graphics. So let's take a quick look at a bunch of different Game Boy games and see what all the hubbub was about. Games Shown: Game Boy - Burai Fighter Deluxe, Bionic Commando, Duck Tales 2, The Castlevania Adventure, Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge, Castlevania Legends, Kid Dracula, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, Pokemon Red Version, The Sword of Hope, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Land 2, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Solomon's Club, Balloon Kid, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Trax, Revenge of the Gator, Kirby's Pinball Land, Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Operation C, Contra The Alien Wars, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Nemesis, Gradius: The Interstellar Assault, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Ninja Gaiden Shadow, Space Invaders, Small Soldiers *Although it appears there's no stop-motion animation in this episode, there actually is. The dolly shot zoom near the beginning is stop motion at 30 frames per second. *Several methods of capturing Game Boy footage were used. A SNES with US Super Game Boy via s-video into a Sony DSR-25 deck, a Game Boy Player running on the GameCube via component cables captured at 480p and desaturated in editing. the same but run through a Framemeister and scaled to 720p and a SNES with a Super Game Boy 2 with in-game color pallette set to black and white and scaled by the Framemeister to 720p. This last option yielded the best, sharpest result.
S01E146 Left in the Arcade 4 26/09/2015 More arcade games that never got ported to a console. Why not?
S01E147 Fan Translations 03/10/2015 Some games that don't get released outside of Japan just aren't very playable to us English-speaking folk. But some dedicated bilingual fans have fixed that for us. You can often play these games on an emulator, an EverDrive-type flash drive on a real console or burning a CD if your console can run that. Games Shown: NES - Akira, Fire Emblem, Cocoron Genesis - Rent A Hero, King Colossus Saturn - Shining Force III: Scenario 2 - Target Child of God, Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 - Bulzome Rising *Shining Force 3: Scenario 1 - God Warrior of the Kingdom (Saturn) makes a brief appearance in the Shining Force 3 segment (duh). *First episode using the Zoom H5 mic which replaced the old Zoom H4n.
S01E148 Not in North America! 10/10/2015 Sometimes it sucks to be a gamer in North America as even Europe will get some games from Japan that we don't. Let's take a look at some of them here. Games Shown: NES - Devil World, Trolls in Crazyland, Crackout, Over Horizon Genesis - Zero Wing Game Boy - Hammerin' Harry: Ghost Building Company SNES - Twin Bee: Rainbow Bell Adventure, Terranigma Game Boy Advance - Kuru Kuru Kururin *Joe really enjoyed making the Zero Wing intro voiceover, but Cat's voice in particular caused a bit of vocal strain and he could not finish the rest of the episode's recording until 2 days later.
S01E149 3D Platformers 17/10/2015 Let's check out some 3D platformers. Do you prefer 2D or 3D platformers? What 3D platformers would you like us to look at next? Games Shown: Dreamcast - Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 PlayStation 2 - Jak II, Maximo PlayStation 3 - Mirror's Edge Wii - Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 *Dave originally wanted to cover Journey as a 3D platformer but we decided it was not really much of a platformer. He chose Mirror's Edge instead. Same difference?
S01E150 Games That Aren't as Bad as You Might Think 31/10/2015 You may have heard some bad stuff about certain games or look at them and think that they probably won't deliver much fun. We're here to tell you otherwise. You are required to change all of your opinions after watching this episode. Or not. Games Shown: NES - Milon's Secret Castle TurboGrafx-16 - China Warrior Genesis - Altered Beast, Shadow Blasters SNES - Hook Nintendo 64 - Yoshi's Story *Altered Beast (Arcade, Sega Master System, Famicom, PC Engine and PC Engine CD) all appear briefly in the Altered Beast segment and are involved in a sexy side-by-side comparison. Hook (Sega CD) appears briefly in the Hook segment. Zoom (Genesis) appears briefly in the Shadow Blasters segment. *Dave and Joe both feel that the ending segment sucks almost as much as Beast Wrestler does.
S01E151 Video Pinball 07/11/2015 We're both big fans of video pinball. Are you? Video pinball has the capability of doing things that no real pinball table could ever dream of doing. But is that always a good thing? Games Shown: Genesis - Sonic Spinball, Crüe Ball TurboGrafx-16 - Time Cruise Game Boy Advance - Sonic Pinball Party, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire Saturn - Digital Pinball: The Necronomicon PlayStation 2 - Flipnic *Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and also Sonic the Hedgehog 2 appear briefly in the Sonic Spinball segment. *Both Joe and Dave really love video pinball. There are a couple references to the early Naxat Pinball episode if you look closely enough.
S01E152 SNES Shoot 'em Ups 2 14/11/2015 We take a look at more shooters on the SNES. Games Shown: SNES - Darius Twin, Super Nova, Strike Gunner STG, D-Force, The Hunt for Red October, Biometal, Imperium, Aero Fighters *Aero Fighters (Arcade) appears briefly in the Aero Fighters segment. *The Super Nova segment was added a week after Joe and Dave got back from Portland and just as Joe was getting over his cold. The rest of Joe's dialog was recorded before the trip to Portland. If you listen closely you can tell. *The controller at the end is real and is the Dempa Micomsoft XE-1AP. The footage of M.U.S.H.A. being played is actual footage of the controller being used with the game. M.U.S.H.A. is one of the few games that are compatible with the analog controller.
S01E153 Games We Never Beat 21/11/2015 Ever have a game (or games) that you just couldn't finish but always wanted to? They taunt you from the shelf, knowing that they are better than you. Will they forever remain unbeaten? Games Shown: NES - Ninja Gaiden, Legendary Wings Sega Master System - Alex Kidd in Shinobi, Lord of the Sword TurboGrafx-16 - The Legendary Axe SNES - Earthworm Jim 2 *Damn these games for getting the best of us! Still, this was a very enjoyable episode to make.
S01E154 Not in Japan 28/11/2015 This time we check out some games that Japan missed out on but that multiple other regions enjoyed. How bad do you think Japan felt about not getting these? Games Shown: NES - Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Batman Returns Genesis - Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude, Pocahontas, Boogerman SNES - Secret of Evermore, Boogerman *Murumasa (Wii) appears VERY briefly in the Secret of Evermore segment. Batman (Genesis) appears briefly in the Batman Returns segment. *Features some stop motion animation of the Greendog cart inserted into the Genesis
S01E155 The SNK Neo Geo AES and MVS 05/12/2015 This is it! The most powerful system ever created in the history of time!! At least that's what Chad the mighty Game Lord at SNK would have you believe. Correspondence with him back in the day as well as SNK's ads are what prompted the 'tude of this episode.
S01E156 Digital Games That Got a Physical Release 12/12/2015 Lots of games are released as download-only titles. But hat happens when the service goes offline in the future and you want to play your game on a different system? Physical copies to the rescue! Let's take a look at some games that we were lucky enough to get hard copies of.
S01E157 2D 32-Bit Games 19/12/2015 So many polygons, so little time. Why not make room for some 2D action which didn't get as much love in the 32-bit era as it should have. Here's some of those games.
S01E158 Fighting Games 3 26/12/2015 There are a lot of fighting games out there and inour quest to cover a good majority of them we bring you the third (actually fourth) installment in our episodes dedicated to one-on-one fighting games.
S01E159 Kart Racers 2 02/01/2016 Time for more kart racing games including one that some REALLY want us to cover.
S01E160 Wrestling Games 09/01/2016 Due to popular request we bring you some wrestling games on various systems. Which is your favorite wrestling game?
S01E161 Good Games with Minimal Violence 16/01/2016 Games don't NEED violence to be good. Let's take a look at some of the ones that accomplish this. What are some of your favorite non-violent games?
S01E162 Games with EXCESSIVE Violence! 23/01/2016 Now it's time for some really violent games, so we picked some that definitely deliver. What other violent games do you enjoy?