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Spanning 31 years (1977-2008), George Carlin performed 14 original standup performances for Home Box Office. Beginning with 1977's 'On Location: George Carlin at USC' and ending with 2008's 'It's Bad for Ya', Carlin's sometimes taboo material entertained millions of people.


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S01E01 On Location: George Carlin at USC 01/09/1977 On Location: George Carlin at USC is Carlin's first ever HBO special, Recorded during the Summer of 1977 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. This unique taping lasted 85 minutes. He had also explained to the audience that before this special came about, that he never did a show for home consumption or reproduction.
S01E02 On Location: George Carlin at Phoenix 23/07/1978 On Location: George Carlin at Phoenix (sometimes listed as George Carlin: Again!) is American comedian George Carlin's second HBO stand-up television special. It was filmed in the round at The Celebrity Theater in 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona. The show was first broadcast on July 23, 1978.Carlin refers to this HBO broadcast as a way to enter back into the popular eye with a mass audience with visual adding to the material.
S01E03 Carlin at Carnegie 12/10/1982 Carlin at Carnegie is George Carlin's third special to be seen on HBO, recorded at Carnegie Hall, New York City in 1982, released in 1983. Most of the material comes from his A Place for My Stuff, the album released earlier that same year. Unlike the first two, this special was edited down to an hour and routines from the same show like "A Place for My Stuff" and "Baseball and Football" do not appear in this special in contradiction to many internet descriptions. The final performance of "Seven Dirty Words," his last recorded performance of the routine, features Carlin's updated list.
S01E04 Carlin on Campus 19/04/1984 Carlin on Campus is the fourth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin recorded April 18–19, 1984. The show features mostly new material. The opening features Carlin in Catholic School with a short version of "Class Clown" and animation shorts. The ending features Carlin playing piano to an original song called "Armadillo Blues."
S01E05 Playin' with Your Head 02/05/1986 Playin' with Your Head is Carlin's fifth HBO stand-up concert special. In the HBO airing there is a short skit before and after the show in which he flees from three men seeking an envelope in his possession before going on stage. The identities of his pursuers are unknown: the credits before the skit merely dubs them "The Bad Guys." Carlin tears the envelope up after the performance, never revealing its contents or why his pursuers wanted it. It could be speculated that the entire skit was relevant to the title of the album. That is to say that it was only designed to play with the audience's head and didn't actually have to do with the concert at all. At the end of the closing credits, the envelope is seen back on the table.
S01E06 What Am I Doing in New Jersey? 15/08/1988 What Am I Doing in New Jersey? is American stand-up comedian George Carlin's sixth Home Box Office stand-up concert special, originally broadcast in 1988.
S01E07 Doin' It Again 20/11/1990 Recorded in 1990 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the opening to the HBO special features flashbacks to all previous HBO specials. The special opens with a scene in which Carlin is talking about his past specials to an unseen narrator, in the style of a patient speaking to a psychologist or counselor.
S01E08 Jammin' In New York 24/04/1992 Jammin' In New York is George Carlin's eighth special to be seen on HBO, recorded on April 24 and 25, 1992 at the Paramount Theater in New York City. Topics include the war in the Persian Gulf, similarities and differences among average Americans, and the language used at airports.
S01E09 Back in Town 29/03/1996 Back in Town is George Carlin's ninth HBO special. It was broadcast live on March 29th 1996. This was also his first of many performances at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Includes, "Abortion," "Capital Punishment," "Expressions I Question," and "Free-floating Hostility."
S01E10 40 Years of Comedy 27/02/1997 George Carlin's Tenth HBO special, "George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy," was taped and aired from Wheeler Theater, Aspen, Colorado, as part of Aspen Comedy Arts Festival on February 27 1997. It Contains a 15-minute segment of career television clips, interview of George conducted by comedian Jon Stewart, and two new stand-up bits: "Moe the Dog Fucks Vern the Cat," and "American Bullshit." Nominated for two Emmy awards, wins two CableACE awards.
S01E11 You Are All Diseased 06/02/1999 You Are All Diseased is the title for the 1999 HBO live broadcast stand-up special with comedian George Carlin, recorded on February 6, 1999 at the Beacon Theater in New York City and released on CD in May of that year.
S01E12 Complaints and Grievances 17/11/2001 Complaints and Grievances is the twelfth HBO stand-up special by comedian George Carlin. Broadcast live from the Beacon Theater in New York City on 17 November 2001 it includes Includes “9/11 Solutions,” “Traffic Accidents,” “Things That Come Off Of Your Body,” “People Who Oughtta Be Killed (18 types),” and “Why We Don’t Need Ten Commandments.” The shows working title was purportedly I Kinda Like It When a Lot of People Die, but it was renamed following the September 11, 2001 attacks. Another possible title was The Great American Cattle Drive, according to Carlin during an interview with Coast to Coast AM in the 1999.
S01E13 Life Is Worth Losing 05/11/2005 Life Is Worth Losing is the thirteenth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin. It was recorded simultaneously with the live broadcast on 5 November 2005. This was his final special recorded from the Beacon Theater, and it is the first project Carlin had undertaken since completing drug rehabilitation in 2005. Early on in the program, Carlin proudly announces that he was 341 days sober at the time of the recording, and that 2006 will be his 50th year in show business.
S01E14 It's Bad for Ya 01/03/2008 It's Bad for Ya is the fourteenth and final HBO stand-up comedy special by stand-up comedian George Carlin. It was televised live on March 1, 2008 on HBO, less than four months before he died of heart failure at age 71. The album is the follow-up to the 2005 HBO special Life is Worth Losing. Carlin worked on this material since ending his "Life is Worth Losing" Tour. The working title for this show was The Parade of Useless Bullshit. Filmed in the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, California, the show's stage behind Carlin was designed to represent a cozy living room theme. The CD was released July 29, and the DVD and Blu-ray Disc on November 25. It's Bad For Ya received the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album, awarded posthumously.
S01E15 00/00/0000
S00E01 The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson 01/06/1966 This is the first of more than 100 appearances George Carlin would make on the Tonight Show.
S00E02 George's Best Stuff 01/06/1996 This special video looks at George Carlin's best comedy material from 1977-1990. This special edition looks at his famous Seven dirty words, baseball and football, losing things, dogs and cats, stuff and monopoly.
S00E03 Dennis Miller Live 13/01/1997 Guest on Dennis Miller's HBO show.
S00E04 Personal Favorites 28/08/2001 After starring in a dozen or so HBO Special Presentations, comedian George Carlin has amassed a substantial body of work in the cable channel's vaults. Personal Favorites is a greatest-hits package, a selection of some of Carlin's best moments on HBO from 1977 to 1998 and, not coincidentally, some of his most enduring comic routines from any medium. Among the highlights is the satirist's classic "A Place for My Stuff" ("Your house is a pile of stuff with a cover on it"), stupid rules for kids ("The first sign of a dumb rule is 'Because I said so'"), and updating sports rules for fun and profit ("Let the Red Cross pick up the injured"). If some of the bits aren't quite up to par ("Earrings"), others border on folk wisdom (Carlin's brilliant "Baseball vs. Football" monologue) and political rage ("This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free"). All in all, this is a very fine anthology of Carlin's two decades of life on cable.
S00E05 George on George 30/09/2003 George Carlin Talks about his life.
S00E06 Inside The Actor's Studio 01/12/2004 Comedian-actor George Carlin is interviewed about his career.
S00E07 Too Hip For The Room 01/12/2007 Legendary comedian George Carlin (1937-2008) sat for an Archive of American Television interview with longtime Archive interviewer Henry Colman and Archivist Jenni Matz in December, 2007.
S00E08 George Carlin Unmasked 08/12/2007 Legendary comedian and actor George Carlin joins XM Comedy’s Sonny Fox for a candid and revealing interview on the debut of XM’s original comedy series, “Unmasked.”
S00E09 The Mark Twain Prize 10/11/2008 Four days before his death, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts had named Carlin its 2008 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor honoree.[73] The prize was awarded in Washington, D.C. on November 10, making Carlin the first posthumous recipient.[74] Comedians honoring him at the ceremony included Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Lily Tomlin (a past Twain Humor Prize winner), Lewis Black, Denis Leary, Joan Rivers, and Margaret Cho.
S00E101 George Carlin: On Location at USC 05/03/1977
S00E102 George Carlin: On Location at Phoenix 23/07/1978
S00E103 Carlin at Carnegie 12/10/1982
S00E104 Carlin on Campus 19/04/1984
S00E105 Playin' With Your Head 02/05/1986
S00E106 What Am I Doing in New Jersey? 00/00/0000
S00E107 Doin' It Again 00/00/0000
S00E108 Jammin' In New York 00/00/0000
S00E109 Back In Town 00/00/0000
S00E110 40 Years Of Comedy 00/00/0000
S00E111 You Are All Diseased 00/00/0000
S00E112 Complaints and Grievances 00/00/0000
S00E113 Life is Worth Losing 00/00/0000
S00E114 It's Bad for Ya! 00/00/0000