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One snowy night, the Amami couple who has no child encounter a huge white lion-shaped robot, which holds a baby. When they fearfully take that baby, the "lion" suddenly flies away. Though puzzling, Amami couple are happy to accept that baby as their own child. Eight years later, the time is 2005 A.D. Without notice, a Zonder appear at the Tokyo Bay, merging with debris and a passing ship which have kids on its deck, advancing to Shinjyuku - the center of Tokyo. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces' conventional weapon has no effect and some kids are taken hostage. But there is the hero who stands against that Zonder Robot. His name is Guy the Cyborg, the commander of GGG's Mechanized Unit. The GGG ("Gutsy Geoid Guard") are the newly-made Japanese secret defense forces against the extraterrestrial invasion.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de GaoGaiGar: King of Braves

S01E01 Birth of the King of Braves! 01/02/1997
S01E02 The Boy with Green Hair 08/02/1997
S01E03 The Holy Left Arm 15/02/1997
S01E04 The Escapee Zonder 22/02/1997
S01E05 Blue and Red 01/03/1997
S01E06 Its Name is ChoRyuJin 08/03/1997
S01E07 Pursue the Black 300! 15/03/1997
S01E08 The Day the Sun Vanished 22/03/1997
S01E09 Elementary Particle Z0 29/03/1997
S01E10 A World Devoid of Light 05/04/1997
S01E11 The Gates of Isolde 12/04/1997
S01E12 Tomorrow 19/04/1997
S01E13 The Legacy of Cain 26/04/1997
S01E14 The Misty Valley 03/05/1997
S01E15 GGG in the Cross-hairs 10/05/1997
S01E16 Midday Demon 17/05/1997
S01E17 Conquerer of Space 24/05/1997
S01E18 A Promise Made Beyond the Light 31/05/1997
S01E19 The Right Arm Must Be Destroyed 07/06/1997
S01E20 Zonder Teacher 14/06/1997
S01E21 The Golden God of Destruction 21/06/1997
S01E22 To the Corrupted Sky 28/06/1997
S01E23 Mic 13 05/07/1997
S01E24 Protection Disabled! 12/07/1997
S01E25 The Voice of Destruction 19/07/1997
S01E26 Beyond the Dimensions 26/07/1997
S01E27 The Great Annihilation of Tokyo! 02/08/1997
S01E28 Collision! The Four Machine Kings 09/08/1997
S01E29 The Phoenix 16/08/1997
S01E30 Brave Robots, Death at Dawn! 23/08/1997
S01E31 Farewell, GGG 30/08/1997
S01E32 The 31 Machine Primevals Strike Back! 13/09/1997
S01E33 Journey to Absolute Zero 20/09/1997
S01E34 The Brave Heroes Resurrected! 27/09/1997
S01E35 Wind and Lightning 04/10/1997
S01E36 His Name is GekiRyuJin 11/10/1997
S01E37 The Arrival of Cain 18/10/1997
S01E38 Showdown in the Darkness 25/10/1997
S01E39 The Seven Ultimate Machine Primevals 08/11/1997
S01E40 Children of the Stars 15/11/1997
S01E41 A Distant Victory Song 22/11/1997
S01E42 Return from an Ancient Era 29/11/1997
S01E43 GenRyuJin, GouRyuJin 06/12/1997
S01E44 Prologue to the End 13/12/1997
S01E45 GGG Goes to Jupiter! 20/12/1997
S01E46 Those Who Have Courage 27/12/1997
S01E47 Ending the Mechanization Threat 10/01/1998
S01E48 Life 24/01/1998
S01E49 Someday in the Sea of Stars 31/01/1998
S02E01 Brave King Rebirth!! 11/04/2005
S02E02 The Legend Becomes a Miracle 18/04/2005
S02E03 Destructive God! Stormy Decisive Battle!! 25/04/2005
S02E04 GGG Exile Order 02/05/2005
S02E05 Heart -animus- 09/05/2005
S02E06 Brave King! Final Fusion! 16/05/2005
S02E07 White Ark of Restoration! 23/05/2005
S02E08 Wishing Star, Granting Star 30/05/2005
S02E09 My Name is G (Genesich) 06/06/2005
S02E10 Super-Brave Apocalypse! 13/06/2005
S02E11 The Person Who Exceeds Life 20/06/2005
S02E12 Legend 27/06/2005
S00E01 The King of Braves is Reborn! 00/00/0000 The criminal organization BioNet steals one of the Q-Parts being researched at CERN. This episode serves primarily to introduce the changes to the main cast since the end of the series. Guy debuts in his new Super Mechanoid GaoFighGar, a combination of upgraded GaoMachines and the reconfiguring jet PhantomGao that was built to replace Galeon after the latter's departure from Earth at the end of the series.
S00E02 God of Destruction! Decisive Battle in the Storm! 00/00/0000 Mamoru takes the rest of the Q-Parts, either by guile or by force, and assembles them into their full form, a matter replication device known as the Pas-Q Machine. In the process, Papillon is killed, and Guy takes after Mamoru. The encounter ends in a battle between GaoFighGar and a copy of GaoGaiGar using Mamoru and a bleached version of Galeon as the core component. The battle ends in Guy's victory (at the cost of the helper robo Goldymarg, causing Guy to use Hell and Heaven as his finishing move once again), and both Mamoru and Galeon are revealed to be replicants that dissolve into sand. The machine is promptly taken by a mysterious man with butterfly wings, and GGG prepares to take after him into space.
S00E03 GGG's Pursuit Command 00/00/0000 In order to get around the United Nations' refusal to allow them to leave Earth, Gutsy Galaxy Guard stages an elaborate ploy together with their related organizations and the Secretary General of the UN, Rose Approval. The result is that three of GGG's Division ships and their crew (that is, the entirety of the main cast) are exiled from Earth, and are free to follow Ikumi Kaidou's directions to the Trinary Solar System. Their enemy is revealed to be the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, programs designed to regenerate the Trinary Solar System after the Z-Master was eradicated.
S00E04 The King of Braves' Last Stand! 00/00/0000 GGG arrives in the Trinary Solar System to find a replica of Earth - like all the previous replicants, this is an off-color version. Its only inhabitant is a replica of Papillon Noir, who reveals that this replica of Earth was created moments prior to her original's death by a misfire of the Pas-Q Machine. As it is only part of the complete regeneration machine, the Pas-Q Machine can only produce imperfect duplicates. Papillon was the only human duplicate that was stable enough to survive for more than a few seconds. The Galeon and Mamoru previously met were also Pas-Q Machine duplicates.
S00E05 Resurrection of the White Ark 00/00/0000 Guy finishes his fight with Palparepa, followed by Mikoto's awakening from her slumber. Papillon reveals that Mikoto is an invincible lifeform like the new machine species Zonuda, and thus was able to recover from the nerve-relaxing Paras Particles Palparepa had spread across the Repli-Earth. Papillon begins work on an antidote, while Mikoto goes to find the imprisoned Soldato J, now mankind's last hope. In the process, she meets the real Mamoru, who had been in the Trinary Solar System for a year and a half. Upon meeting and freeing J (with the help of Renais), Mikoto is attacked by the Sol Masters Pillnus and Pia Decem, respectively Renais and J's counterparts. The heroes escape on the reborn J-Ark, which is dragged up into the upper atmosphere and forced to do battle with replicants of the entire Mobile Unit and a replica of GaoFighGar piloted by none other than Guy, now under Palparepa's control.
S00E06 My Name is Genesic 00/00/0000 The Soul Masters attack J-Ark directly, and in the process Guy, Mamoru and Mikoto escape to the G-Crystal located on the replica of the moon. The G-Crystal is the only thing left from the original Tri-Solar System, and it is here that Mamoru has been hiding out all this time, working to restore Galeon to its original form and programming. Guy performs Final Fusion for the last time to form the God of Destruction, Genesic GaoGaiGar.
S00E07 Super Brave Apocalypse 00/00/0000 Genesic GaoGaiGar demonstrates its sheer destructive power against the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. The Gutsy Galaxy Guard arrives partway into the battle, cured of the influence of Paras Particles. The members of the Mobile Unit (as well as J-Ark) end up faced off against their counterparts, with Soldato J's power being restored and enhanced by proximity to Renais Kerdif-Shishioh's G-Stone. The battles end up spread across the entire Repli-Earth, and Genesic GaoGaiGar's fight with Palparepa is shown to be very one-sided until Palparepa powers up by injecting himself with his own Doping Cylinders. The episode ends with Palparepa using his improved God and Devil as Guy unveils the true form of Hell and Heaven.
S00E08 Mythology 00/00/0000 GGG fares well initially against each of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, but the Masters are capable of regenerating infinitely, and ultimately manage to overpower the heroes. Each member of the Mobile Unit uses their desperation attack, most of which were formerly only listed in tech specs, and emerges victorious. Guy manages to defeat the powered-up Palparepa even after he undergoes yet another transformation, and reveals that the G-Stones convert courage into life force. Against this power, the Loud G-Stones that power the Masters lose their strength. The Masters' Regeneration Machine, controlled by Pisa Sol, proceeds to duplicate all the destroyed Masters a hundred times over. This temporarily drains its stored power, giving GGG the opportunity they need to use their ultimate weapon, the Goldion Crusher, to destroy it and thus end the menace of the Masters. Unfortunately, GGG is faced with the discovery that this Repli-jin universe is collapsing, and the only chance for escape lies with J-Ark's two remaining ES Missiles. In the end, Mamoru and Kaidou are sent in out of the system, bidding tearful farewells to their comrades. Upon their return to Earth, Mamoru, Kaidou and Hana create a memorial to honor GGG's sacrifice.