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Emperor Burai of the Hyakki Empire threatens to take over Earth, and it's up to Ryo, Hayato, and newcomer Benkei to stop him with the new Getter Robo G.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Getter Robo G

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Revive, Getter Robo! 15/05/1975
S01E02 Mystery of the Fearsome 100 Demon Empire 22/05/1975
S01E03 An Insidious Trap! The Flying Fleet 29/05/1975
S01E04 Benkei! Victory of Tears 05/06/1975
S01E05 The Frightening Hydrogen Bomb Plan 12/06/1975
S01E06 The Dream Shredding Hyakki Empire 19/06/1975
S01E07 After That Black Jet! 26/06/1975
S01E08 Two Stars Shining in the Night Sky 03/07/1975
S01E09 SOS! Getter Robo, Please Respond! 10/07/1975
S01E10 Attacking the Demon Island! 17/07/1975
S01E11 The Hyakki Empire! The Road to the General 24/07/1975
S01E12 Showdown in the Desert! 31/07/1975
S01E13 Bat Bombs Crisis! 07/08/1975
S01E14 A Friend Became Wind 14/08/1975
S01E15 The Ballad of the Red Butterfly 21/08/1975
S01E16 Battle!! Stormy Man's Road 28/08/1975
S01E17 Koro, Bark for Tomorrow 04/09/1975
S01E18 Danger in Izu Penisula Shallows 11/09/1975
S01E19 Rescue Dr. Saotome! 18/09/1975
S01E20 Major Battle! Mecha Fortress 25/09/1975
S01E21 Final Battle! Shine Spark 02/10/1975
S01E22 Jumbo Jet Disappears on the Ocean Floor 09/10/1975
S01E23 Moonlight Dancing Clown 16/10/1975
S01E24 Boy Screaming Into the Sea! 23/10/1975
S01E25 Michiru Disappears Into the Beach 06/11/1975
S01E26 He Who Became a Demon! 13/11/1975
S01E27 Swallow, Fly Away 20/11/1975
S01E28 Green Earth Dies 04/12/1975
S01E29 Whistle After the Tears 11/12/1975
S01E30 Dry Snow Sneak Attack! 25/12/1975
S01E31 Burn! Ryo's Sword 08/01/1976
S01E32 What's Up With That Healthy Girl 15/01/1976
S01E33 Dusk Knows 22/01/1976
S01E34 Showdown! Three Hyakki Brothers 05/02/1976
S01E35 Never Die Hyakki Old Soldiers 12/02/1976
S01E36 Benkei Assassination Plot 26/02/1976
S01E37 Approaching Crisis in Japanese Waters? 11/03/1976
S01E38 Emperor Brai's Counter Attack 18/03/1976
S01E39 Battle! Sky Over Japan 25/03/1976
S01E40 00/00/0000
S00E01 Great Mazinger Vs. Getter Robot G: The Great Clash in the Sky 26/07/1975 Theatrical feature. Great Mazinger and Getter Robo G battle the Mysterious Invaders for the fate of the earth!
S00E02 Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Decisive Battle! Great Sea Beast 18/07/1976 A giant sea monster known as "Dragonsaurus" has emerged from out of nowhere, terrorizing the depths of the oceans. Great Mazinger, Grendizer and the Getter Robo G team join forces to combat the new threat. But their task becomes more complicated when Dragonsaurus swallows up Boss Borot and makes its way towards Tokyo.
S00E03 Starvengers 00/00/0000 Two hour movie compilation of the english version of Getter Robo, Starvengers. After the final defeat of the Dinosaur Empire and the death of Musashi Tomoe in the original Getter Robo series. Dr. Copernicus, creator of Getter Robo, fears that the peace the Getter Robo team has won will be short lived and that even greater enemies will appear. Dr. Copernicus's fears are justified when the Pandemonium Empire appears. Composed of horned, devil-like humanoids, and possessing a technology advanced enough to build giant demonic robots, this militaristic organization intends to steal Copernicus's Omnicron Generator to fulfill their own goals of world domination. But Dr. Copernicus is prepared with the creation of an even more powerful Getter Robo, the Starvenger Robot and a new base. Also, with Musashi dead, Dr. Copernicus needs a third pilot which he finds in baseball player Foul Tip.

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