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S01E01 Ryuga 05/04/2013
S01E02 Gold Wave 12/04/2013
S01E03 Dungeon 19/04/2013
S01E04 Dream 26/04/2013
S01E05 Nightmare 00/00/0000
S01E06 Rock 00/00/0000
S01E07 Dining 00/00/0000
S01E08 Scoop 00/00/0000
S01E09 Sonshi 00/00/0000
S01E10 Promise 00/00/0000
S01E11 Desire 00/00/0000
S01E12 Trap 00/00/0000
S01E13 Hunting 00/00/0000
S01E14 Hyena 00/00/0000
S01E15 Hint 00/00/0000
S01E16 Lost 00/00/0000
S01E17 Tousei 00/00/0000 As Ryuga and the others learn the truth about Tousei, it is revealed that he was the one who turned Enhou into a Mad? Horror and approached Ryuga with the intention of doing the same to him as well, but eventually decided to wait for his Garo armor to recover its lost radiance first, which got stronger with each Mad? Horror defeated, and now only a single Zedom seed is left, which he intends to use on him. Leaving Kensui under Burai's care, the rest of the group looks for Tousei at his steakhouse without success and realizing that his family is in danger, they split up in search for them, but Takeru and Aguri arrive too late to stop Rivera and Enhou from devouring all of them, while Tousei and Sonshi defeat Burai and flee taking Kensui with them. Upon learning that the rest of his family is dead, Tousei orders Sonshi to devour his father as well. Ryuga and Rian find a wounded Burai who reveals that he sent Rag? to track down the Mad? Horrors and it is announced that the entire Kaneshiro family is killed except for Tousei who assumes control of the group and Ryuga's party is incriminated for it.
S01E18 War 00/00/0000 Now branded as criminals, Ryuga and his companions decide to go after Tousei after Rag? reveals where he is hiding. Leaving an unconscious Burai behind, the party ignores Zaruba's warnings and storm Tousei's office to confront him despite knowing it is a trap. But once finding him on the top floor, the group learns that Tousei has been human the entire time as he provokes them to break their taboo on taking human life before telling them to follow him. As Burai regains consciousness and goes after them, Ryuga and the others find themselves in the ruins of an ancient Makai Priest village underneath Vol City. With orders to spare just Ryuga and Rian, Sonshi, Enhou and Rivera fight the Makai Knights while Rian goes after Tousei. As Burai reaches the ruins and discovers that Zedom is stirring, Rian reaches a temple where she finds a girl being held before being attacked by the ribbons. When Ryuga is pinned down by Sonshi after seeing Rian in trouble, Tousei attempts to use the last Mad? Horror Plant on him. However, Takeru intervenes and is forced to chop off his hand to keep the infection from spreading. With Aguri taking Takeru to safety, Ryuga attempts to rescue Rian with Burai. However, overwhelmed with fighting all three Mad? Horrors, Ryuga held down by Rivera and Enhou as Sonshi renders the Makai Knight blind with a sword to the eyes. Hope[edit]
S01E19 Hope 00/00/0000 In SG1's Solitary Confinement, Ryuga trains despite being blinded by Sonshi before telling Burai to escape with the girl. Upon finding Zaruba on his person, the ring asks him why he is not accepting his fate. Ryuga believes it is because of his mother. Elsewhere, upon finding Aguri bringing in Takeru, Burai reveals to them that Ryuga has been blinded and that the girl he took with him is a Makai Priestess held by Tousei. Elsewhere, managing to escape captivity and relying on his other senses to fend off SG1 members, Ryuga takes to the sewers after accidentally hurting a civilian during his escape. Though he loses all of his confidence and considers giving up being a Makai Knight, Ryuga remembers what he went through as a child to obtain the title and makes a beeline to the Garoken. Aguri reaches the similar conclusion of their ally's destination as he and Takeru make their way to Tousei's building where he they attempt to fight off Sonshi's Horror servants until Ryuga arrives. With Aguri holding Sonshi at bay, Ryuga regains the Garoken as he and the others leave shortly before the SG1 arrive. Despite the odds stacked against them, the three Makai Knights intend to still fight with Zaruba finally forming a contract with Ryuga. Back in the Makai Priest Village, believing himself to have won, Tousei plans his next move as he reveals to Rian that she will become the vessel for a new batch of Mad? Horror Plants.
S01E20 Mother 00/00/0000 Ryuga, who has been brought back to their hideout by Takeru and Aguri, is reunited with his mother Hakana who is revealed to have been the young girl that Burai rescued before he restored her age and memories. Hakana then reveals how she and another priestess named Sari took part in a ritual under the Hill of Zedom's Arm fifteen years ago in an attempt to restore the Garo armor's radiance with support from Burai, Sari's brother Rikyo, and their Makai Knight protector Sonshi. However, after a Mad? Horror Plant was created, a grenade detonated and Zedom's seal turned into a Horror gate with Burai becoming separated from the others during the chaos and Hakana knocked unconscious. After Sonshi dispatched the Horrors, he ended up being turned into a Mad? Horror by the mastermind of the incident: Tousei Kaneshiro. On Tousei's orders, Sonshi was forced to devour Sari and then mortally wound Rikyo before spiriting off Hakana to the Hill of Zedom's Head under Vol City. After he woke up and promised a dying Rikyo that he would care for Rian, Burai believed Hakana to be dead. However, she was instead forced into germinating more Mad? Horror Plants at the cost of her memories as she slowly became a child overtime. With the truth revealed, Ryuga apologizes for not realizing she was alive when he first heard her song. Soon after, Hakana restores Ryuga's eyesight by sacrificing her own. Thanking Burai for allowing him to fulfill the promise he made to his mother, Ryuga is joined by the other Makai Knights as they race to rescue Rian.
S01E21 Justice 00/00/0000 In the Makai Priest temple, Rian is being prepared for the ritual that would make her into the new Zedom's Requiem singer. On the way to the Hill of Zedom's Head, when Rivera brings up their friendship, Rian is a bit heart broken when Enhou explains that Horrors have no friends. When Enhou is alerted by the SG1 that the Makai Knights are heading to their position, Rivera leaves to deal with them while Enhou takes Rian to their final destination. Upon arrival, Rian is forced into drinking a poison that Tousei explains will compel the Makai Priestess to sing Zedom's Requiem. However, with Aguri and Takeru holding back Rivera and her minions, Ryuga manages to stop Enhou from having Rian absorb the seeds. However, one of the seeds falls into the seal and awakens Zedom, frightening Tousei. Annoyed with Rian telling him that it is his fault that the Horror is waking up, Tousei orders Enhou to capture the girl while he escapes. Ryuga and Enhou battle, eventually taking their fight outside while she remembers who she was and that in their meeting she made him the victim, Ryuga battles Enhou with Rian also intending to end her friend's suffering. Managing to hold Enhou in place, Rian enables Ryuga to land the deathblow on the Mad? Horror. Upon seeing that her friend has died with a smile on her face and her body still human, Rian decides to make sure that Enhou does not die a monster by using a spell to assume her form. Arriving just as Rivera rallies the SG1 to kill Aguri and Takeru, "Enhou" tells the soldiers that Rivera is their true enemy and tricks Rivera into attacking her. Rivera deals a fatal wound to "Enhou" and Rian uses a smoke bomb to replace herself with the real Enhou's body to give the illusion that Enhou was murdered by the Mad? Horror. With the SG1 turning their weapons on her, Rivera is forced to escape with the soldiers turning their attention to Enhou's body as they take their captain away. Watching the ev
S01E22 Master 00/00/0000 Since Enhou's death, the Makai Knights and SG1 are now working together, with the latter entrusted to keep the populace safe while the Makai Knights go after Rivera. However, Rivera uses her tongue to track them to their base and she arrives the next day with the intent to take Rian. Luckily, the Makai Knights arrive to cover the Makai Priests' escape, with Takeru obtaining his Soul Metal Fist. After they manage to kill Rivera, with Aguri obtaining a Soul Metal arrowhead, the Makai Knights learn that a Horror is faintly nearby. Ryuga is horrified to learn that Hakana is becoming a Horror as a side effect of germinating the Mad? Horror Plants. The group then learn that Hakana, with Rian's help, has infused Burai with a Makai Echo Wave to approach Zedom's head to restore the seal. While Rian and SG1 try to get everyone out of the city, the Makai Knights accompany Burai to the Hill of Zedom's Head. Upon finding the Goddess Statue falling apart, Burai tells them that Zedom's resurrection and Hakana's transformation into a Horror are linked to its destruction. Burai and the Makai Knights encounter Tousei and Sonshi who are getting as far from the chaos as they can. After Tousei reveals that Burai intends to die to stop Zedom, insisting that the priest hurry up, he runs off after Burai sends Sonshi away with Aguri and Takeru. When Burai notices that he did not go with the others, Ryuga reveals that he knew Burai would die, Ryuga refuses to let the priest face Zedom alone. Burai tells Ryuga that he is leaving the future to him and the others, and he makes to way to the seal and enters it to face Zedom.
S01E23 Gold 00/00/0000 As Ryuga runs off to aid Aguri and Takeru against Sonshi, Burai enters Zedom's prison to offer his body to quench the Horror's fury. However, Zedom reveals his intention to take a Makai Knight's body to complete his plan and kills Burai when the Makai Priest attempts to stop him. By then, as Rian and Hakana arrive to the scene, Ryuga tells Aguri and Takeru about Burai's final orders for them as they attack Sonshi. Though he attempts to fall back to find Tousei, Sonshi is stopped by Zedom with the order to bring him the body of a Makai Knight as the Mad? Horror decides to claim Ryuga's body to attend his request. After the long battle ends in a duel, admitting his respect for the former Makai Knight's strength and thanking him for showing him how to become strong, Ryuga manages to slay Sonshi with the Garo armor finally recovering its lost golden radiance. But suddenly, telling Rian that she feels the Garo armor's radiance, Hakana writhes in pain as Sonshi's body is teleported away. Zaruba proceeds to reveal that Zedom is almost free and has claimed the corpse as his vessel. Honoring Hakana's wish to die a human, Ryuga is left with no choice but to strike his mother down while promising her that he will live on. Leaving Hakana's body with a SG1 platoon, the heroes go back to the ruins as Tousei watches before recruiting the SG1 troopers to protect him. Once at the ruins, the Makai Knights and Rian find themselves under heavy fire by the revived Zedom.
S01E24 Future 00/00/0000 Several Horrors are attracted by Tousei's malice and transform him into one of them. After Ryuga's party is pushed back by Zedom's attacks, Takeru uses his shield to help the others push forward and allows Ryuga and Aguri to reach Zedom, who manages to remove and seal Ryuga's Garo armor. The unprotected Ryuga is pulled by Zedom as the Horror intends to claim his body, but Burai's soul contacts Rian and entrusts her with his Mad? Brush, guiding her to use it to create a weak point in Zedom's protection. Aguri pierces through this point with his arrow and Takeru frees the Garo armor from Zedom's grasp, allowing Ryuga to don it once more. Once reunited with Ryuga, Takeru and Aguri are bathed in Garo's golden radiance and their armors also turn golden for a brief moment as the trio finally defeats Zedom. Some days later, after Rian erases the memories of themselves and the Horrors from all of the people in Vol City, it is revealed that Aguri was summoned to work at the Senate, Rian is ordered to guard the ancient ruins under the city, and Takeru is appointed to the Western region, bidding farewell to Rui before he leaves. Pretending that his memories were also erased, Tousei returns to his steakhouse but Ryuga appears to confront him, confirming that he is not human anymore. However, Rian appears and kills Tousei in Ryuga's place, claiming that he is not worthy of his blade, and reveals that Aguri agreed to stay behind and protect the ruins instead of her, as she has decided to stay by Ryuga's side. Ryuga and Rian then leave Vol City together, and a grave for Hakana is seen in the ancient ruins beneath the crumbled Goddess Statue. Beginning[edit]
S01E25 Beginning 00/00/0000 Following the incident with Zedom several years before, Burai meets Rian revealing that her father was killed and starts taking care of her as he promised. Feeling that he is unable to take care of Rian, Burai asks fellow Makai Priest Ouma to take Rian to start her Makai Priest training at Kantai despite being too young and after they depart, he sees Ryuga's training through the magic bowl before he attempts to commit suicide, but it is revealed that Ouma had realized what he would do and returns in time to stop him. After Ouma reprimands Burai, both priests figure that Rian is missing and start looking for her, while Rian returns and watches Ryuga through the magic bowl and starts singing. Burai and Ouma return and while hearing Rian's singing they reminisce of Hakana, and the day the three had seen the blackened Garo armor for the first time. It is revealed that the armor had exhausted all of its radiance after a great battle to save the world and that Hakana had heard the armor's voice asking her to restore it. Burai then decides to train Rian by himself before she reaches the proper age to study at Kantai. Ten years later, Ryuga inherits the Garo armor but leaves after learning of Hakana's fate and Rian returns from Kantai as a full fledged Makai Priest. Burai then reveals that he is leaving to Vol City and asks for her to accompany him. The story then shifts to Burai's reunion with Ryuga at Vol City.

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