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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de George and the Dragon

S03E01 The Reunion 06/01/1968 Gabrielle's WAAF reunion gets off to a slow start, but there's a surprise in store for George 'Rumpo' Russell after he admits to Dragon his wartime service record.
S03E02 Court Case 13/01/1968 Colonel Maynard is less than amused to find Gabrielle, George and Ralph before him in court on a Monday morning - and even less amused by their tale involving breaking his car and late-night mischief at a bed and breakfast!
S03E03 The TV Set 20/01/1968 Having struggled to successfully follow a 'Make your own TV' instructional book, George sets his heart on an ex-demonstration set advertised in the paper for just £10. The only problem is, Gabrielle has the same idea.
S03E04 The Holiday 27/01/1968 Heading away for a week's fishing holiday, Maynard gives the staff the week off. None of them can afford a holiday separately but George has a plan to pool his savings with Gabrielle's...
S03E05 The 10:15 Train 03/02/1968 Upon discovering that their beloved Tuesday 10:15 train into London no longer stops at their station, George and Gabrielle resolve to enforce its reinstatement.
S03E06 Family Tree 10/02/1968 Researching her family tree, Gabrielle becomes convinced that she is a descendant of Henri, Duke d'Ragon, musing that he must have been spirited out of Revolutionary France by the Scarlet Pimpernel.
S03E07 Big Deal 17/02/1968 Realising he's spending more than he earns, George spots a business opportunity in the local paper's selling and wanted columns. Roping in Gabrielle, the pair hope to make a quick buck - but their venture puts the Colonel's beloved Bentley in danger.