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Germany's Next Topmodel is a German reality television show. The competition is hosted by Heidi Klum, who also serves as the lead judge and executive producer of the show. Each yearly search of Germany's Next Topmodel has 10 to 17 episodes and starts with 12-25 contestants. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated, though a double/triple elimination or no elimination was given by consensus of the judging panel. Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the competition (usually after the first or second elimination in the finals).


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Germany's Next Topmodel

S01E01 The Jump Into the Cold Water 25/01/2006
S01E02 New York 01/02/2006
S01E03 Dare 08/02/2006
S01E04 Between the Worlds 15/02/2006
S01E05 And Action! 22/02/2006
S01E06 Sexy Moves 01/03/2006
S01E07 Body Painting 08/03/2006
S01E08 Sunny California 15/03/2006
S01E09 Paris, here we come! 22/03/2006
S01E10 The Finale 29/03/2006
S02E01 Which 15 Girls Will Make It Into the Next Episode 01/03/2007 The final 25 candidates are chosen, and given their first task: a fashion show at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany's largest football stadium, where they have to do a catwalk down the field during half-time. Afterwards 10 of the girls are eliminated, leaving 15 in the competition.
S02E02 The First Big Individual Photo Shoot Lies Ahead 08/03/2007 The 15 finalists arrive in St. Moritz and go to their first photoshoot on a snow covered mountain for German Cosmopolitan.
S02E03 Moving Into a New Home 15/03/2007 In the third episode, the girls move into their new house. Bruce and Boris train them in three styles of runway-walk and make-up: sporty, young virgin, and sexy.
S02E04 The New Style 22/03/2007 The contestants get new haircuts in this episode. Then they must pass the "Falling Fairytales" photo shoot from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6
S02E05 It's Getting Frosty... 29/03/2007 The contestants have to deal with enormous low temperature as they are forced to pose with ice sculptures in mini skirts and mini dresses.
S02E06 Snog the Toad 05/04/2007 The contestants shoot a television commercial for an online dating agency. They each dress as a fairy princess for the ad in which they find a frog and gave him a kiss.
S02E07 Hot Action 12/04/2007 The contestants have to stay concentrated despite loud explosion noises in the background.
S02E08 A Beastly Good Shoot 19/04/2007 The seven contestants travel to Bangkok to participate in a casting for the Thai fashion label Fly Now
S02E09 Top Model Meets Superstar 26/04/2007 In Los Angeles, their first challenge is to act professionally on the red carpet while surrounded by celebrities and actors.
S02E10 Body Painting at the Malibu Beach 03/05/2007 For this week's photo shoot, the contestants have to go the full monty as their bodies are covered only with paint during a body painting session at the Malibu Beach.
S02E11 The Big Cosmopolitan Shoot Lies Ahead 10/05/2007 The five remaining girls style and photograph themselves for a shoot at a villa in the Hollywood Hills.
S02E12 Reunion With All the 15 Contestants 17/05/2007 The 15 Contestants reunite to discuss the season.
S02E13 The Finale 24/05/2007 The Final episode where the winner of the competition will be chosen.
S02E14 Behind the scenes 31/05/2007
S03E01 The Big Audition in Cologne 28/02/2008
S03E02 The Sedcard 06/03/2008
S03E03 First Trouble in the Model House 13/03/2008
S03E04 Hair Cut 20/03/2008
S03E05 Welcome to New York 27/03/2008
S03E06 All Amorous on the Beach 03/04/2008
S03E07 No Time for Jetlag! 10/04/2008
S03E08 Vertical Catwalk 17/04/2008
S03E09 After Down Under 24/04/2008
S03E10 Dance with the Aborigines 01/05/2008
S03E11 Action Training, Thief Tour and Dance Steps 08/05/2008
S03E12 Showgirls, Kisses and Dita von Teese 15/05/2008
S03E13 Ed Hardy, Fitness and a Flavorsome Shoot 22/05/2008
S03E14 Cosmopolitan Shoot, Attack on Peyman and the Decision for the Final 29/05/2008
S03E15 Semi-Finale 03/06/2008
S03E16 Preparing for the Finale 05/06/2008
S03E17 Finale 05/06/2008
S04E01 Casting in Duesseldorf 13/02/2009 Heidi Klum looks for Germany's new top model! The applicants must prove their capabilities by mastering various different tasks: Who has as first inhibitions, if the Catwalk is at one time because of an unusual place? Who shows necessary creativity, in order to arrange itself in few minutes a complete outfit in the Second hand shop? And who can make it in front of the camera without make-up?
S04E02 Casting in Munich 19/02/2009
S04E03 Shooting on Ice in Berlin 26/02/2009
S04E04 An explosive shot 05/03/2009
S04E05 Makeover, balloon shot and middle finger 12/03/2009 The controversial episode Germany talked about. Watch how one of the candidates handles critism in her own, special way....
S04E06 Viva Las Vegas! 19/03/2009
S04E07 Back in L.A. 26/03/2009
S04E08 Somewhere under the sea 02/04/2009
S04E09 New York, New York! 09/04/2009
S04E10 Rock on in Los Angeles! 16/04/2009
S04E11 Sensual Shooting and Karolina Kurkova 26/04/2009
S04E12 Aloha, Hawaii! 30/04/2009
S04E13 Visit by Victoria 07/05/2009
S04E14 Mandy Candy 14/05/2009
S04E15 The Final Three 19/05/2009
S04E16 Germany's Next Topmodel 21/05/2009 An the winner is... Heidi and her jury are finally choosing GNTM live under the eyes of 15.000 guests in the LANXESS Arena in Cologne. Norwegian superstars A-ha will present their latest hit single 'Foot Of The Mountain'.
S04E17 Best of Season 4 28/05/2009 A Best Of episode with a the highlights from GNTM season 4. Watch how the jury selected the winner out of initially 21.000 hopeful candidates.
S05E01 Casting in Cologne 04/03/2010
S05E02 Trip to Berlin 11/03/2010
S05E03 Munich Airport 18/03/2010
S05E04 Cape Town 25/03/2010
S05E05 New York: Makeover 01/04/2010
S05E06 On the way to L.A. 08/04/2010
S05E07 Sports, Lots of Fire, and Catwalk Action 15/04/2010
S05E08 Animal Visit 22/04/2010
S05E09 LA: Shooting with Heidi 29/04/2010
S05E10 High Up on the High Heels 06/05/2010
S05E11 Big Top: Elephant Shooting in the Circus 13/05/2010
S05E12 Heidi Klum's Girls Learn to Fly 20/05/2010
S05E13 Diamonds are a girl's best friend 27/05/2010
S05E14 The Cosmopolitan Cover 03/06/2010
S05E15 The Semifinal 08/06/2010
S05E16 The Finale 10/06/2010
S05E17 Highlights 17/06/2010
S06E01 World record broken 03/03/2011 The 50 chosen semifinalists are invited to Schladming where they have to achieve a world record in highheels walking on a treadmill for 90 minutes. Being concerned about her feet, Joana withdraws after a few minutes much to the unsatisfaction of new judge Thomas Hayo. After the record is broken and a first live walk in front of the judges, 15 girls are cut. In their first challenge, the girls have to impress a mass audience on a sky-location Ke$ha concert in order to perform with her on stage. At the second judging, the girls have to walk on a runway above a swimming pool where 24 more contestants are eliminated. After learning that she was diagnosed with lymph node cancer, Melek withdraws from the competition a few days after accessing to the new round.
S06E02 London Calling 10/03/2011 The 25 remaining semifinalists are taken to London. On their first challenge a group of five girls is each put in a phonebooth for a claustrophobic photoshoot where Sarah is recognized for her aggressive behaviour towards her fellow competitors. Jana, Isabel, and Aleksandra are declared the winners and get to walk in Berlin Fashion Week for judge Thomas Rath's newest show. Seven of the remaining girls receive makeovers and a trick is played on Amelie who was told to go bald after she volunteered to shave her hair. Two beauty shoots are contacted with pre-and-post makeover removement where Heidi notices Jil's skin problems. The weekly runway challenge is taking place in a church where the girls have to walk in sexy bride outfits which Sarah refuses as she fears a bad reaction from her Christian school. Chiara-Isabell gets eliminated for not being ready to perform well in the competition yet just like Lilia, who's elimination is not shown in the episode. In the end, the 23 remaining girls continue in the competition.
S06E03 The Horrow Shooting 17/03/2011 Still in London, the girls are taken to an underground tunnel where they meet this week's photographer Rankin, famous for his strict and rude behaviour towards the girls in former cycles. Several girls struggle at the photoshoot and Marie-Luise, Concetta, and Paulina are named as the bottom three with Concetta being immediately eliminated from the competition. On the next challenge the girls have to perform acts on a Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace. In the evening, Paulina and Tahnee are randomly drawn to attend an aftershow party of the BAFTA awards. We then see how Rebecca performed on London Fashion Week where the designers that booked her the episode before were impressed by her.
S06E04 The Topmodels start to fight 24/03/2011 Christien was eliminated shortly after their arrival in America because the judges think that she hasn't improved herself at all after weeks. At their week's photoshoot the contastents have to pose in a high-Voltage Electric-Box while laughing a lot.
S06E05 Nobody's touching me! 31/03/2011
S06E06 Let's go to the desert 07/04/2011
S06E07 Elvis, Dirndl & Trapeze 14/04/2011
S06E08 Competition fight 21/04/2011
S06E09 Off to Brazil 28/04/2011
S06E10 Salsa, Tango & Cha-Cha-Cha 05/05/2011
S06E11 Hollywood Hills 12/05/2011
S06E12 Now it's Crazy 19/05/2011
S06E13 From Top Model to Mermaid 26/05/2011
S06E14 Insect Trainers 02/06/2011
S06E15 The Semifinal 05/06/2011
S06E16 The Finale 09/06/2011
S06E17 The 25 Unforgettable Candidates 16/06/2011
S07E01 Gold for Germany 23/02/2012 On 12 December 2011, filming began on the 7th season in Munich. 15,711 girls entered, but only 51 were selected to participate.
S07E02 Off to Thailand 01/03/2012
S07E03 The Sign of Fashion Week 08/03/2012
S07E04 Welcome to America 15/03/2012
S07E05 Snip, snip - Hair Cut? 22/03/2012
S07E06 Premiere 29/03/2012
S07E07 Let's Rock 05/04/2012
S07E08 White Sandy Beach, Sky-blue Sea 12/04/2012
S07E09 In the Caribbean 19/04/2012
S07E10 Bienvenue a Paris 26/04/2012
S07E11 Surprise 03/05/2012
S07E12 Close 10/05/2012
S07E13 Netted 17/05/2012
S07E14 Underwater Love 24/05/2012
S07E15 The Semifinal 31/05/2012
S07E16 The Finale 07/06/2012
S07E17 25 Unforgettable Moments 14/06/2012
S08E01 Dream Come True Edition 28/02/2013 The curtain rises on the new season of Germany's Next Top Model. For 25 of the most beautiful girls of Germany, the most exciting time of her life begins. But for whom will the dream of being a top model become a reality?
S08E02 Shooting Edition 07/03/2013 For the top 20, everything revolves around one thing this week: The perfect photo! Of course, it can't be only a single shoot. The canidates will have to demonstrate their skills over three stunning shoots.
S08E03 Beauty Edition 14/03/2013 This season, the makeover is even more spectacular. Unlike previous years, the entire look is changed. In addition to hair styling, make-up, manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics are on the program.
S08E04 Runway Edition 21/03/2013 The girls want to be on the catwalks all over the world, but the runway is considered the pinnacle in the modeling business. And this is something every aspiring model has to master perfectly. This includes a lot of self-confidence and dignity. A tough week lies ahead of our candidates.
S08E05 Film Edition 28/03/2013 The curtain rises for the Film Edition. Heidi's girls can do sexy photos, but this week they will have to express emotions, talk, pay attention to facial expressions and gestures, and act naturally.
S08E06 Sports Edition 04/04/2013 In the Sports Edition endurance and absolute body control are required. Modeling is a competition and the girls will feel it's effects. In various disciplines they will have to get all out of their bodies. Whoever isn't fit enough, loses.
S08E07 New York Edition 11/04/2013 Now comes a chance to be in the top 10. New York will decide who is only a model and who is a true Supermodel. Here you can't have a bad day or high heels that are too small. Welcome to the fashion world!
S08E08 Sexy Edition 18/04/2013 The pressure is high in the Sexy Edition: The top 10 of the competition is slowly developing. Only the stranger candidates will make it. Who can still give it all?
S08E09 Transformation Edition 25/04/2013 A Top Model must be changeable. In the Transformation Edition, the girls must take on different roles and they really can't let themselves be embarrassed.
S08E10 Action Edition 02/05/2013 Running and a little posing? That was yesterday. In the Action Edition, the models must fly, fall, and hang. Anxiety or not - they must by no means forget: Look Good. Who will be a real stuntmodel and who will be cowering in the corner?
S08E11 Hawaii Edition 09/05/2013 Really.. how hard is modelling? The girls fly to Hawaii to find out. After a long hike, they arrive at their camp, where they are staying in simple bamboo huts. And right away a shoot starts!
S08E12 Music Edition 16/05/2013 Germany's Next Topmodel Top 6 will be recognized on the street and have to give the occasional autograph. They will have to slowly become accustomed to the start life, but what happens when they actually have to play the role of celebrities? In the Music Edition, they become Michael Jackson & Co.
S08E13 Semifinal 23/05/2013 Thousands entered, but only the top 5 are left. But which girls will take a place in the grand finale of Germany's Next Topmodel?
S08E14 The Finale 30/05/2013 Live from Mannheim! Heidi Klum and her jury, Thomas Hayo and Enrique Badulescu, crown "Germany's next Topmodel" 2013.
S08E15 The 25 Funniest Moments 06/06/2013 The funniest moments of the series are highlighted.
S09E01 The Casting 06/02/2014 After the exciting casting for Germany's Next Topmodel begins for 25 models in Berlin, they travel to Singapore for a pool photoshot and runway training.
S09E02 Shock in Singapore 13/02/2014 "The Show must go on" - or not? Shortly before the first big fashion show for the new models in Singapore, things gets turned upside down.
S09E03 The Makeover 20/02/2014 As their hair is colored, cut, and styled, not many tears remain. But the results are clear. With fresh looks they head to the next big task: The Balloon Shooting.
S09E04 The Body Edition 27/02/2014 "No sports" or "If you rest, you rust?" That is the question this week, because it's time for the Body Edition! From working out in the sand, training with Thomas, and then the video shoot, the girls have to demonstrate how athletic they are...
S09E05 The Boys Edition 06/03/2014 Hot, hotter - Boys edition! In the fifth episode of Germany's Next Topmodel 2014, it all revolves around the guys. From the hot beach shooting to the romantic marriage proposal, in this bubble week...
S09E06 Transformation Edition 13/03/2014 Panic and shrieks! This week is all about the "transformation," or the variability of the girls. And they must also face two shoots with animal partners to prove their ability...
S09E07 Extreme Edition 20/03/2014
S09E08 Road Trip Edition 27/03/2014 In the eighth episode of Germany's Next Topmodel, the girls go to the ranch because Cowboys are on the loose!
S09E09 Expression Edition 03/04/2014 This week, it depends on the right, but also the strong, expression! In a training, a shooting, and an expressive judgement walk the girls must prove they can use different expressions skillfully.
S09E10 Fashion Week Edition 10/04/2014 In the Fashion Week Edition, now things are really going! Going from casting to casting and also a trampoline shooting with celebrity photographer Enrique Badulescu shows the girls how nice, but also how stressful, the everyday life of a model is.
S09E11 Sexy Edition 17/04/2014 This week, the girls show their sexy side. Together with Heidi, the girls are practicing their seductive eyelash fluttering and the right posing. Then a "Sexy Hydrant Shooting" with photographer Francesco Carrozzini shows what they have learned.
S09E12 Girls Edition 24/04/2014
S09E13 Real World Edition 01/05/2014
S09E14 Semifinal 04/05/2014
S09E15 Final 08/05/2014
S09E16 Heidi! Behind the makeup! 15/05/2014