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Gidget is about the father-daughter relationship between Frances "Gidget" Lawrence and her father Russell Lawrence. Episodes follow Gidget's zany adventures in school, at home, and on the nearby beaches. Russell Lawrence has much ado guiding his daughter through her fifteenth year. Married sister Anne and her husband John offer child-rearing tips. Gidget's friend Larue sometimes takes part in her escapades. Episodes typically end with Gidget receiving moral instruction from her father and gaining wisdom from her zany experiences.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Gidget

S01E01 Dear Diary-Et Al 15/09/1965 In the pilot episode, Gidget falls in love with two things: surfing and her surf boy Jeff. Life's swell until Gidget's protective older sister Anne reads her diary and assumes her highly imaginative confessions are true.
S01E02 In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust 00/00/0000 Anne is worried because John goes to a luau with Gidget.
S01E03 The Great Kahuna 00/00/0000 An older man dates Gidget.
S01E04 Daddy Come Home 00/00/0000 Gidget becomes suspicious when she sees her dad with another woman.
S01E05 Gidget Gadget 00/00/0000 Gidget attempts to get Anne and John to make-up.
S01E06 A Hearse, a Hearse, My Kingdom for a Hearse 00/00/0000 Gidget makes a deal with a surfer to buy his hearse so she can become more independent. However, after making a few payments the surfer sales it to a bunch of boys. Making her point about owning a small part of the hearse the boys decide to let her drive it, a very small part of the time. In the mean time she takes shop class at school to help with the upkeep of the hearse.
S01E07 Gidget Is a Proper Noun 27/10/1965 One of Russ' old friends is now Gidget's English teacher.
S01E08 Image Scrimmage 00/00/0000 Gidget has a crush on Larue's cousin.
S01E09 Is it Love or Symbiosis? 00/00/0000 Gidget's meddling sister and brother-in-law convince her father he's too dependent on her. So he decides to send Gidget away to a private girl's school in Paris.
S01E10 All the Best Diseases are Taken 00/00/0000 Gidget takes a stand against rising movie ticket prices.
S01E11 My Ever Faithful Friend 00/00/0000 Gidget thinks Russ and Larue are going to get together. Actually Larue is just getting help and advice from Russ.
S01E12 Chivalry Isn't Dead 00/00/0000 Gidget thinks that all the boys are taking girls for granted.
S01E13 The War Between Men, Women and Gidget 00/00/0000 Gidget, her friends and the boys fight for possession of an isolated cove at the beach.
S01E14 Gidget's Foreign Policy 00/00/0000 Gidget tries to show a foreign girl the ""American way.""
S01E15 Now There's a Face 00/00/0000 Gidget falls for a fashion photographer.
S01E16 Too Many Cooks 00/00/0000 Gidget has two too many dates for an upcoming dance.
S01E17 I Love You, I Think 00/00/0000 Gidget falls for a surfer who turns out to be her math teacher.
S01E18 Like Voodoo 00/00/0000 Gidget is voodoo'd by a fortune teller.
S01E19 Gidget's Career 00/00/0000 Gidget joins a folksy singing group. They audition for a teenage music TV show and get the gig! Gidget decides to change the group's image—they become ""Gidget and the Gories!""
S01E20 Ego-A- Go-Go 00/00/0000 Gidget gets a boy to be more self-confident.
S01E21 In and Out with the In-Laws 00/00/0000 Gidget meets Jeff's parents.
S01E22 We Got Each Other 00/00/0000 Gidget becomes jealous of her dad's dates.
S01E23 Operation Shaggy Dog 00/00/0000 Gidget rallies to save the local burger joint.
S01E24 Ring-a-Ding-Dingbat 00/00/0000 Fab British singing duo The Dingbats come to town. Gidget wants to find out if she really digs the Dingbats or if it's just because grown-ups don't. She hatches an elaborate scheme to meet the Dingbats—but then causes so much trouble for ""the boys"" that the only way to fix it is for her and Larue to disguise themselves as The Dingbats!
S01E25 Love and the Single Gidget 00/00/0000 Gidget is to be chaperoned by a college student, whom Anne and John paid.
S01E26 Take a Lesson 00/00/0000 Gidget gets a late evening phone call from a friend to hurry over to her house. She runs out of the house in her pajamas and a raincoat, not knowing that her friend wants her to go out of town with her to get a car. Along the way Gidget keeps trying to call home to tell Russ where she is but, it just ends up causing friction with the girls dad. Eventually they end up just going back home without a car.
S01E27 Independence -- Gidget Style 00/00/0000 Russ gets the idea that Gidget is working at a nightclub. When actually she's taken a job elsewhere to make enough money to buy him a birthday present.
S01E28 One More for the Road 00/00/0000 Gidget learns to drive for a new job.
S01E29 Ask Helpful Hannah 00/00/0000 Gidget takes over writing for the school's advice column. She then gets caught up trying to put two lonely hearts together.
S01E30 A Hard Night's Night 00/00/0000 Russ's friend moves into the Lawrence home, while he is away, to get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately Gidget comes home early from Larue's. With neither one knowing about the other they start to get scared about all the things going bump in the night.
S01E31 I Have This Friend Who . . . 00/00/0000 Gidget and her boyfriend try to discourage the boys father from going on dates with them.
S01E32 Don't Defrost the Alligator 00/00/0000 A frozen alligator is the cause of some confusion.
S00E01 A Look Back at Gidget, Sally Field Interview 00/00/0000
S00E02 Pilot (2nd Version - Unaired) 00/00/0000