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Welcome to the Ghost Sweeper Mikami guide at TV Tome. This one Is not The History Of Another Ghost Sweeper!! GS Mikami is About the adventures of a Ghost sweeper called Reiko Mikami and her apprentice Yokoshima, her Only weakness is .... Money, there is nothing that she loves more and she will do anything to get it, even helping the "Bad Guys" Still In Progress...22/04/05


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ghost Sweeper Mikami

S01E01 First Appearance of the Exorcist! 11/04/1993
S01E02 There Is No Tomorrow For The Burglar! 18/04/1993
S01E03 Empire of the Cursed Dolls!! 25/04/1993
S01E04 The Extermination of the Space-Ghost 02/05/1993
S01E05 The Howling Of The Haunted House 09/05/1993
S01E06 The Girl is an Exorcist! 16/05/1993
S01E07 Challenge From Dr. Chaos! 23/05/1993
S01E08 Magic Poison 30/05/1993
S01E09 Please, Kiss!! 06/06/1993
S01E10 The Search for Shikigami! 13/06/1993
S01E11 Let's Go On The Spirited Train!! 20/06/1993
S01E12 Watch Out With The Yakuchin? 27/06/1993
S01E13 Rival, Ogasawara Emi! 04/07/1993
S01E14 The Summer, The Pool, The Demon 11/07/1993
S01E15 All-ensemble in the Mediterranean 18/07/1993
S01E16 Make The Vampire Sleep! 25/07/1993
S01E17 The Allurement of the Summer Sea 01/08/1993
S01E18 The Shrinking Mikami! 15/08/1993
S01E19 After The Ghost Submarine! 22/08/1993
S01E20 Paradise Smash!! 29/08/1993
S01E21 Everyone Has Become Children!! 05/09/1993
S01E22 Couter-attack of the Devil, Viper 12/09/1993
S01E23 Road to the Dragon!! 19/09/1993
S01E24 Outburst of the Dragon's Wrath 26/09/1993
S01E25 Himoko of Yamatai 03/10/1993
S01E26 Hero, Mikami's Adventure! 10/10/1993
S01E27 Maria's Devotion! 17/10/1993
S01E28 The Dragon Prince!! 24/10/1993
S01E29 Crisis of the Dragon!! 31/10/1993
S01E30 The Devil Sword, Shimesabamaru 14/11/1993
S01E31 The Magic Brooms 21/11/1993
S01E32 Reiko Is Married!? 28/11/1993
S01E33 To Invite The Mannequin Doll 05/12/1993
S01E34 The Demon High School 12/12/1993
S01E35 Santa's Gift! 19/12/1993
S01E36 Okinu's Christmas 26/12/1993
S01E37 The Battle's Celebration for the New Year! 09/01/1994
S01E38 Examinee's Blues 16/01/1994
S01E39 Maria's Sister 23/01/1994
S01E40 Maria and Teresa 30/01/1994
S01E41 Showdown! The Snow Queen 06/02/1994
S01E42 Give You The Choco!! 13/02/1994
S01E43 Into the Dream! 20/02/1994
S01E44 Hellish Nightmare 27/02/1994
S01E45 Love Overflows 06/03/1994