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Ryu was born different and for that reason his tribe left him to die, but he was found by the ape Kitti who took care of him and raised him as her own. Together with his friends Ran and her brother Don they now try to find his real mother and in the same time survive in a world of hostile humans and prehistoric beasts. The most dangerous is the one-eyed Tirano. (This anime is based on the manga Ryu No Michi by Shotaro Ishinomori.)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Genshi Shonen Ryuu

S01E01 Primitive Law 30/10/1971 Ryu is born with white skin and for that reason he will be sacrificed to the beast Tirano, but fate chooses a different path for the baby. He is found by the ape Kitti who raises him as her own. As Ryu grow up he meets the girl Ran, but he also trespasses on the hunting grounds of a hostile tribe.
S01E02 Fear of Tirano 06/11/1971
S01E03 Taka's Revenge 13/11/1971
S01E04 Pursuit full of Wounds 20/11/1971
S01E05 The Yamaneko Tribe's Conspiracy 27/11/1971
S01E06 Fight for the Hunting Grounds 04/12/1971
S01E07 A Blood-stained Hero 11/12/1971
S01E08 Fated Encounter 18/12/1971
S01E09 Devil Stone 25/12/1971
S01E10 Giant in the Blizzard 01/01/1972
S01E11 Wrath of the Mountain God 08/01/1972
S01E12 The Training of Misunderstandings 15/01/1972
S01E13 Fire Trap 22/01/1972
S01E14 Grave of the Heroes 29/01/1972
S01E15 Paradise in the Southern Seas 05/02/1972
S01E16 Human Beast 12/02/1972
S01E17 Desperate Cry at the Cliffs 19/02/1972
S01E18 The Uncontrollable Mammoth 26/02/1972
S01E19 Barking Wolf 04/03/1972
S01E20 Slave Hunt 11/03/1972
S01E21 Human Fangs 18/03/1972
S01E22 Towards Tomorrow 25/03/1972

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