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This is another magnificent action series from Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Set on “Austral,” a mysterious island which appears from the deep sea of the South Pacific, the story depicts battles involving a thirteen-year old boy named Yu Tagami, who lands on the island, and his friendship with a mysterious robot called “Giant Gorg” as they embark on adventure. Together, they search for treasure hidden on the island. However, GAIL, a large international corporation, hinders Yu and Gorg in their search of Austral.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Giant Gorg

S01E01 New York Suspense 05/04/1984
S01E02 To The West... 12/04/1984
S01E03 Tempestuous Departure 19/04/1984
S01E04 Encounter 26/04/1984
S01E05 The Island Where God Lives 03/05/1984
S01E06 Gorg's Secret 10/05/1984
S01E07 The Sea Bonze Fortress 17/05/1984
S01E08 GAIL's Pit 24/05/1984
S01E09 Into Darkness 31/05/1984
S01E10 Dark Bay 07/06/1984
S01E11 Toward The Light 14/06/1984
S01E12 Green Mat 21/06/1984
S01E13 Lady Lynx 28/06/1984
S01E14 Parting Ways 05/07/1984
S01E15 Journey's End 12/07/1984
S01E16 Door of Time 19/07/1984
S01E17 Trigger 26/07/1984
S01E18 Asleep in the Labyrinth 02/08/1984
S01E19 Escape, And Then... 09/08/1984
S01E20 The Captured Sacred Giant 16/08/1984
S01E21 Town Panic 23/08/1984
S01E22 Footfall of Revenge 30/08/1984
S01E23 Orders to Erase Austral 06/09/1984
S01E24 Again, Towards the Mountain of Fire 13/09/1984
S01E25 Distant Bond 20/09/1984
S01E26 Shining Island 27/09/1984

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