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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Getting Doug with HighGetting Dough with high

S01E01 Jenny Slate 03/10/2013 Doug Benson smokes with his very first guest, Jenny Slate.
S01E02 Jeff Ross 10/10/2013 Doug Benson welcomes the Roastmaster General Jeff Ross to the show for another episode of "Getting Doug with High".
S01E03 Anthony Jeselnik 16/10/2013 Doug Benson welcomes Anthony Jeselnik, host of the Comedy Central show "The Jeselnik Offensive" to "Getting Doug with High"
S01E04 Greg Proops 23/10/2013 Doug Benson gets Doug with the star of "Whose Line is it Anyway" and host of the "Smartest Man in the World" podcast, Greg Proops.
S01E05 Eric Andre 30/10/2013 Doug Benson gets Doug with Eric André, the star of "The Eric André Show" on Adult Swim.
S01E06 Sarah Silverman & Todd Glass 06/11/2013 Doug Benson gets high with Sarah Silverman and Todd Glass. Catch Sarah's HBO special "We Are Miracles" on HBO November 23rd at 10pm and listen to Todd Glass host "The Todd Glass Show" each week on the Nerdist Network.
S01E07 James Adomian 13/11/2013 Doug Benson smokes weed with guest James Adomian.
S01E08 Aubrey Plaza & Alia Shawkat 20/11/2013 Doug Benson smokes weed with Aubrey Plaza and Alia Shawkat on another episode of Getting Doug with High.
S01E09 Natasha Leggero 04/12/2013 High gets Doug with Natasha Leggero.
S01E10 Joey Coco Diaz 11/12/2013 High gets Doug with Joey Coco Diaz.
S01E11 Kassem G 18/12/2013 High gets Doug with guest Kassem G.
S01E12 Matt Besser and Howard Kremer 08/01/2014 Doug is joined by Matt Besser and Howard Kremer for another episode of Getting Doug with High.
S01E13 Ari Shaffir 15/01/2014 Doug Benson is joined by Ari Shaffir for another episode of Getting Doug with High.
S01E14 Brian Redban, Tony Henchcliffe & Comedy Patriot 22/01/2014 Doug Benson is joined by Brian Redban, Tony Hinchcliffe and the Comedy Patriot for another episode of Getting Doug with High.
S01E15 Eric Andre, Rory Scovel, Harris Wittels, Jonah Ray & Steve Agee 28/01/2014 Getting Doug with High broadcast live from Largo in Los Angeles with guests Eric André , Rory Scovel, Harris Wittels, Jonah Ray, and Steve Agee.
S01E16 Kelly Carlin & Paul Provenza 29/01/2014 Doug Benson welcomes Kelly Carlin and Paul Provenza to the show.
S01E17 Josh Wolf & Ron Funches 05/02/2014 Doug Benson is joined by Josh Wolf and Ron Funches for another episode of Getting Doug with High.
S01E18 Reggie Watts & Broad City 11/02/2014 Doug gets high with Reggie Watts, Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson.
S01E19 Geoff Tate, Jacob Sirof, Riki Lindhome, Greg Proops & Matt Besser 19/02/2014 Getting Doug with High broadcasts live from Largo in Los Angeles with guests Geoff Tate, Jacob Sirof, Riki Lindhome, Greg Proops & Matt Besser.
S01E20 Tommy Chong & Kyle Kinane 19/02/2014 Doug gets high with the king of pot comedy, Tommy Chong, and the voice of Comedy Central, Kyle Kinane.
S01E21 Brendon Walsh & Geoff Tate 26/02/2014 Doug gets high with Brendon Walsh and Geoff Tate.
S01E22 Matt Walsh 05/03/2014
S01E23 Big Jay Oakerson 12/03/2014
S01E24 Brendon Walsh, Josh Wolf, Joey CoCo Diaz, Ari Shaffir & Todd Glass 19/03/2014
S01E25 Adam, Blake, & Anders from Workaholics 19/03/2014
S01E26 David Cross 26/03/2014
S01E27 Horatio Sanz 02/04/2014
S01E28 Dominic Monaghan 09/04/2014
S01E29 Ngaio Bealum 16/04/2014
S01E30 Doug Benson / Gabe Lutge 30/04/2014
S01E31 Jimmy Dore 08/05/2014
S01E32 Jay Chandrasekhar 14/05/2014
S01E33 Shane Mauss 21/05/2014
S01E34 Todd Glass & Morgan Murphy 28/05/2014
S01E35 Jason Ellis & Sam Tripoli 11/06/2014
S01E36 Dan Harmon & Steve Agee 18/06/2014 Literal creativity god and future benevolent and permanent ruler of the United States Dan Harmon and fellow funny-man Steve Agee come by to get Doug.
S01E37 Wil Anderson & Gary Gulman 25/06/2014 Wil Anderson & Gary Gulman get Doug.
S01E38 Sarah Silverman, Howard Kremer, Ngaio Bealum, Dan Harmon & James Adomian 02/07/2014 Sarah Silverman, Howard Kremer, Ngaio Bealum, Dan Harmon & James Adomian join Doug Benson live at Largo for a evening of getting Doug.
S01E39 Matt Braunger and Jim Jefferies 09/07/2014 Matt Braunger and Jim Jefferies hang out with High and get really Doug.
S01E40 Jay Chandrasekhar, Pete Holmes, Jerry Minor, John Roy & Horatio Sanz 15/07/2014 Broadcast from the Largo, Doug is joined by Jay Chandrasekhar, Pete Holmes, Jerry Minor, John Roy & Horatio Sanz for another Live episode of Getting Doug with High.
S01E41 James Adomian & John Roberts 09/05/2015
S01E42 Todd Glass 06/08/2014 Todd Glass returns for a record setting 4th visit.
S01E43 Brendon Small & Kurt Braunohler 13/08/2014
S01E44 Doug Stanhope 20/08/2014
S01E45 Andy Richter & Matt Besser 27/08/2014
S01E46 Trailer Park Boys 03/09/2014
S01E47 Kevin Smith & Brian Posehn 17/09/2014
S01E49 Jack Black 28/09/2014
S01E51 Steve Byrne & Chris Porter 01/10/2014
S01E52 Kassem G & Nick Rutherford 16/10/2014
S01E53 Kyle Kinane & Justin Willman 23/10/2014
S01E54 Kevin Weisman 30/10/2014
S01E55 Jon Daly & Zack Pearlman 05/11/2014
S01E56 Michael Ian Black & Greg Proops 12/11/2014
S01E57 Bonnie Rotten & John Roy 19/11/2014
S01E58 Cameron Esposito & Ngaio Bealum 11/12/2014 Episode was deleted from series lineup without explanation.
S01E59 Tommy Chong, Kassem G, Ron Funches, Megan Neuringer & Eddie Ifft 26/11/2014
S01E60 Ralphie May & Jon Reep 16/12/2014
S01E61 Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson & Ngaio Bealum 05/01/2015
S01E62 Joey CoCo Diaz & Esther Ku 07/01/2015
S01E63 Adam Carolla & Ari Shaffir 12/01/2015
S01E64 The Lucas Brothers & Kassem G 20/01/2015
S01E65 Todd Glass & Emily Heller 28/01/2015
S01E66 Josh Wolf & Danny Tamberelli 10/02/2015
S01E68 Greg Proops and P-Nut 17/02/2015
S01E69 Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass, Eric Andre, Brian Posehn & Rory Scovel 03/03/2015
S01E70 Felipe Esparza & Josh Blue 04/03/2015
S01E71 Chris Robinson, Farmer Dave Scher & Zack Pearlman 12/03/2015
S01E72 Baron Vaughn & Fred Stoller 23/03/2015
S01E73 Jay Chandrasekhar, Lahna Turner & Ralphie May 07/04/2015
S01E74 Beth Stelling, Roy Choi & Horatio Sanz 23/04/2015
S01E77 Pete Holmes 11/05/2015
S01E78 Morgan Murphy & Daniel Kellison 21/05/2015
S01E79 Brooks Wheelan, Todd Glass, & Ngaio Bealum 28/05/2015
S01E80 Rob Cantrell & Chris Cubas 15/06/2015
S01E81 The Lucas Bros, Geoff Tate, Morgan Murphy & Pete Holmes 20/06/2015
S01E82 Esther Ku & B-Real 23/06/2015
S01E83 Jade Catta-Preta, Margaret Cho, & Nick Rutherford 30/06/2015
S01E84 Doug Benson 27/07/2015
S01E85 Owen Benjamin & Craig Robinson 18/08/2015
S01E86 Sara Schaefer & Larry Charles 25/08/2015
S01E87 31/08/2015
S01E88 Riki Lindhome, Ron Funches, Sean O'Connor, Brooks Wheelan & Gabe Dylan 07/09/2015
S01E89 Kimberly Congdon, Todd Glass, & Michael McDonald 17/09/2015
S01E90 Doug Benson 21/09/2015
S01E91 Felipe Esparza & Brian Redban 06/10/2015
S01E92 Jacob Sirof & Jon Gabrus 19/10/2015
S01E93 Janice Griffith & Kassem G 23/10/2015 Getting Doug with High with guests Janice Griffith & Kassem G.
S01E94 Sara Weinshenk & Tony Hinchcliffe 26/10/2015 Getting Doug with High with guests Sara Weinshenk and Tony Hinchcliffe
S01E95 Trey Galyon & Greg Proops 04/11/2015
S01E96 Zack Pearlman & Joe Pettis 13/11/2015
S01E97 Adam Pally 24/11/2015
S01E98 Brian Posehn 01/12/2015
S01E99 Tom Rhodes & Josh Wolf 07/12/2015
S01E100 Whitney Cummings & Esther Ku 14/12/2015
S01E101 Joey Coco Diaz & Lee Syatt 08/01/2016
S01E102 14/01/2016
S01E103 Doug Benson 18/01/2016
S01E104 John DiMaggio & Open Mike Eagle 28/01/2016
S01E105 Steve Rannazzisi 04/02/2016
S01E106 Esther Ku & Bree Essrig 18/02/2016
S01E107 Geoff Tate, Brandon Wardell, & Ron Funches 22/02/2016
S01E108 Bonnie McFarlane & Todd Glass 29/02/2016
S01E109 Steel Panther & Kassem G 08/03/2016
S01E110 P-Nut & Ari Shaffir 21/03/2016
S01E111 Ron White & Josh Blue 02/05/2016
S01E112 Kimberly Congdon & Mark Normand 31/03/2016
S01E113 Tiffany Haddish & Simon Rex 05/04/2016
S01E114 Doug Benson 15/04/2016
S01E116 Getting Doug in Denver 09/05/2016
S01E117 Taylor Rizzo & Kassem G 17/05/2016
S01E118 Esther Ku, Kimberly Congdon & Sara Weinshenk 23/05/2016
S01E119 Asher Roth, Brandon Wardell & Ngaio Bealum 06/06/2016
S01E120 Riki Lindhome & Jay Oakerson 13/06/2016
S01E121 Janice Griffith & Ramon Rivas II 21/06/2016
S01E122 Taylor Rizzo & Greg Proops 27/06/2016
S01E123 Jessimae Peluso & Birdcloud 12/07/2016
S01E124 Melissa Moore & Esther Ku 24/07/2016
S01E125 Jessimae Peluso, Karlous Miller, & Adam Ray 10/08/2016
S01E126 Riley Reid, Quincy Jones, & Taylor Rizzo 16/08/2016
S01E127 Doug Benson 25/08/2016
S01E128 The Sklar Brothers & Eric Andre 30/08/2016
S01E129 Joe Lynch, Todd Glass, & P-Nut 08/09/2016
S01E130 Jade Catta-Pretta, Jacob Sirof, & Andrew Santino 13/09/2016
S01E131 Janice Griffith, Todd Robert Anderson, & Rick Glassman 21/09/2016
S01E132 Jessimae Peluso & Melissa Etheridge 13/10/2016
S01E133 Birdcloud & Todd Glass 19/10/2016
S01E134 01/11/2016
S01E135 09/11/2016
S01E136 Trey Galyon, Dustin 'Duddy' Bushnell & Slink Johnson 15/11/2016
S01E137 Geoff Tate 22/11/2016
S01E138 Pete Holmes, Brandon Wardell, Tiffany Haddish, Sara Weinshenk & Tony Hinchcliffe 30/11/2016
S01E139 Matt Jones & Zack Pearlman 13/12/2016
S01E140 Jeff Ross & Big Jay Oakerson 04/01/2017
S01E141 Scott Thompson & Chris Franjola 12/01/2017
S01E142 Jay Washington, Esther Ku & Geoff Tate 25/01/2017
S01E143 Joe DeRosa, P-Nut & Sara Weinshenk 01/02/2017
S01E144 Andy Kindler & Greg Proops 09/02/2017
S01E145 20/02/2017
S01E146 Katie Morgan & Tiffany Haddish 07/03/2017
S01E147 Brandon Wardell, Todd Glass & Slink Johnson 22/03/2017
S01E148 Josh Wolf & Ben Gleib 27/03/2017
S01E149 Chloe Dykstra & Joey Coco Diaz 11/04/2017
S01E150 Riley Reid & EpicLLOYD 17/04/2017
S01E151 Jessimae Peluso & The Lucas Bros 02/05/2017
S01E152 Sam Jay, Jeff Grace & Alex Karpovsky 09/05/2017
S01E153 Ron Funches, Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman & Chris Cubas 17/05/2017
S01E154 Alexi Wasser, Abdullah Saeed & Jade Catta-Preta 23/05/2017
S01E155 Jenna Sativa & Todd Glass 12/06/2017
S01E156 Riley Reid, Gina Valentina & Taylor Rizzo 12/07/2017
S01E157 Jessimae Peluso & Eddie Ifft 17/07/2017
S01E158 Sen Dog & Tony Hinchcliffe 07/08/2017
S01E159 Brett Gelman & Action Bronson 15/08/2017

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