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S01E01 Arrival 08/07/1968 A rival paper reveals that the proprietor of the Westdale Gazette is returning home to Yorkshire. But why doesn't he want the story printed in the Gazette? After the proprietor warns the editor off the story, the team decides to investigate.
S01E02 Turn A Blind Eye 15/07/1968 Hadleigh learns that two prominent local figures - The Reverand Wilcox and Counsellor Adams - have been involved in scandals. If Walters prints both stories he could ruin several reputations and incur libel action; could the paper survive it?
S01E03 Exposure 22/07/1968 Colonel Chamberlayne's hunt report criticises the conduct of businessman and hunt leader Grimley, and Walters prints a letter from and anti blood sports campaigner praising the proprietor for not joining the hunt. Hadleigh responds that he is not anti hunt but is at odds with the current management. Grimsley, incensed by this dressing down, vows to put Hadleigh out of business.
S01E04 Missing 29/07/1968 a local girl goes missing in strange circumstances. Bill Spence and a reporter from the Daily Standard find out from her father that his wife walked out on him two months earlier. The Standard reporter manages to prise the truth from the father - but will he inform the police or protect his exclusive?
S01E05 It's All Happening 05/08/1968 a local resident brings Walters letters of application refusals for home improvements. Rumours are rife of a new bypass being built directly behind the homes of these residents. Why is the council keeping them in the dark?
S01E06 Between The Lines 12/08/1968 Libel - £50,000 worth of it - overtakes Hadleigh when Paddy Fawcett, who maintains something of a reputation as a local playboy, takes offence at an article on the Women's Page speculating on his forthcoming marriage, Hadleigh must fight his way clear of this crippling entanglement if he is to keep his newspaper.
S01E07 In Loving Memory 19/08/1968 A promising local student dies in a potholing accident. Spence discovers that the young man's estranged brother is involved in a protection racket in London. Will Spence reveal the sensational story or spare the feelings of the bereaved family?
S01E08 The Old Folks At Home 26/08/1968 The headmistress of a prominent girls' school has taken the initiative to make her pupils socially aware by letting them do community work. Disgruntled parents and governors try to halt the project after a pupil claims that she has been assaulted. The headmistress maintains that the girl is lying, but risks being voted out by the governors.
S01E09 Announcement 02/09/1968 Hadleigh reveals to his editor that a proposed machine tool factory will not be built in Westdale, as they had been led to believe. The decision was made months ago, but the people of Westdale have been kept in the dark. The announcement will be made after the upcoming by-election; the decision is clearly politically motivated. Will Hadleigh break the Official Secrets Act and reveal his sources?
S01E10 Why Stay In Westdale? 11/09/1968 A story Susan Jackson has written in the Gazette causes a problem for local companies. 'Why Stay in Westdale?', a report on America's need for skilled workers, might encourage disenchanted locals to leave the town - and land the Gazette's proprietor in trouble with the local community.
S01E11 Stranger 18/09/1968 A beautiful girl, apparently with everything to live for, walks into an empty cottage and takes an overdose of barbiturates. Who is she? Why did she do it? If the Gazette can stay ahead of their rivals and the police in their search for answers, they could sell the story to Fleet Street...
S01E12 Not For Publication 25/09/1968 Quarmby, the owner of the failing quarry, blames his poor sales on Westdale's Borough Architect. To Sue Jackson it's a clear case of sour grapes. Bill Spence is less sure and starts to investigate Quarmby's allegations. Will he uncover bribery and corruption? Or is he hounding an innocent man?
S01E13 The Critic 02/10/1968 The death of the Gazettes's drama critic creates something of a crises at the Westdale Repertory Theatre. It also means a replacement is needed, and Sue Jackson finds herself in the role.

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