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Brit Eaton and Scott Glaves explore the last frontier of American archaeology - the old ghost towns, abandoned mining camps, and industrial graveyards of the Wild West - in search of collectible artifacts from a bygone era. Whether it's convincing a sixth generation rancher to part with a stockpile of pre-19th century antiques, or unearthing a 150-year old mine shaft that holds a horde of Gold Rush mining gear, there's an endless supply of eccentric people, places, and artifacts to find and explore. From the Four Corners to the Alaskan wilderness to the Deep South, the American landscape is littered with deserted mine workings, abandoned ranches, and antiquated farmhouses and outbuildings still well preserved and primed for picking.


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S01E01 Trailblazin' to Treasure 15/11/2012 Brit and Scott are following the trail of Montana's early settlers, on the hunt for treasures. Descendants of some of the first pioneers to the Big Hole Valley region grant the pair access to their homesteads, where iconic Wild West relics are found.
S01E02 Pioneering Profit 22/11/2012 Scott and Brit crisscross Montana, traveling in the footsteps of the early explorers, Lewis and Clark. They'll hunt locations where families have worked the land for generations, searching for one-of-a-kind historical treasure from the Old West past.
S01E03 Trailing Outlaws 29/11/2012 Brit and Scott travel the infamous Outlaw Trail in the heart of Wyoming, looking for relics the outlaws left behind. This desolate region gave the bandits plenty of cover, making it a prime region for uncovering treasures of Wyoming's nefarious past.
S01E04 Boomtown or Bust 06/12/2012 Brit and Scott search for 19th century mining treasures left behind in the once-iconic towns of Eureka, Utah and Eureka, Nevada. With fists full of cash, the guys are in the perfect position to offer the money needed to put the boom back in boomtown!
S01E05 Showdown in Silver City 13/12/2012 Brit and Scott follow the Oregon Trail traveling through Idaho and Oregon as they hunt for treasures the early pioneers left behind. A rancher, cowboy and hotel proprietor allow them to explore their old barns and buildings for relics from the trail.
S01E06 The Big Gamble 20/12/2012 Following in the footsteps of Nevada's miners and pioneers, Brit and Scott make their way through Nevada's Big Empty in search of hidden treasure. With few contacts, the guys find themselves following local advice and gut instincts to uncover relics.

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